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Chapter Three: Stranger to the Rescue

A few hours of annoying Aiden before I quickly headed to my house to change for the party in the fields. I wasn't exactly fussed with appearance so I just showered and pulled on jeans, a silly t-shirt and a black hoodie. I checked the phone before I left. I deleted the message before it finished. Dad making another lame excuse for extending his business trip. He just didn't want to face coming home during the weekend. At least on weekdays it's easier to ignore me.

I grabbed some money in case me, Aiden and some friends decided to stop by the diner on the way home like we usually did. I walked into Aiden's house without knocking, this place was more a home to me than the empty building across the road. I walked into the living room and got the feeling I'd interrupted some serious conversation.

“Hey, ready to go?” I said to Aiden who nodded, grabbing his jacket.

“Where are you two off too?” Celeb asked.

“Party in the fields,” I said. I saw Celeb crack a smile at memories. Parties in the fields near the forests were something that had been happening in this town for years. They usually got shut down pretty fast but we didn't care.

“Maybe we should go as well,” Raymond suggested, meeting Celeb's gaze. His expression was serious and I wondered what had gotten into them today. Then again they always had odd turns. I was used to the odd behaviour.

“Well, I don't mind. But I doubt any of the girls will be interested in two older guys,” I joked.

“I like a challenge,” Celeb replied with a smirk. We piled into the car, an old, beat-up thing. But Aiden and his brothers had managed to keep it alive. We parked on the grass fields along with half dozen other cars whose headlights showed the party in full swing.

“You want to go ahead and find a decent area to hang?” Aiden suggested. I rolled my eyes, they could just ask me to leave if something was up. Or involve me, I'd keep any secret if Aiden asked me too. I left the car and waved at people I knew as I passed them.

“Dunst!” someone yelled. I looked over and they threw a beer over to me. I caught it and glanced at it, Aiden would have a go at me if I was already drinking when he turned up. Then again this was a party, and where was the fun without getting drunk? I popped the top and found a camp-fire that was surrounded by nothing more than empty bottles and cans. I kicked most of it away and collapsed on the floor. I glanced over my shoulder but couldn't see if Aiden and his brothers were headed over through the crowd.

“Hey, look who it is,” Jay said, standing nearby and heading in my directions. I suppressed a sigh, I really wasn't in the mood for his crap right now. I stood up as he neared and met his gaze squarely.

“Piss off,” I said, taking another sip of the beer.

“That's not a nice thing to say,” he replied, amusement in his tone.

“Funny, I'm not talking to a nice guy. Now kindly go away,” I glared at him and turned to walk away. His yanked the back of my hood and I dropped my beer.

“Your friend isn't here at the moment Dunst. I'd suggest not annoying me,” Jay said into my ear. I glared at him, as if I needed Aiden to fight the prick. Though I had to admit I'd feel a whole lot better if he was here.

“Let him go.” We both looked up in unison at the stranger. He had black hair that hid his eyes and matched Aiden in terms of height.

“Who the hell are you?” Jay asked. His two jock friends moved a little closer. I hadn't even realised they were there and was suddenly grateful for the strangers intervention.

“That's none of your concern. Let the guy go,” he replied. I could just feel Jay's anger growing. This just seemed to amuse the stranger. He stepped closer so he was close to Jay's face.

“I told you to let him go,” he said. His voice took an oddly smooth sound as he spoke. Jay stared at him a few seconds before his hand dropped, letting me go.

“Now go and don't come back here,” the stranger said. Jay nodded silently and he left. His friends looked from him to the stranger but followed Jay. I rubbed the back of my neck and glanced at the stranger.

“Erm, thanks,” I said.

“No problem. I've always hated bullies. My name's Tommy,” he said. This close I could make out that he had near black eyes. I told myself it was probably the darkness. People couldn't have black eyes.

“Dunst,” I replied. Tommy sat down on the grass and let out a sigh, looking at the sky. He looked completely at ease and he'd just scared away the school bully. I hesitated before sitting down too, though I kept a safe distance. Something about him didn't feel right. How did he get Jay to back off like that?

“So, what are you doing here all alone?” Tommy asked, looking my way with curiosity.

“Oh, I'm just waiting for my friends, they needed to talk about something,” I said with a dismissive hand wave. I wondered where Aiden was, he was taking forever.

“What are your friends names?” he asked.

“Oh, it's my best friend Aiden and his brother's Celeb and Raymond,” I said.

“Really?” he asked, something about the way he smiled didn't feel right.

“I think I better go look for them,” I said, standing up. Tommy grabbed my wrist and yanked me towards him. I opened my mouth to tell him to let go when I a felt weird calm fall over me as his eyes looked into mine. They really were black.

“You're going to follow me into the forest Dunst,” Tommy said. No, like hell I would. This guy was a creep. But my muscles wouldn't listen to me and I let him lead me behind the treeline. Silently yelling for Aiden to come and help me.

The End

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