Friendship overpowers fear, love Vs Fear

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As I walked outside the Commander office, Patrick grabbed my hand and pulled me close. As I looked up into his beautiful bright blue eyes, I felt something. I felt safe, in his warm and gentle arms. Yes what we have was special, unique and hidden. Patrick gazed down into my icy blue eyes and lent forward, pressing his lips against mine as I slowly closed my arms I could feel his warm gentle touch running down my back. I pressed my lips against his, his warm and gentle hands around me.

“Oh Patrick, I missed you so much”

"Sky, I'm sorry, I should have been there with you"

"Patrick I love you and nothing can change that"

"Love will always save the day"

He picked me up, carried me to our room. Silver and Jazz followed afterwards. As Patrick lay me on the bed, with my head against pillows. A message came from Conclave; the Cardinals want to speak to me. It was a great honour but I couldn't move a single muscle in my body.

"Ironhide tell the Cardinals, I'll be there in a minute"

"After your medical process"


"Ok Captain"

"Thanks old friend"

Ironhide walked out of the room, a familiar face poked his head around. Blades, I smiled at him and he walked in alongside Ratchet and Red Alert. I had hold of Patrick hand, as Silver and Jazz guarded the door. Ratchet got out the stronger antiseptic, Blades got out the Antitoxican and Red Alert got out the stitching tools.


"Yes my love"

"I feel like I'm fading"

"Stay with me now"

"I'll try"

I was flinching in pain, every time I moved. Ratchet started to damp the Antiseptic over my leg and arms, my back was left until last because it was the most seriously injured. As the sponge went onto my wounds, I squeezed Patrick hand so tight it went blue, all he kept saying was its okay, do it as much as you want.



Cardinal Strauss was talking to other cardinal about the recent advents, Ironhide walked in looking very unpleased with himself. The Cardinals turned; Ironhide knelt down and waited for the order to rise. They gave him the order and he began to talk to him.

"Cardinal Strauss?"

"Yes my son"

"Permission to speak?"

"Permission granted but why do you need my permission"

"It’s about of the Autobot Code, any high figure in religion or military"

"You need to ask for permission to speak to?"

"Yes sir"

"What's the news?"

"Sky has accepted and will be honoured to speak with the cardinals"


"She's revising medical attention as we speak"

"And the news there is?"

"Doctors say her wounds are grave and she is luckily to be alive"

"Thanks be god for sending her"

"Indeed, she has many fights with trying to get the Council back at home to listen"


"Religion and Science, father in our world has never and properly never agree"

"Why is this?"

"Because you have the Autobots that agree in Freedom of speech then you have"

"The Decepticons?"

"Yes father, who are lead by Megatorn oppressiver of faith and hope"

"What about this nickname of hers?"

"She's nicknamed the angel in battle, because she saves anyone without fail"


Ironhide remembered something; he pulled out one of the medals. Cardinal Strauss looked at it on the medal read "Protector of the faith, defender of week and keeper of the sparks" Cardinal Strauss went back over to other cardinals and talked about something then came back to Ironhide.

"Cardinals and I wish to see you present that to Sky, when she us"

"I would be honoured too"

"Thank You my son"

"My pleasure sir"

Ironhide walked back out, to revise the news that I was getting better. Cliffjumper was waiting outside my room, holding a document containing the stamp of the Council back at home. Alongside Cliffjumper was, Brawn guarding him.


Inside the Room...

Blades started to inject the Antitoxican, it stung as the formula went into my leg. I closed my eyes tight shut because the pain was so bad, I wanted to scream I swear to god I wanted to scream. Commander Richter came along with Inspector Olivetti too.

"What's going on in there?"

"Sky is getting medical attention Commander"

"Let me in there"

"Medics have requested no disturbance"


I nodded to Blades to put another one into my leg, at the time in burst Commander Richter; he looked shock to see three medics working on one body. Inspector Olivetti looked at Patrick, and then shock his head. For all they knew I was in this mess because I tried to protect the Cardinals in Conclave.

"Ok, Sky here we go"

"What’s happing?"

"Their injecting an Antitoxican into my leg to kill off the poison"


"Yes inspector, the Decepticons dip their weapons in poison"

"Hang on Sky, injecting now"

As the liquid, went into my leg. My body ached from toe to head and back over again, Patrick had tight hold of my hand and I was in so much pain. Blades stopped with the Antitoxican, Red Alert started to stitch up the wounds on my legs and arms.

"Nearly done now"

"Ok, old friend"

"Commander, is in meeting with council"

"What about?"

"About if we should declare all out war"


Red Alert finished up stitching my wounds, Ratchet and Blades started to bandage me up all nice clean bandages. Cliffjumper got up as Red Alert and Ratchet came out, Silver and Jazz turned to them both.


"You can see her"


They rushed into the room; saw me there on the bed. Silver hugged me tight and cried I’m so glad your okay. Jazz give me a bear hug and then homie hug, Cliffjumper came in with the document, with the seal on it.


"Message from the council"

"For me?"




Dear Our Faithful Second in Command, Head Ninja Sky

Council is preparing to go into meeting, due to the difficulties which Cybertorn has faced in recent days and weeks we have requested you to take command of this mission on earth. Report everything happens, use your force and weapons if necessary. War is choice which we must prepare for, good luck faithful solider, keep fighting on.


I tried to move my body, although sore and injured. I managed to walk to Sistine Chapel where Conclave was. Silver brought Master Yoketorn helmet with her, Jazz my swords and my cloak. I faced the door, Silver placed Master Yoketorn helmet on my head, and Jazz attached my cloak to my outfit and gave me my swords.

"Guys you coming with me?"

"You want us too?"

"Of course, you're the best"

"Aww Sky"

I opened the door to the chapel, walked back into conclave. Where the Cardinals clapped their hands as I walked in, I turned around and smiled at Jazz and Silver they followed me in. I took of my helmet, walked up to Ironhide and give him a homie hug.

"Sky, this came for you"

"What is it?"

"I believe its another medal"


"You're being named, Protector of the faith, defender of week and keeper of the sparks"

Ironhide opened the box, which contained the medal. Silver and Jazz started to clap too, if it wasn't for them. I couldn't have pulled through. I knew our stay in Vatican City wasn't going to be short. Because I could still feel the growing evil energy down below us.

"I don't know what to say"

"You must have something to say"

"I do"

I turned to my friends, smiled with the medal in hands. I looked out of the window and heard the roaring of the motors of the Decepticons. I smiled at Jazz and Silver, they just hugged each other.

"Without you guys, I wouldn't be the person you see before you"

Cliffjumper ran in, shocked. Brawn had just spotted another four Decepticons bash their way into Vatican City. All for one, and one for all! Cyclonus lead the attack, followed by Frenzy and Barricade and then Lugnut and Blackout. I placed my swords my side and we prepared for the first battle of this war.

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The End

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