The Protecter Vs The Destoryer

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Silver and Jazz went downstairs and into the archives to get the Decepticons out of there, I nodded to Ironhide. Ironhide smiled got his War Battle Armour on, picked up his weapons and followed me to Patrick office. As we run, the laughing, the evil laughing gets louder. It sounded like Barricade and Cyclonus.

"I can't get in, Patrick!" I scream through the door

"Here, I'll handle it"

"Ok, Ironhide go ahead"

Inside the Camerlengo office...

Cyclonus and Barricade had Patrick surrendered, he couldn't fight them but he tried to scream for help. Cyclonus ordered Barricade to tie Patrick up to his chair so he couldn't move and use his as a threat.

"Come here fleshing"

"No! Leave here at once"

"We're not leaving until the master calls us"


"Who else?"

Barricade threw Patrick in the chair, tied him in so tight he couldn't move a muscle. Cyclonus stood, glaring at him while Barricade looked around his office for a sign of a clue which lead to my key and document it opens. Meanwhile Outside his office.

"I've nearly got it"

"Patrick can you hear me!" I screamed again


"Patrick, hang on we're coming"

Ironhide finally got the door open, we ran in with our weapons at the ready. Ironhide stood over Patrick and I, while I was trying to untie him from his chair. Soon as I had him untied, I wrapped my arms around me. Whispered thank your ok. Patrick just kissed my forehead.

"Get him Barricade!"

"Yes Boss"

"Come here you little auto scum!"


Barricade charged at Ironhide, I saw it happing and threw two ninja stars at him. Straight on the arm, that slowed him down a notch. While Ironhide tried to throw Barricade at of the window, Cyclonus and I stared each other down.



"Super kick Barricade as I throw him"

"You got it"

Ironhide threw him towards me; I ran up to Barricade flying through the air and super kicked him straight out the window. Bye bye. Cyclonus next, I charged at Cyclonus striking him across the chest with an uppercut of my sword. But he reflected it and threw me against the wall.

"You'll pay for that, Autobot"

"You're not going to take anything"

"We'll see, I'll start with him"

"Patrick, No!"

Cyclonus grabbed Patrick, placed his sword under his throat. I threw two more ninja stars at Cyclonus hands, it deflected. Patrick tried to reach out for my hand, I tried to reach his but I couldn't reach.

"Now, the key"

"Sky don't"

"Key or this organic as you call them"


I took the key off my neck, Cyclonus threw Patrick towards me. Trick or Threat? Trick! I got hold of Cyclonus arm, threw him up in the air and super kicked him out of the window. I held Patrick in my arms; he smiled and whispered that’s my angel. I had every little faith in you.

"Patrick, I'm sorry"

"Shh it’s okay"

"I shouldn't have left you"

"Shh it’s not your fault"


Patrick lent forward and pressed his lips against mine; I slowly closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, for every wrong move I made he was the one that put it right. For that I'm forever thankful.

"You're beautiful"

"Only because you have made me that way"

"No matter what any one says"

"We'll be together in each hearts"

"Forever until the end"

I looked at Ironhide, he nodded and I looked at Patrick he nodded too. So Ironhide and I walked out of Patrick room to run into Silver and Jazz panting. I hugged them both. They explain that they saw Barricade and Cyclonus heading for square or one of other buildings linking to the four elements.

“Wind, is a picture of Angel blowing out four strands of air I’ve seen it before”
“What about Earth?”
“I haven’t remembered that one yet, give me a minute”

I got up; Patrick grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. He lent forward and pressed his lips against mine, I closed my eyes and I remembered the day I saw him. I was so little and he was so big. Who knew I could find the key in him, the key to unlock my heart and open my soul to him. I pressed my lips against his and slowly realised.

“I remember now…”
“Where the element of earth?”

“Chigi Chapel”

"Of course, each of the four elements leads down into the earth"

"To Megatorn’s secret hiding place and where he’s hiding the explosives"

"Sky your memory helps us again"

"He he thanks"

I looked at Patrick once more, smiled. There was one other thing I still hadn't told him about, that was my little son Turbo. I thought by keeping him a secret I was protecting him but seeing how much Patrick loved me it was nearing the time to show him.

"Sky you coming?"

"Yeah I’m coming"

"Well come on then"

"Give me a minute"

"What's up, this is not like you"

Silver came up to me, put her hand on my shoulder. I took of my shades, turn around and cried in her arms. She was confused; she didn't understand why I was crying.

"Sky, what’s wrong?"

"I want to tell, but I'm scared what his reaction might be"

"Tell him about what?"

"About little Turbo"

"You brought him? Why?"

"I had to bring him; I have no one else to look after him"

"What about his father?"

"He’s dead"

"Oh I’m sorry"

"No no it’s okay"

I wiped my tears off my face, showed Silver to Patrick and I room. As I opened the door, I could hear Turbo. In the corner next to the window was a small carrying cradle inside was the smallest, most beautiful little boy in the world. He looked up at Silver, reached out.

"Aww Sky, he’s so cute"

"You’re his God mother"


"Yes would you do me the honour?"

"I would be honoured to be his god mother"

"I've been telling Patrick, the cradle has nothing in"

"When did he come?"

"Bumblebee dropped him yesterday; he was minding him for me"

"So that would make Bumblebee his uncle then?"


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The End

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