25th August 1939

Time has passed rapidly since 1914 when I was merely sixteen. I looked back on my life now and smile fondly at it, it all turned out happily in the end, for that I am thankful. I look to my side and see my perfect husband, Jack Spencer-Churchill, the man I met on the front in 1916. Now I am forty-one, and my husband forty-six, we have been happily married for twenty happy years. To my other side is my eldest daughter Charlotte the same age I was when the Great War started, I hope she shall never endure the hardships the war brought in her lifetime. We have already experienced the Great Depression; she has seen enough of human destruction for her lifetime. I also glance fondly at my sons, Oliver and George, both named after my old best friend and previous lover, Oliver and George Freeman respectively. However in the year of 1939 has brought that same threat upon the area, and I fear that something as bad as the Great War will be repeated, we can only pray...

I closed my mother's diary and smiled, I loved secretly reading her weekly entries, it allowed me to see inside her head and in my opinion allow me to understand her complex mind. My mother had been brought up during the Great World War of 1914, in which she met my father and later got married. My father wasn't the only man wanting to woo Mother, Oliver and George Freeman - not my brothers, had also loved my mother dearly, I am grateful she chose my father, else I wouldn't be alive. I slipped the diary back into the bookcase and tiptoed downstairs to join the family in the drawing room. We lived in the most picturesque place in Britain, on the Devonshire coast, next to a waterfall and plunge pool, which my mother called the lagoon. It was extraordinary the way the house had been built by my father whilst my mother had thought he to be at work in Plymouth, but looking at the house I was pleased my father had deceived her, it was beautiful.

"Good evening Charlotte," my father smiled up from his book, I went to sit beside him,

"Father?" I enquired, "Please tell us the story of how you met Mother," my father rolled his eyes,

"Not this one again!" he smiled,

"I find it terribly romantic," I replied, George pretended to be sick,

"Tell us!" Oliver pressed coming to sit next to me, my mother smiled,

"You can tell them Jack, I shall go and prepare dinner," she kissed him on the lips and went out the room,

"Very well children," my father began sitting up and putting down his paper, even George sat up to listen. Despite the amount of times we'd heard the story, we still loved it. "I was a doctor in the Base hospital near Paris in France, I was running the hospital but I found it tedious and repetitive. I wanted more action, I wanted to be pressurised, so I applied to be transferred to a field hospital. My application was confirmed and on that day your mother walked into my life, she was the most beautiful nurse in the hospital, and the kindest. I helped her out for her first day, and soon after asked her to be transferred with me, she was reluctant but I very much liked your mother and thought one day she could be my wife. We were moved to the field hospital; we worked for months in happiness, sharing a house ten miles away from the front. One day the Germans got behind enemy lines and forced some doctors and nurses to go back to the German side, your mother and I were selected. After some troublesome times getting across, your mother was badly injured, we worked for the Germans. However soon after they turned on us and so your mother and I escaped, we made our way back to England and then we fell in love."

"Dinner!" my mother called.

"Ohhh," I groaned, I knew there was more of the story, but I was also hungry. I stood up and shuffled to the dinning room where we dined on special occasions and on Sundays. We ate and chatted amongst ourselves, soon it was bedtime, I went to my bedroom and into bed. My mother came into say goodnight; she sat on the end of my bed,

"I love you Charlotte," she smiled, I nodded,

"I love you too Mother,"

"Sleep well my love," she kissed my forehead,

"Night Mother!" I called as she left switching the light off. I pulled the bed clothes over me and buried my head into the pillow, tomorrow was school again after a long summer, I needed my sleep.


The End

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