Under a Blood MoonMature

Closed collab between Cat_Monty and Almach.

Chapter One: Low Expectations

I slumped forward in his desk, glancing out the window. Summer was definitely in full swing and I wished I was outside enjoying the nice day. Not stuck in a boring history class.
“Are you still going to the party tonight?” Aiden asked beside me, pulling my attention from the window.
“Yeah, Dad's away so it's not like I have anything better to do,” I replied with a shrug. I sat up straighter when the teacher turned away from the board, I didn't want to risk being asked a question. I heard Aiden muffle a laugh at the gesture and shot him an annoyed glance.
“Is something funny Aiden?” Mrs Burns asked, pushing her glasses up her nose. I smiled at her catching him.
“Nope,” he answered quickly, looking at his notes. I managed to stifle my own laughing, but couldn't stop a smug grin.

“Something wrong Dunstan?” she asked, apparently she was being especially observant today. I probably should've just said no like Aiden, but I had a bad habit of doing the dumb thing. It's like the thing in your brain that's meant to stop you being a fool doesn't exist for me. I gave up looking for it a while ago and just embraced being the idiot class clown.
“Just that we've covered this area of the cold war a dozen times already. If some people still don't get it just move them to one of the lower level classes,” I said with a shrug. I heard Aiden slap his head against his palm, knwoing he was muttering some incoherrant comment about how hopeless I was. Mrs Burns sent me a look, but I could tell my point amused her, at least a little.
“Since you're so certain of yourself, you can have an extra essay for homework, just about the Cuban crisis,” she said before turning back to the board. As punishments went it was pretty light so I didn't whine. The bell went soon after and we headed to their lockers.
“Why do you do that?” Aiden asked with a small laugh, though his eyes gave away that he was being serious.

“Because I do. Don't worry so much,” I replied, giving my best friend a light shove with my shoulder. Aiden returned it and I was thrown a few steps to the side, my lungs felt a little winded and I had to pause a second to regain my balance.
“Whoops,” Aiden said, very clearly not sorry with a grin.
“Jerk,” I murmured.
“Idiot,” Aiden countered. We exchanged more silly insult and laughed before heading to lunch. It didn't take long for people to bother us.
“Dunst, you planning on getting drunk tonight?” Someone shouted across the lunch room. I recognised the voice but couldn't place a name.
“Probably,” I yelled. I had no issues being known as the guy who did dumb stuff. Aiden was always there to make sure I never did anythign too stupid or dangerous.
“If you do something weird like skinny dipping I am not helping,” Aiden said.
“Why would I do that?” I asked, trying to remember if there was a time I'd done anything similar. Not that I had a lot of concrete memories from my drunken escapades, just a warm fuzzy feeling that told me they'd been good.
“I overheard the girls saying they wanted to dare you to do it when you were drunk enough,” Aiden said.

“Well, if they want to see I can't deny...” I trailed off with a grin. And if a girl happened to show interest I wouldn't object. Though that never seemed to happen, most wanted a 'serious' boyfriend. Aiden shook his head and sighed before he concentrated on the lunchroom entrance. I frowned and followed his line of gaze.
“Oh, crap,” I muttered. This school was pretty accepting of everything. But there was always the one or two guys everywhere who had to give you hell. The two in question walked up to our table, Jay, their leader had a girl walking beside him.
“How did you bribe such a pretty girl to date you?” I said the moment he was close enough. Aiden sent me a look that told me to behave. Like I was going to back down just because they were ignorant.
“Least I have someone normal, gay boy,” Jay replied straight away, taking the empty table next to us. I knew he'd done it on purpose. Now they could make comments and giggle knowing I'd hear it all.

“I'm bisexual idiot. I find girls pretty too,” I replied, resisting the urge to use more colourful language.
“Still not normal,” Jay said with a shrug. I sighed and hoped lunch passed by quickly. Their last lesson was science and one that actually interested me.
“Aiden, you handle the chemicals,” Mr Jennings said the moment he saw the two of us paired up.
“Aww, don't trust me teach?” I asked with a grin.
“After the fire alarm incident? No,” he said, walking off. His sense of humour and aptience seemed to be absent today and I frowned.
“How did you do in our last test by the way?” Aiden asked. we'd received the results of it yesterday. It wasn't big or linked to their overall grade, but it gave the teacher an idea of where you stood academically.
“D,” I replied and knew Aiden was withholding a sigh.
“I told you not to worry. You're the smart one anyway. I'll just scrounge off others and travel the world,” I joked. The rest of the lesson passed by, with one incident where I managed to 'accidentally' break a test tube on Jay's head. He'd been asking for it anyway. One detention slip later and Aiden and I where walking out of school.

“Will you actually bother going to detention on Monday?” he asked. I considered the decision and shrugged.
“You're going to become that friend I have to help our of awkward situations,” Aiden said with a groan.
“I thought I was already that friend,” I replied, making Aiden shake his head.
“We're going to yours first, right?” I asked, Aiden nodded in response. It didn't take us long to move around the busy town center and onto the quiet, suburban street where both our houses were, across the road from one another.


The End

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