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One thing I learnt that day. I learnt that no matter what you dream, no matter what your heart beats for, no matter who you love, life will snatch it away. 

Happiness doesn't last. Love is forever, but it hurts. There are no happy ever afters. Life isn't a fairy tale, like you believe when your little. 

Life is cruel. It lets you wander into an illusion of safety, and security, and then when your guards down it bites on you hard, taking away everything you know and it leaves you in a dark hole of sadness and despair. 

I learnt this the hard way. I fell for it's tricks like the foolish girl I was. But no more. I will beat life. I won't fall for it's lies any more. I won't love again, for it to be snatched away. I won't let my guard down for even a second. 

Life might have beat me that time.

But it won't beat me again.









The End

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