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It burned. Greater then anything he had ever felt. It hurt, but it didn’t. His contorted features matched those of his body. His mouth was agape, yet no sound came out. No whimper, no moan. Nothing. It burned. He didn’t know what to do. It felt horrendous and absolutely wonderful at the same time. He felt more alive then ever before but the burning was so intense he wanted to die. He began to shake. Slightly at first, but grew. It ended up with full blown convulsions. Bones began to twist, Began to bend. Now the pain became unbearable. Skin tightened. Muscle bulged. Bone broke. That was the last straw. A great howl of pain and madness and anger and sorrow burst from his body. It sent chills to even the most hardened members of those standing in the room. One member looked on with pity and sorrow. Tears threatening to over flow. She cringed as she heard bone break. Feeling each as if she were the one going through the torment. In an instance, some semblance of sanity crept into his mind, and for an instance their eyes meet. In an instance, things changed. Something else began to flow through his body. Trading one pain for another. This new howl made every one take a few steps back. His body continued to twist and contort. It started to reshape, reforming into something else. Things seemed different. His vision started to swirl, sharpen, refocus. For three long hours the burning continued. Not just for him, but also for a few others standing, watching the gruesome spectacle. Finally the shuddering ended, the contortions straightened out, the burning and pain finally ceased. One of the people stepped forward.

   “Welcome, brother…”

His eyes opened. Except they weren’t his eyes. They seemed… animalistic, angry. He scanned the room with his new eyes. Things looked different. His new nose twitched, he could smell the fear coming off some of them. He smelt kindred, he smelt flesh, he smelt…something else. He began to rise, awkwardly at first. His muscles learning their new strength. Eventually he reached his new full height. He towered over the tallest member of the room easily by a foot. His eyes locked on her and he could see a shiver run down her spine at his gaze. His face contorted into a snarl and anger began to fill him up. He couldn’t stay here any longer. With out a second thought he lunged straight for the window. A few others tried to stop him but he moved to quickly. With breaking of glass and the screeching of twisting metal he lunged out the window and into the night beyond. She looked on with something in her eyes not even she could explain.









Things had changed….







1 week earlier…



“I told you to stop that” he said for the fifth time in the last minute. Kaitlin just ignored him and kept poking him in the arm. They had been standing in this line for the last half hour and it didn’t seem to get any closer to the end. But Lukas’ patience was. His little sister kept poking him; a vacant expression on her face said it all: she was bored. Why his mum insisted he bring her along he will never know. “Im warning you” he said as Kaitlin kept poking him. She just ignored him and continued. Just as she was about to land another poke, Lukas’ hand came up lightning quick and clamped down hard on her hand. She literally jumped with surprise and pain as her hand began to be crushed. Lukas just looked down at her with a blank, cold annoyed expression on his face. “I warned you” was all he said. He kept squeezing until she finally let out a yelp of pain.

“Ow, that hurt” she whined as she rubbed her sore hand. They both let out an exasperated breath as the dullness of the day set in once again. Kaitlin started fidgeting again, looking around at the drab marble walls and tiled floor and at the occupants of the room and the ridiculously long line. “I’m bored” she finally said after a total of thirty seconds.

“And I’m annoyed” came the quick response from Lukas.

“I want to do something”

“And I want you to be quiet”

“Can I go get a candy?”


“Can I go get a drink?”


“Can I…”

“You ask me one more question and I’m locking you in the car” Lukas could feel others eyes on him and his sister, but right now he really couldn’t care. After another half hour of waiting and annoyance Lukas finally heard the words that saved him from this torment.

“Next please”

“Finally” he said as he approached the teller. “I like to make a deposit” he said to the less then bland women sitting behind the window.

“How much?”

“$600” he said as he pulled out a check from his wallet and handed it through the gap at the bottom of the window.

“One moment please” she said as she took the piece of paper and began typing something on the computer next to her. Thankfully this process only took a few minuets and Lukas and his sister were walking out of the bank and on to the side walk and into the sun. Lukas wasn’t claustrophobic but it felt good to be out in the sun and air of this dead end town. He looked up and down the main road and sighed. He had been living here for nearly 12 years now, well more if you counted his early childhood, but Lukas never counted his childhood as living. He had managed to get away once, but this town had a habit of drawing you back in. he hated this place.

“Get in the bloody car, Kaitlin” he said as he saw his sister start twirling around in circles. He unlocked his car and eased into the rather cramped interior and started up the engine. His sister hoped into the passenger seat next to him and started to play around with the radio. The one thing he liked about his sister was the fact they had the same taste in music as she stopped on a channel that played some really got beats. Not any of the pop crap, but music that meant something. Often it was angry and hate filled, but there were a few songs that made you feeling good and not happy but better.

“Is it true you know the dude on the radio, Lukas?” she asked as a voice came over the radio going on about something random.

“Is it true you have an off switch hidden somewhere on you?” Lukas replied as he pulled out onto the road.

“Well is it?” Lukas looked down at his sister and knew that she would not give up until she had her answer.

“You’re a persistent little thing aren’t you” he said as he pulled up at the lights. He let out a sigh. “Yes, I know the dude off the radio”. Which was in fact true, but he failed to mention that he also helped set up the station its self. A project that he and his mates had been working on for a while now, and was finally paying off. Well, for the others anyway. The radio distorted and Lukas looked down to see his sister playing around with it again. “Quit it” he said as he smacked away her hand and reset the station.

“Can we go home now?” Kaitlin asked.

“No. I’ve got a few more things to do.” Lukas replied as he drove down the street.

“Like what?” she asked.

“Like dropping some things off at mates place, then I’ve got to do my food shopping for the week then I’ve got to go into work and get some shit organized, then I’ve got to drop off your sorry ass then I can relax for the rest of the bloody day” he took a deep breath as listened to the music drifting from the speakers.

“You okay?” she Kaitlin asked.

“Your sixth sense is uncanny”

“I’ve learned from the best” she said with a rather happy tone and a smile on her face. Lukas looked down at her and gave a little laugh. Kaitlin in fact was a bit psychic and it was unusually powerful for some one who’s only ten. And Lukas was the only one who knew. He had been helping her with her powers ever since she told him that she could see things out of the ordinary. She could see where a person is and point to them on a map, hear other people’s thoughts, even predict the future. But there was a down side to this. Her powers were hard to control and they often had a physical side affect when she used them. She was strong, but she was also dying. Lukas looked back to the road as he came close to his mates place.

“Okay. Stay here and don’t touch anything” he said as he got out of the car and went over to the boot. Kaitlin gave him a showy pout but nodded when she saw the look on Lukas’ face. She watched him go inside and waited for him to go inside before she reached over and turned on the radio. She listened to the same music they were listening to before but it wasn’t long before she got bored. She looked around the inside of the car, looking for something to do, or pillage. She jumped into the back seat and continued looking. She spotted a rather plain looking wooden box on the floor hidden under the seat. She reached down to pick it up.


The End

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