Under cover of LightMature

Slate grey eyes saw into the darkness, two warm bodies entangled, wrapped together , he smiled, quite exciting for the male.  The females' hand slid down between the two bodies, grasping the males erection.  Amused by the sight, he laughed out loud.

Sound echoed through the night, an eerie, hollow laugh.  She stopped and stared into the darkness.  Nothing, but she knew she'd heard it,  she withdrew her hand and he cursed loudly.  Gripping her shoulders, he called her a cunt, and pushed her hard against the tree.   She  didn't feel it, a pair of eyes caught her attention.  He turned to look when he felt her stiffen against his body.  A flash, that was all he saw, a millisecond of light.  

Blood poured from his throat, he began to slump and fall against her, just as quickly, he was gone, she was free... almost.  A tall man with cold  grey eyes held her date in one hand, and stared at her no not at her, through her.  

What a sight they were, it would be so easy to finish them quick, but not tonight, not both of them.  He had no use for the male, he was  food, however, the female, he would enjoy her for the night.    He walked close to her, her smell, intoxicating.  So many things mixed together, sex, fear, and even anger.  He kissed her, placing his cold lips over hers.  She responded, as he knew she would.

Pulling her into this arms, he kissed her neck, felt the pulse there, beating strong, beating steady.  Picking her up, they vanished into thin air.

She was cold, she was afraid, she was in his arms and she knew this would be her last night on earth.  She had to think,  she didn't want to die.  He wanted her she knew that, it was evident.  She had to make him believe that she would be useful to him.  All she could do was use what she had, give him what he wanted, what all men wanted.  Oh she could make this night and every night exciting for him, as long as it kept her alive.

He laid her on the bed.  She arched her back and spread her legs, licking her lips, closing her eyes,  seducing, inviting, waiting.  But she didn't understand, even as he entered her, even as she crested the wave and reached her climax again and again, she didn't understand, she didn't realize, the smile she saw.  She didn't read the eyes, she didn't stare deep enough to see the dark, to see the cold soulless being that he was.  

He made love to her, over and over, at least that's the way she saw it.  He'd simply had sex, simply fulfilled a purpose, sex made the blood sweet...   That was his thought as his teeth gently sank into her throat. He held her tight, drawing the life from her..  "it feels so good"  she sighed...

The End

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