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Chapter 6: Moon Madness

'Seriously what the hell were you thinking Aiden?! Did you really think you stood a chance against Tommy? You haven't even reached your first full moon and you go running off to face a vamp on your own.' Raymond spat as he said the word vamp, once again pacing around the camp site while I felt Caleb feel around my head inspecting the wound.

'Well good news is that it isn't as bad as it looks, just the expected drama of a hella' lot of bleeding from head wounds.' I just knock his hand off my head and move to stand up, leaning on a tree for support. I heard Ray snarl before snapping,

'I'm going to head back first and tell dad the news, sure as hell isn't going to be happy about it.' With that he ran off through the trees, I heard Caleb sigh.

'Well I guess we should head back, are you up for walking Aiden?' I just shrug off his hand walking in the general direction of the car I heard Caleb mutter 'Stubborn bunch of idiots' before following behind me.

By the time we arrived back at the house there were already flashing red and blue lights outside of it.

'Something bad must of happened while we were gone...' Caleb mutters pulling up to the drive and jumping out the car leaving me alone. I stare down at my hands noticing the mud underneath my nails, I clench my hand and punch the seat in front of me. Goddamn it Dunst.

The rest of the night went by in a blur, I didn't pay attention for the most part only catching bits and pieces of the conversation going on around me. Apparently another girl has also went missing from the party and Dad had informed them of Dunst's disappearance (apparently the more presence pressure we put on Tommy and his group the more restricted they'll be during their night time activities).

It was the early hours of the morning before the police finally left at which point Dad took one look at me before telling me to go to my room with the threat of 'talking with me in the morning'. That night was one of the longest nights of my life, I heard Dad and my brothers leave at some point during the following hours (probably trying to find a lingering trail to follow), but the rest of the night was spent with me staring blankly out of the window going over what had occurred again and again in my head, feeling sick about where Dunst was and what they could be doing to him. I must have fallen asleep at some point because I was jolted awake by someone’s hand on my shoulder I look up bleary at Dad who was standing over me with a less then pleased expression.

'What time is it?' I ask, my brain not quite on board with the events that had occurred last night.

'About 5 pm in the afternoon.' Dad replies, 'I know I said I wanted to talk to you in the morning but you slept like the dead.' I flinched at his choice of words.

'So I guess you know what happened?' I ask noticing that I still had the dirt from last night under my nails.

'Raymond and Caleb told me all about it. What where you thinking?!' He didn't exactly yell but it had enough power behind it to cause me to flinch and avoid his eyes.

'It's exactly like 5 years ago Aiden!? I thought you would have learnt by now!'

'4 years and 9 months,' I mutter quietly,

'I don't care! I thought you might have grown up by now and realised that you shouldn't run off on your own. I don't care what or who it was for!' I snapped my head up and that,

'But dad-'

'No! I don't care WHO it was for, even if it is Dunst... He's not our pack and you need to learn that.' I growl at that and stand up clenching my fists.

'He's as good as family!' I yell at him, I see a dark look flash in my Dad's eyes.

'What like Tommy? We all know how that turned out, our pack got a whole lot smaller after that. NO OUTSIDERS Aiden, you know that!' I can hear the rage in my dad's voice and bow my head in submission. Dad's the Alpha, I may not be fully grown in the pack but even I know when I'm pushing my luck.

'But Dad...'

'No Aiden. That's the end of it. We'll find Dunst but if he's bitten we will have no mercy. There will never be another Tommy.' I look up at my Dad in shock, no mercy.

'You can't!' I exclaim,

'I can! I lead this pack and it is my duty to keep you safe. I won't let you get hurt like last time! All of those leeches are the same, we will never show weakness again and neither shall you as long as you are part of this family.' Dad slammed his hand down on my desk causing me to jump and curl in making myself even smaller.

'Yes Sir.' I bite out bitterly keeping my eyes focused on the ground.

'Good. Now stay here, tonight we hunt but you shall not. Caleb will stay behind and help you through the first time but otherwise you shall not engage in the hunt. Do I make myself clear?'

'Yes Sir.' I say again, I hear dad leave the room before looking up a few seconds later and seeing Caleb standing in his place.

'Well looks like we have the house to ourselves tonight, right bro?' Caleb says smiling, I just walk past him muttering,

'I'm going outside for some air.'

'7 at the latest Dunst, I'm not kidding.'

'I know.' I mutter heading down the stairs and walking out the front door.

By the time I get outside I look up at the sky noticing that it is a warm pink in the horizon and that the sun was low in the sky. I walk over to Dunst's house and let myself in using the key that I know they keep hidden in one of those false rocks at the front of the house. The air smells sort of stale when I walk in which isn't surprising with how much time Dunst spends round mine but they home just sort of sings loneliness it's the sort of environment that needs to be filled with people, a family, to feel like home. I growl under my breath turning around and storming back out the house,

'Goddamn it Tommy why now?' I state angrily kicking a loose stone along the street just walking aimlessly along. Eventually I noticed that the sun was getting lower in the sky and made my way back home.

'The pack has already headed off.' Caleb stated as I walked through the front door.

'Ok.' I nodded following Caleb to the back garden and then to the forest beyond.

'You feel that bro?' Caleb asks, staring up at the moon through the trees.

I turned my gaze upwards, for us the moon has a special sort of hold over us, it makes us stronger provides us with something that it does no one else. Some normals can feel the power of the moon in its raw essence but it can be too much for them to bear, some call it moon madness something that many speculate causing increased cases of suicide, violence and crime. The moon sort of takes a hold on you, like it is right now, I can feel it inside me the thing clawing it's way out. The pure animalistic nature that all lycans are born with, the full moon pulls and tugs at it, the effect is almost like hypnotism. It's near impossible to break out of but Dad says that it stops us from feeling the pain of transforming the first time round, from feeling our bones shift and move to accommodate our new form. The first time is always the hardest and it's a pain I don't fancy feeling ever again, even with the effects of the moon it still felt like nails were being dragged down my body.
By the time I snapped out of my trance like state the whole world looked completely different, everything was clearer and sharper, my senses enhanced. The sudden change in my senses for a moment caused me panic and I looked around wildly, I felt my ears twitch at the sound of twigs breaking beneath my paws.
That caused me to draw a blank for a second, no matter how much you prepared yourself for the change you would never be prepared for the experience of having paws, or ears that twitch or even a tail. Tail! I glance behind myself startled and stare in awe at the fur that covered the appendage.

This is so weird. I thought to myself still trying to get used to my new body.

Don't worry you'll get used to it soon enough. I jumped at the sudden intrusion of Caleb's voice in my head.

What the?!

This is how we communicate, you didn't think we just growled at each other all the time did you? I could hear the smirk in his voice and turned round to find a grey coloured wolf next to me.

Wait so why can't I hear the rest of the pack? I asked confused.

As the distance increases the link gets weaker, the pack is too far away at the moment for you to hear them. It's a bit over whelming at first, having people able to hear all your thoughts you won't be able to keep anything secret. Caleb warned me, his brown eyes narrowing. I nod my head understanding what that meant, there would be no hiding from the pack.

Enough of the serious stuff though. Come on, tonight we run and enjoy the full strength of the full moon. Caleb lifted his muzzle up to the moon and howled, I could feel the joy behind the howl and found myself howling along with him. 

The End

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