Confused and frightened, Kate felt she had no choice but to go with Aidan. After they ran through the front entrance, Kate headed towards her car.

                        “Kate,” Aidan said with urgency, “I need you to come with me.”

                        “What? Why?” Kate stammered.

                        “It isn’t safe for you. Please come with me. I can keep you safe,” Aidan urged pleadingly.

                        “I don’t understand. What happened in there? Shouldn’t we call the police?”

                        “I’ll explain on the way, but you need to come with me. Please.”

As frightened as she was, Kate couldn’t convince herself to fear Aidan. She trusted him for some reason that didn’t even make sense to her. You barely know him, her inner voice screamed,what if he’s dangerous? Kate couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe herself, so she changed directions and ran to Aidan’s car as he jumped into the driver’s seat. The engine roared to life as Kate glanced over to look at Aidan, who wore an expression of stone. The car spun out of the parking lot and onto the highway. The rain had ceased just long enough for them to jump into the car before it started falling again.

“Please tell me what’s going on, Aidan,” Kate begged. “Was someone hurt back there? Where did everyone go, and what was that loud noise in the kitchen?”

Aidan looked ahead, his face set in deep concentration. His knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel so tight. Kate waited for a response, fearing for the worst.

            “No, no person was hurt. What do you know about angels and demons, Kate?” Aidan asked quietly.

Kate’s brain was having trouble processing the relevance of Aidan’s question to the current situation, so she just stared ahead for a moment before answering.

            “Angels and demons? What does that have to do with anything, Aidan?”

            “It has everything to do with everything, Kate, so I need to know how much you know about angels and demons.”

            “Ok, well, angels are God’s messengers and demons are angels who used to serve God, but fell from heaven. They followed Satan instead of God,” Kate replied. “Aidan, where are we going? Do you even know where we’re going? Please, just tell me what happened back there.”

Aidan glanced at the rear view mirror, and slowly began to reduce his speed. He found an abandoned gas station and pulled the car over. Kate looked around and realized she was only a few miles from her house. It was getting dark quickly, and Kate wanted to go home. She needed to go home.

            Putting the car in park, Aidan turned to face her. His brows were furrowed, as though he was about to weep. Kate placed her hand on his shoulder, instinctively trying to coax him to say something.

            “Kate, those people back there…”Aidan started, “they weren’t really people…humans, I mean.”

            “What are you talking about? Of course they were, Aidan, I saw them. What else would they be?” Kate sputtered.

            “They’re demons… in human form. They’ve been looking for me for some time. They finally found me,” Aidan muttered angrily.

            Kate looked at Aidan for a few seconds, and then grabbed the door handle. It was locked. Panic flooded through Kate as she turned slowly towards Aidan.

            “Kate, please. I need you to believe me. I can’t just let you out without you understanding what’s going on here.”

            “Aidan, I just met you. I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t see how it can have anything to do with me. Please let me out. I can walk home. I won’t tell anyone about this, but you have to let me out. I’m really scared, so please just let me go.”

            “Kate, I’ll do what I have to do for you to believe me. You have to understand…I’m not the only one they’re after. They’re after you, too.”

            “What?” Kate yelled. “Let’s just say that I did believe you for two seconds. Why would they be after me? What did I do? This is insane. Please let me out”

Kate was reaching for her cell phone when she noticed the light. A soft glow had started to emanate from the skin on Aidan’s hand. Kate tugged at the door handle again. It opened. She jumped out of the car as quickly as she could in the black pumps that she now regretted wearing. Run, the voice in her head screamed at her. She ran as fast as she could for several minutes without knowing if she was being pursued. She was almost out of breath when she stopped to look behind her. The car was still parked in the distance with a curtain of rain in between her and it. It was almost completely dark now and there were no lights along the highway. How could she run all the way home in rain and darkness? She had to try.

She was about to start running again when she bumped into something hard. Hands caught her before she could hit the ground. Kate could barely see with all the rain in her eyes. Her whole body was drenched. This is it, she told herself, I’m about to be murdered. The thought was too much for Kate’s mind to bear. She fell into unconsciousness as strong arms lifted her.




The End

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