Chapter TwoMature

 Chapter Two: The calm before the storm

Walking across the road I noticed that dad's car wasn't on the drive,

'Looks like Dad's still out at the moment meaning that we have the house to ourselves'
I glanced back at Dunst who raised his eyebrow at me,

'What about Mark and Allie?' Mark and Allie were my two younger siblings,

'They are both staying round their friends houses tonight' I said shrugging, reaching the front door I went to open it before the handle was wrenched from my hands making me stumble forward. I heard Dunst stifling a laugh behind me as I nearly fell over trying to catch my balance. Looking up I stared in surprise as my pale green eyes met similarly coloured eyes.

'Aiden! What's up bro?' I blinked dumbly for a second as a big smirk grew on my older brothers face, 'Hey hey I know I'm handsome but no need to be struck dumb' I glared at him before he barked out a loud laugh that sent his shoulders shaking.

I could now hear Dunst's full blown laughter behind me and I stood up straight before elbowing him in the side, I heard the air leave him as he winced in pain,

'Shut up Dunst' I muttered blushing,

'Ah haha But- Dude you're face... It was priceless!' Dunst held his sides in laughter as I tried to keep a hold of some of my dignity and looked up at my brother who was smirking away,

'What are you doing here Caleb?' I asked confused,

'Ah ha always the blunt one bro' Caleb said with a smirk while opening the door futher and moving back so that we could get in moving so that he stood between both of us before swinging his arms around both mine and Dunst's shoulders bringing us into his version of a hug which consisted of trying to crush my ribs while he did it more gently on Dunst out of fear of actually crushing his ribs.

'So how have my two awesome bro's been? Miss me?' He said chuckling as he steered us towards the kitchen. Dunst laughed as he dodged out of Caleb's hug leaving me to receive the full crushing hug,

'We've been good Caleb, good to see you again. I think Aiden was starting to miss you and your bone crushing hugs.' He said rubbing his shoulder. Caleb smirk grew wider before letting go of me and walking into the kitchen were I saw Raymond sitting on one of the stools. I frowned before wiping it off my face, smiling instead.

'Ray!' Dunst exclaimed walking over to him and high fiving him, 'You never said that you were having a family reunion Aiden.' Dunst joked.

I noticed Caleb was looking at me and moved my gaze over to him, he nodded his head in the direction of Dunst before crossing his arms and leaning against the counter.

'Hey Dunst can you go check on Buddy? I think I left him outside in the yard.' Raymond asked getting up and punching me on the shoulder in greeting. Buddy was our 14 year old beagle who spent most of his time playing hide away in the garden then anything else. Dunst shrugged,

'Sure, be back in a min.' He said walking over to the back door, I heard him shouting Buddy's name before turning back to Ray and Caleb both of whom hand serious looks on their faces.

'So why are you both here? Normally you call a head when visiting unless it something serious.' I asked before wandering over to the fridge and bringing out two Pepsi cans for me and Dunst.

'We're here because Dad asked us to come back, apparently Tommy's back in town' Caleb said carefully, I could feel him staring at my back as my hands tightened around the now empty can of Pepsi I'm holding making an audible crushing noise as I flatten it in my hand.

'Yeah, not only that but apparently Jamie has been on patrol this week and noticed various other new trails leading into the town. You know how dad gets.' Raymond said moving to lean against the wall. I nodded staring down as the fizzing cup of pepsi on the counter, I became aware of the fact that I was still holding the empty can in my hand and moved to put it in the bin.

'Ok-' I was cut off by the sound of the back door opening and the sound of claws scrapping against the stone floor before a brown blur was seen scrambling across the floor and jumping around my Brothers feet.

I turned back round to see Dunst walking back in smiling as Buddy continued to harass my brother's for attention,

'Seems like someone's missed you guys' He said as I handed him the glass that I had got for him,

I snorted before saying, 'I think it's more the fact that he misses all the cheese Caleb used to sneak him when he's home.' Caleb whacked the back of my head, his ear's burning red,

'Shut up squirt! I'm sure Buddy's missed more then just that.' Ray laughed,

'Yeah yeah cheese boy just keep telling yourself that.' He said wrestling with Caleb putting him in a headlock.

Rolling my eyes and looked over to Dunst saying, 'You wonder whose the oldest here sometimes.' Dunst laughed before wandering out into the hallway with me following behind as we went upstairs into my room, though at the rate things were going it might as well been our room since Dunst often ended up staying over and as a result had a lot of his stuff in my room.

By the time I reached the room Dunst had kicked off his shoes and was collapsed on the bed pulling off his tie. Sighing I put my cup down next to Dunst's and bent down picking up his shoes that he had left in the middle of the floor, putting them to one side before taking off mine and placing them next to his. I then fell back onto the beanbag that was next to the bed and took off my tie,

'I swear this thing just wants to strangle me' I growled looking at the offending piece of clothing before throwing it towards my desk chair and watching as it fell on the growing pile of clothing that was currently occupying it.

Dunst laughed throwing his own tie at me which I caught easily throwing it in the same direction as mine, 'Yeah yeah but we just look so good in ties.' Dunst joked wriggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, 'Is your head always in the gutter?' I joked.

Dunst gave me a look of mock hurt, 'What? Are you saying I don't look sexy in a tie?' He said laughing. I raised eyebrow deciding that it was probably best not to reply with a honest answer.

'Yeah yeah' I muttered instead extending my foot so that I hit the power button on the pc without actually moving. Dunst rolled over onto his front and stared down at me from the bed,

'And I thought I was lazy but here I stand corrected' I just made a 'meh' sound at him grabbing one of the socks off the floor and throwing it in his general direction.

The End

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