Chapter 2

It all started when our class went on a school trip to a theme park. Obviously, we were allowed to wander off with our friends. Me and my best friend, Bliss, had been on 10 rollercoasters (really fast ones, aswell), and just walked practically the whole perimeter of the park, so we went and sat down on a small bench which was slightly broken off from the exciting atmosphere infront of it. A beautiful shaded area which a tree guarded.

"So," Bliss started, as two boys sat down next to me. I nudged her softly, as if to say, 'shut up'. One of the boys got up and went to get a drink, by the looks of it. She obeyed quietly. An awkward silence rang through my ears, though at the same time it felt like they were being deafened by the laughing and screaming infront of me. I casually turned my head to look at the stranger sitting beside me, I was taken aback. I was lost in his deep, almost black, brown eyes. I tried to look at his face, but the charm his eyes had on me would not break. After a while, he gave in. My eyes lifted to his tousled, bronze hair. I gasped unexpectedly, realizing I had forgotten to breathe. A smile lifted the corners of his light red lips.

"I'm Jacob White," He offered his hand. I took it, smiling.

"Violet Rose." I shook it.

"I love that name."

"Thank you. Yours is nice, too."

"Thanks," He snickered, probably from some sort of inside joke. I spotted Bliss, from a peripheral peek, checking her black watch.

"Here, take my nu---" He started, pulling out a pen and piece of paper from his pocket. But Bliss interuppted him, standing up.

"OH MY GOD. WE HAVE TO BE OVER THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS PARK IN THIRTY SECONDS, OR....WE'RE DEAD." She grabbed my hand, pulling me away from Jacob. I struggled from her grip, trying to run back to Jacob, who was sitting alone on the bench, his friend infront of him with a drink. Sadness washed over his face, and mine too. I knew there was no way I could get back to him, so I soon had to turn and run towards our class' meeting position, away from him.

"One." Miss. Sharman, our teacher said, us luckily arriving with a second to spare. Our teaching assistant, Mrs. Brand, counted heads. We were all there. I was gazing thoughtlessly around the park when Jacob caught my eye, pushing past people and running towards me. Soon, though, Mrs. Brand shouted my name, and I realized I was holding up the line. I blinked, and looked back, but he was nowhere to be seen. Stupid mind tricks, I complained to myself in my head, then jogged to where most of my class was. It was right there, right then, that I began to believe in love at first sight. And, it was right there, right then, that I knew I had fallen quickly into love.

The End

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