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The park was hot and Malcolm had covered Suzy’s face with a cloth.
‘Where are we?’ She asked her best friend.
‘You will see.’ He replied as Suzy felt it get warmer.
Finally Malcolm said, ‘Ok. I will take the cloth of now.’ They stopped walking. As he slowly took it off, he kissed her.

They walked together slowly, thinking of what people at school the next day would think. Malcolm smoothly took a hold of Suzy’s hand as they walked romantically. They had never thought they would have these feelings for each other, but the kiss sealed their love for one another.

They walked to Malcolm’s house, down the road from the green park.
‘Are you coming in?’ Malcolm asked her, looking into her gorgeous green eyes.
She thought about it, ‘Yes.’ Was her answer. He took her hand and ran inside.
‘Mum!’ Malcolm shouted through the house. ‘I’m home!’ His mum appeared from the kitchen, the smell of cake drifted with her.  Malcolm breathed in heavily, smelling the chocolate inside the cake.

His mother looked at both of them and frowned, Malcolm had talked of Suzy, but his mother had never seen her. She was a good-looking girl, soft, brown hair and sparkly green eyes.
‘Malcolm, honey? I need to talk to you.’ His mother said to him. ‘Privately.’ She added on when Suzy tried to listen in. Suzy said something along the lines of needing the loo and walked to the kitchen.

‘Is that your friend that you have been telling me about?’ Malcolm’s mother whispered to him angrily.
‘Yes. What’s wrong with her?’ Malcolm questioned his mother with a puzzled look on his face.
Suzy walked back in. His mother gave up.
‘Alright.’ She sighed. ‘I need to tell you both something.’

They were in the lounge. Sitting on the sky blue sofas, Malcolm and Suzy next to each other and Malcolm’s mother almost pacing as she thought how to say it.
‘Mum?’ Malcolm reminded her they were in the room too.
‘Oh, yes. Malcolm, you know I always want whats best for you, don’t you?’ Malcolm hesitated with confusion then slowly said yes.
‘You two are twins.’
‘What?’ Although Malcolm had heard, he was sure it couldn’t be true.
‘You got separated at birth. Malcolm, Suzy, I’m so sorry.’ She was almost crying now, Malcolm could hear it in her shaky voice. Malcolm was speechless; his new girlfriend was his sister. This completely ruined everything.
‘Who’s parents are real?’ Suzy said surprisingly calm, looking down.
‘Suzy, your parents are your real parents.’ She turned to Malcolm. ‘Malcolm, I’m so sorry. We never meant for you to find out.’
‘You really think I would be that thick?’ He said angrily. He could feel annoyance and rage building up inside his body. How could they do that to him? How could they keep him from his real parents? He had never met Suzy’s parents, so he had no idea who his own mother and father were.
He stood up and ran out the door, he didn’t want his new sister and the person he thought was his mother to see him crying.
‘Malcolm!’ His “mother” called after him.
He had never taken news well, like when his hamster died, he cried for weeks.
Malcolm ran out the house onto the gravel driveway. Still running, he looked back. His mother was running after him, with Suzy running behind. He ran out into the road without noticing.


The car screeched to a halt, but it was too late. The passenger kept yelling at the driver to drive, too much pressure was put on the driver. He drove away quickly, leaving Malcolm lying in the middle of the road.
Malcolm’s mum screamed.
Suzy screamed.
Malcolm could not scream.

Suzy and his mum ran over to Malcolm, crying. But although his mother was crying a lot more, they both felt the same. Malcolm was like a brother to Suzy, she now knew why.
A pool of deep scarlet blood was slowly growing around Malcolm. The last tears that would ever fall, fell from his eyes. Suzy pulled out her lg mobile, however she knew it was too late.

When the ambulances and the police got there, Malcolm’s lifeless body was sitting almost comically in the kitchen. His mother and Suzy hugged each other as they told the police what happened that day.

Now Malcolm would never know his real parents or why they had been separated...

The End

The End

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