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Chapter 4: Knight in Not so Shinning Armor

 By the time we arrived at the party it became clear that there was no way that I was getting out of me and Dunst being baby sat by my two older brothers until the 'problem has been sorted' according to dad.
Don't get me wrong, I find it awesome spending time with my brothers but I hate having to sneak around Dunst because of it. Dad made that clear a long time ago; no outsiders... not any more at least.

I shook myself out of my 'cloud over the head' attitude and noticed that we were nearing the fields where the party was happening. Dunst was talking animatedly about the party and how he was probably going to end up skinny dipping, Caleb laughed at that telling him about the time that he had done something similar. Ray was not so subtly keeping an eye out, glaring at every car we drove past and I could here the low growl that he occasionally let out; Dad says that some find it harder to separate themselves then others.

After a while Ray pulled up in the field parking in what seemed to be the decided parking area by who ever had arrived first. I saw him glance at me in the rear-view mirror to which I sighed before getting out of the car with Dunst and Caleb. I tugged on my fitted black button up shirt and rearranged the dark red scarf I was wearing before saying;

You want to go ahead and find a decent area to hang?”

I felt guilty as I saw Dunst roll his eyes, clearly not taking the bait that we weren't about to have a private conversation. I let my eyes track him as he merged into the crowd mass and couldn't help but feel a twinge of worry.

I heard Caleb cough next to me, 'Look, Aiden, I know this isn't exactly the best situation for you-'

'What you mean being baby sat?' I snapped feeling my temper rise, 'Seriously, it's a crowded party, even Tommy wouldn't be so bloody insane to do something here.'

'We know but you know what happened last time!' Ray snapped right back. Well that shut me up pretty fast, I looked down at the floor scowling, Caleb patted my shoulder,

'Just cope with it okay A? Just another two more weeks until you're first time but until then you're like a new born lamb!' I shrugged off his hand. Looking up I opened my mouth to continue the debate before I noticed Jay walking past with his cronies, rubbing his head;

'Man I don't feel so good, what was up with that freak that stood up for Munro?' Jay complained,

'Yeah did you see his eyes dude? I swear they were effing black!' I felt myself stiffen and saw Ray and Caleb exchange a look.

'Shuddap Joey!' Jay said going to smack him round the head, I grabbed his hand.

'What the hell dude?!' Jay yelled trying to pull his wrist free,

'Who are you talking about?' I asked seriously,

'What the fuck? Some random dude came to the rescue of your gay boyfriend, guess you're no longer the night in shinning armour Morgan.'

'Shut up' I snapped feeling my hand tighten, Jay gulped,

'Dude, seriously, I don't know who the hell he is. One minute me a Munro are spatting it out next news some guy appears and then it all get a bit blurry.' Jay snaps back, tugging at his wrist harder. This time I let go not sticking around to hear Jay's colourful choice of words, instead deciding to run through the crowded field in the direction that Jay had come from. I ignored the sounds of my brother's yelling for me to stop, instead getting lost in the crowd before I sighed in frustration looking around panicking.

Goddamn it Dunst, where the hell are you?!

'Aiden my man!' Some guy I vaguely recognize from my maths class walks over, smelling of smoke and alcohol.

'Have you seen Dunst?' I ask, trying to stay calm. Keith, that's his name, stares blanky at me for a moment, I can see the cogs inside his head slowly working before he says,

'Oh yeah! He followed some dude into the forest!' He laughs drunkenly waving towards what seems to be a walking route into the wooded area to the North of the field, 'Almost didn't believe he was bi for a while if you get my drift~'

He swings to put his arm round me but I quickly side step it, instead running towards the trail feeling panic once again threatening to make itself known.

After a while I come to a clearing in the forest, probably a camp-site by the looks of things, I turn around in circles trying to make out something... anything in the surrounding brush.

'Dunst!' I yell, 'Dunst!'

I hear someone snicker behind me before a chillingly familiar voice begins to mock me;

'Oh Dunst, Dunst, where are you my love? I'm here to save you like the knight I am.'

I spin round barely suppressing the growl I want to let loose.

'Tommy,' I spit out his name like it acid,

'Hey there Aiden!' Tommy says, waving at me like we're the best of friends, 'How's it going?'

'Don't how's it going me! Where's Dunst?' I stiffen as Tommy wanders over to me pulling at my scarf and admiring it.

'Dunst... Dunst... now where have I heard that name before?' He says mockingly, spinning around and pacing like he's pondering the meaning of life.

'How long has it been since we last saw each other?' Tommy suddenly asks, completely forgetting about the previous statement.

'5 or 6 years.' I say watching Tommy carefully,

'4 years and 9 months actually. Tsk, tsk seems like someone forgetting about our time together.' He says, looking at me annoyed. 'All those years ago, such young perfect love,' He says looking up at the trees with a soft smile on his face, for a moment I could see the old Tommy, the Tommy that I loved but then his face twisted, showing something dark instead, 'But then you had to go ruin it! So what if I got bit! We could have spent years together but NOOOOO you're dad claimed he saw 'dark things' in me. So what if a couple of people went missing? They were scum anyway, not even worthy of breathing the same air as us!'

'You're insane! Where the hell is Dunst!' I yell, stepping forward. Tommy puts up his hand causing me to stop,

'Ah, ah, ah. We're playing this MY way, not yours. I have the little blood bag, you don't.' I growl at him,

'Ooooo seems like the little doggy's found his bark,' I feel Tommy suddenly appear next to me breathing into my ear, 'I wonder if he has his bite.' He licks my neck.

'What the hell dude!' I yell, jumping away from him and holding my neck.

'Aww, but you used to love it when I licked you there.' Tommy pouted licking his lips showing his fangs. His black eyes stared at me hungrily before his black hair fell to cover his eyes again. I feel my face pull in disgust.

'Where's Dunst? Tommy I don't want to play this game with you.' I say.

'Such a party pooper.' Tommy pouted again, looking like a five year old denied an ice cream.

'Hey new blood~' Tommy said in a sing-song voice, 'Come out, come out wherever you are~'

I saw movement from behind Tommy before a very dazed looking Dunst suddenly appears and walks over to stand in front of him. Tommy places a hand on his shoulder and strokes his cheek all the while looking at me.

'Dunst!' I shout, starting to run forward before I felt something hit me across the back of the head. I fall forward watching the ground suddenly meet my face, before everything goes black, I see Tommy lean towards Dunst's neck smelling it.

'Don't worry love, we'll take extra special care of you're little friend...'

I felt someone shake my shoulder before a sharp pain went across my cheek. My arm worked on reflex, by the time I worked my way out of my foggy waking up moment I saw Caleb rolling on the floor complaining about how he thinks I've broken his nose, Ray mutters how he's a wimp before once again looking around the abandoned campsite.

I frown confused before feeling the pain on the back of my head and noticing a branch lying next to me with something dark and wet on it. I touch the back of my head and feeling blood and then it all comes back in a big rush.

'Dunst! Where the hell is Dunst!?' 

The End

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