Her Sercet Told. Acceptance or?

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As Silver lifted Turbo out his bed, his little eyes sparkled in the light. His tiny hands on her chest, I smiled at her. Tiny tears came down my face; in my heart of hearts I could tell Patrick would accept him.

"Aww Sky, he’s beautiful"

"I know, people were asking me if he’s Roddy’s."

"Well is he?"

"No, he’s his young brothers"

"Aww, what was his name again?"


"Aww that right"

Turbo giggled, smiled and reached out me. Silver gave him back to me, Turbo fell asleep again, he was going to be strong as his father was. Turbo yawned and I put him back in his carring cradle.


"His first word"


"Aww aren’t you sweet"

I got his teddy, placed it next to him. Turbo tiny arm wrapped around it and he feel straight asleep. Jazz walked in,he saw Silver and I looking at something.

"What you girls looking at?"

"Hmm Jazz!"

"Missed you too Silver"

Jazz wrapped his arm around Silver's body, they looked down in the cradle and saw Tiny Turbo sleeping. I looked at Jazz and smiled, Silver smiled at him and then smiled at me.

"Jazz, your his God Father"

"Really? Me?"

"Yes, I would be honoured if you were his God Father?"

"I would be honoured my friend, wow me a God Father"

"You knew Skylark didn’t you?"

"Old Larky yes, he was a fellow Ninja"

"That his father"

"Oh I’m sorry"

"It’s okay"

Jazz and Silver walked outside; saw Patrick coming down the corridor they smiled at him. I walked towards the door, I saw Patrick coming now was the time...Patrick smiled and cuddled me.

"Patrick, I need to show you something"

"Ok, no matter what it is I'll still love you"


I took Patrick into the room, I removed the covers which kept Turbo warmed his tiny hands moved and his tiny feet kicked. Patrick looked at me, smiled warmly and nodded.

"Sky, he's beautiful"

"I'm so glad you’re not angry"

"Why would I be?"

"I thought you wouldn’t?"

"Accept him, of course I will"

"I want you be his adopted father like the Holy Father did with you"

"Me? What were his birth fathers?"

"His Birth father died, protecting Turbo and I"

"Turbo? Is that his name?"


"Sky, why did you keep it a secret?"

I looked away, held my arm as I looked out of window. Patrick came closer and held him close to him. I turn and laid my head on his chest, Patrick warm and sanative touch made me feel safe.

"I kept him a secret, because I thought I could him safe"

"Well, I can't argue against that"

Professor Langdon came in, walked up to us. I smiled at him, Langdon eyes gazed down at Tiny Turbo. Ironhide looked around and saw Commander Richter coming... He opened the door.

"Guys Richter coming"

"Ok, thank Ironhide"

"No Problem"

I covered Turbo in his blankets again, he looked so sweet.As Langdon and Patrick walked out of the room, I looked at my little angel once more before following I had promised myself I would protect my child until the very end because he was the hope for the future.

"What’s going on here?"

"Nothing Commander"

"Oh yeah, why is that I don't believe you"

"Hmmm I don't know"

"Where Sky?"

I walked out, locking the doors, windows behind me. I had Turbo's babies radio in my pocket just incases. I walked towards Patrick and Langdon, saw them arguing with Commander Richter.

"What this about?"

"There you are why aren’t you busy?"

"I am busy, very busy in fact why?"

"Well why you chasing the cons or finding out why they are here?"

"He just doesn't listen does he?"

"Hey, I do listen"

"Of course you do, not"

I walked back; Patrick had the other key to the room so he stayed back. Langdon followed me and asked where we were heading; Jazz and Silver were already in the car.

"Jazz starts her up!"

"Where we heading boss?"

"Chigi Chapel"

"Ok, hop in then"

I got in the back, Professor Langdon followed alongside Inspector Ernesto Olivetti. Ironhide and Brawn follow behind them as Jazz pulls up near Chigi Chapel,we got out and looked for the sympol or ignisa of the Decepticons.


"Well Done Jazz"

"Thanks Boss"

We ran to the chapel, last time we check you couldn’t get into the chapel because it bolted. Jazz realised it has a special, so he turned it and it opened. Silver and Jazz rushed in and began looking for another clue.

"Hey Guys, in here!"


"What have you found?"

"A tunnel"

Inside the Tunnel...

It was dark and glooming, Silver had tight hold of Jazz's hand and Jazz being Jazz took it all in his stride. I used my torched to follow the path, Earth Element showed up again. Picture of the Planet Earth.

"Sky, Decepticons coming!"

"Quick, everyone hide"

Jazz and I went into stealth, Silver hide behind some crates. Decepticons knows as Oil Slick and Lockdown walked past us, holding what looked like poisons and explosives.

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The End

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