Blood ControlMature

I spent the day in the tiny room Tommy had given me, waiting for him or one of his friends to come in and bother me. When I could see the light fading under the blinds I stood up. I walked into the main area to find the girl was gone. I wanted to ask what had happened, but a lurch in my stomach told me I really wouldn't like the answer.

“Good timing,” Tommy commented, standing up from the sofa to walk over to me. I backed away instinctively and he laughed.

“You're coming with us. I really, really hate the idea of hunting on a full moon. But if I wait another night you'll be dead. So we're going to have to do this the hard way,” Tommy said. I opened my mouth to object but felt something stop me. I didn't recognise the intense way he was watching me.

“Let me explain a few simple rules about vampire culture. The person who turned you? They're called your sire. It's their job to make sure you don't mess up and risk revealing us to the humans. So I'm going to make you give up this stupid fight already. You're not human anymore, you're above them now.” With that Tommy headed to the door, the girl and boy stood up to follow him. I stayed still, I couldn't follow him. Tommy stormed back in and threw me against the wall, his hands curled round my throat. I fought, struggling for air I probably didn't even need anymore.

“I really don't want to kill you, there's a lot of money in this thing. So just co-operate already,” Tommy practically spat the last words. I aimed a kick in his gut, taking him by surprise. The moment he dropped me I raced outside. I could hear Tommy's curses echo after me. But no one followed. I stopped running after a few more streets and slowed my pace.

The sound of music deafened me and I tried to figure out where it was. Then I saw a club at the other end of the street. After staring at the source it faded a little, but it still hurt. I looked away from it, feeling my fangs grow again. Inside that club was people, and blood. A drunken girl stumbled on the street, pausing nearby. She glanced over at me, a mix of curiosity and concern on her face.
“Are you okay? You look like hell,” she asked. I gulped, trying to ignore my new senses. I looked away from her, away from the veins I could see traced under her skin.

“I'm good,” I murmured. I walked past quickly and walked head first into the crowd leaving the club. I paused mid-step and clenched my fists tight enough to hurt. The smell of so many humans was too much. I could hear their hearts beating, the thrum of blood moving through their veins calling to me. Is this what Tommy had meant about me losing control? I walked quickly, shoving past people, I had to get away from here. I raced into the nearest side street and leaned against the wall, gulping in clean air and trying to ignore the smell of blood.

“You're doing better than me,” Tommy muttered. I glanced up and saw he leaning against the wall opposite me.

“It is always like this?” I asked, trying to control my body's shaking. Tommy considered the question with a frown.

“Yes. But you learn to get used to it. And it helps if you actually drink regularly. The only reason it's so difficult for you is because you haven't. And you're body is going to keep pushing you to drink until you do,” Tommy said. He walked forward and rested a hand on my shoulder. I tried to pull away but he tightened his grip.

“You know what else I haven't told you Dunstan? As your sire, I can just force you. The turning is fresh enough. I can make you go up to the cute girl that spoke to you. Make you compel her to follow you back here. And I can make you bite and drain her. But I'm actually being the nice guy here. I'm letting you sort through your issues. But if you don't do that fast, I will force you.” His tone didn't falter once as he spoke. I pulled away again and this time he dropped his hand between us.

“You have the rest of the night. Me and mine won't bother you. Do whatever dumb crap you have to. And drink some blood. Don't try to find Aiden. It's the full moon. He's a wolfy right now and will tear you to shreds the moment he sees you,” Tommy said, so clearly enjoying the words as he spoke them. I glared at him, hating how much he'd messed up my life. He just smirked at my face and walked away. When he was gone from my view I cursed and hit the nearest wall. I didn't expect to actually take some of it out. I pulled back, shaking chalk from my hand.

“Why didn't you tell me about any of this, Aiden?” I murmured to the thin air for the umpteenth time. I glanced back outside and saw that the majority of the clubbers were gone now. I followed the streets to my house, pausing near Aiden's. No one would be home. How had I never noticed how there was always a family thing on a full moon? I was even more dense than I realised. I walked up to my house, glad that I still had the keys in my pocket at least. I walked inside and could tell someone else had been here recently. It took me a few moments to recognise Aiden's smell. These new senses were going to take some getting used to.

The first thing I did was flick on the TV. If dad had been home I would've known by now. News of a girl who was missing, the girl I'd been unable to set free. I collapsed on the sofa, wondering what I was meant to do. I didn't want to be like Tommy and his gang. In fact the knowledge I only had another day and night until my body would die was kind of relieving. Another picture appeared on the TV. I was down as disappearing as well. Where was dad then? Probably hadn't bothered checking the missed call from the police yet. I stood up again and made sure all the curtains were shut. I paused, seeing the picture of my mum, what would she have to say about all this? I put the frame back down and shifted the curtain by the patio doors. Would Aiden and his family get Tommy and his friends? I really hoped so, but something told me it wouldn't happen.

The End

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