Learning the Dark TruthMature

I woke with a groan, blinking until my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I tried to sit up and doubled over in pain. I fell off the bed I was lying in, holding my body to me as I moaned. If this was a hangover, it was one hell of one. I rested my head in one hand, trying to remember what had happened. A sharp pain throbbed in my neck but it was outdone by the shivers running down my spine. My clothes were soaked with sweat. But every attempt to move just made things worse.

“Think, Dunst,” I murmured to myself, burying my face in my drawn up knees. I remembered Jay being a prick. Then there was the guy who made them go. Then he did something to make me follow him. Remembering the helpless feeling made me shudder. Then Aiden turned up, I remember wanting to yell out for him. But whatever that guy did stopped me. I didn't understand their conversation. But when I'd seen him bare his fangs at Aiden's neck my heart leapt. Things like vampires didn't exist. And if they did and Aiden knew of them, he'd tell me. Right? I groaned as my headache tripled and lay on my side, hiding in a ball as my breathing became more unsteady. I heard a door open with a creak and groaned as sharp light hit my eyelids.

“Damn, I forgot how shit the turning process was.” I recognised his voice and sat up, backing away on my hands. Ignoring my bodies various yells for me to stay still. He smirked at the movement and closed the distance between us at scary speed. I yelped and felt my back go up against the wall.

“Calm down kid. I just turned you, be no point in killing you,” he said. I blinked at him for a few moments, trying to understand what he meant. He frowned when he saw my clueless expression and sighed.

“Trust Aiden to fall for a complete idiot. Though I guess it suited his needs well. A boyfriend who wouldn't question his secretive family.” The guy rambled on about Aiden family and I grew more confused.

“I'm not Aiden's boyfriend,” I said. He stopped mid-sentence and that smirk returned.

“Maybe not yet,” he replied. I shook my head, wincing at the sharp pain it caused.

“Aiden's straight,” I point out and he burst into laughter, sitting down and facing me. I was able to see his sharp canines again and the sight of them made me shiver. It wasn't something he missed.

“You really don't remember me, huh?” he said, leaning closer so I could see his dark eyes that hid behind his hair. I tried to recall his face, but it wasn't familiar.

“C'mon, this is embarrassing. Especially since you were the one that was always teasing me for hanging around Aiden,” he replied. Clearly inability to remember him was amusing him. I opened my mouth to give a smart retort when it clicked.

“Thomas?” I said, feeling my eyes go wide. He nodded with a grin and sat back down, giving me breathing space. He was definitely a lot taller and stronger than the little brat I remembered. He'd hung out with Aiden more than me.

“What happened to you?” I murmured.

“I got turned into a vampire. Aiden's dad didn't like me much after that. But I guess that's to be expected. Lycans are our natural enemy afterall,” he explained with a nonchalant shrug. I starred at him like he was insane, but the more the realisation sunk in. The more their conversation before started to make sense. Aiden had been with Thomas? Aiden was a lycan?!

“Let me go,” I finally said, trying to stand up. I had to lean on the wall for strength in the end. Every muscles shook from the strain and effort to maintain the position.

“Can't do that. You're newly turned and need blood. If I let you go, you might go on a killing spree or something. The last thing we need is a trail the lycans can follow,” Tommy said.

“You keep saying turned, what the hell do you mean?” I asked. In my gut I knew what it meant, but I had to ask. Just in case I was wrong.

“The wicked bite on your neck? I drained most of your blood, then gave you some of mine. I could've just let you die. But figured Aiden will suffer more this way,” Tommy said with a shrug. I narrowed my eyes at him. I tried not to let the panicked voices in my head overwhelm me. Instead I made to punch him, he easily caught my fist. He seemed very amused by the reaction.

“Leave Aiden alone,” I muttered, yanking my fist back.

“I did what I came here to achieve. We're heading back to the city in two days. Now come on. Like I said, you need blood,” Tommy opened the door. I shook my head, an objection on my lips but he yanked me out after him. I blinked against the glare of the artificial lights and took in the room before me. It was obviously a living room, but sparsely furnished. A guy and girl were sat on the couch. They looked over with dark eyes and I shivered. Did my eyes look like that now?

“So he's awake,” the girl murmured, giving me an appraising look. Somehow I was less interested in her beauty when I knew what she was. Tommy grabbed my shoulder and turned my body so I was facing a table chair. A human girl was tied up there, whimpering softly. Her arms and neck were littered with bites. How I knew she was human I didn't know. I did want to get her the hell away from these psychos.

“Well don't just stare at her, bite her,” Tommy yelled behind me, making me wince. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was crossing his arms.

“I don't want to,” I replied bluntly. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Tommy, your new friend is a killjoy,” the guy said. Both he and the girl were openly watching me. Tommy threw him the finger and turned back to me.

“If you don't you'll keep weakening and eventually die,” Tommy argued. I crossed my arms. Funny he acts like he cares about my well being now.

“I'd rather die than kill people,” I threw back. Both his friends laughed, apparently it was the funniest statement they'd ever heard. Tommy turned and cursed at them. The guy held up his arms in mock surrender and the two of them headed to another room. When he turned back to me his expression was serious.

“Flick the switch,” he said.

“What?” I asked, completely thrown by the statement.

“Flick the switch. Turn it off. You can shut out your emotions, then you won't feel guilty,” Tommy explained with a shrug. Why would someone do that?

“No,” I replied. Not that I had a clue how to do it. And even if I did, why should I? For all I knew my emotions were the only human thing left about me. That was a depressing thought. Tommy studied me, maybe thinking up another approach.

“I'm going to find Aiden,” I said before he could think something up. I took a few steps towards what I thought was the front door. He pulled me back, suppressing a laugh badly.

“I wouldn't recommend that. His family would rip you to shreds before you say one word. Especially when you're this weak. Now drink some blood,” Tommy demanded. I shook his hand off and opened the door handle. Outside a light drizzle was falling, the sky wasn't as dark as I expected. Tommy yanked me inside and closed the door.

“Idiot, it's close to sunrise! You want to be insane and find Aiden? Fine. But go tomorrow night. If you can get there when it's a full moon. His brothers will be even better equipped to kill you,” Tommy spat the words and left. I stared after his back until the door shut behind him with a soft click. I turned to the girl and bent to undo the ropes binding her. The smell hit me instantly and I backed away. I covered my mouth and nose, trying to ignore how it called to me.

“No, no, no,” I murmured with closed eyes. I left the girl and ran to the room I'd woken up in. There was a mirror and in the dim light I could see sharp fangs. I snapped my mouth shut and looked away from it. At least one vampire myth was false I thought darkly.

The End

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