- Chapter 1 -

The Boy


The man, or creature, or whatever the thing was (and frankly The Boy did not care) straightened up, licking the deep red blood from his lips with relish. The Boy backed further into the corner where he was crouched, hoping against hope the creature had drank its fill, that it would somehow just go away and leave him, though why he hoped this he did not know: both his parents and his younger brother were dead, and he was alone.

   His father had tried to fight the thing at first, when The Boy’s parents had heard the screams coming from his brother’s bedroom and had run to investigate. The Toy was not long after them, having been woken up himself by the cries of pain coming from down the hallway, and got to the room in time to see his little brother’s body being cast through the open window like a piece of rubbish, landing on the grass below with a muffled thump. The Boy barely had time to consider the open window, which his mother always insist on staying closed (his brother was very prone to colds and suchlike), when his father had run at the ‘man’, with hate in his eyes and grief etched into every line of his face. It was almost like fire had entered his father, and was burning away his very soul. The creature just stood there, unfazed - a thin, wicked smile curling the corners of his mouth - as his father had pulled his fist back, ready to swing with all the strength he could muster. Then, just as he had swung at the creatures face, it had vanished, and his father, overbalanced from the force of the swing, had toppled out of the open window the creature had been stood in front of a just few seconds before, landing with a horrible crack that split the night air like a starter pistol. The Boy, horrified beyond his imagination already, then watched as the creature appeared suddenly behind his mother, grabbed her by her long blond hair and yanked her head sideways, exposing her neck. What happened then terrified The Boy so much he felt his bladder let go, drenching the inside of his trousers.

   The creature, whatever it was, lowered its mouth to his mother’s neck, exposing, just for a second, unnaturally long and sharp incisors, before sinking them into her flesh. His mother, paralysed either out of fear or pain or some dark power of the creatures, didn’t even scream. Her body just collapsed, and as the blood that ran through her veins was sucked out of her, along with her very life, she turned a deathly white, and her eyes rolled back into their sockets. After what seemed an age to The Boy, the creature raised its head to look at him, and straightened up, licking the blood from its lips. The Boy had thought his fathers eyes had been full of hate, but what he now saw in the eyes of this demon made him want to die there and then; they were large and hooded, and unlike any human eyes he’d ever seen they were blood red. But there was something deeper than the colour, something that seemed to reach down into the depths of hell itself, a hate so powerful it was inhuman…

   The Boy, unable to comprehend fully what had happened, and unable to look away from those eyes so filled with hate they tortured his mind, felt the terror rise up in his throat, and without knowing it, he let out a scream so vicious he felt his throat tear. His scream was cut short, however, by the bile rising from his stomach, which spilled out onto his lap. The pain, both mental and physical, proved too much, and darkness overwhelmed him. He fell into it gratefully, thankful to get away from the horrible images pasted in his minds eye, and the hate filled eyes he had been unable to look away from. Then all was gone, and he knew no more.

The End

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