Religon Vs Science: Conclave Ruin, Friend Injured

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Looking into the eyes of a cold, blooded killer which whose name scares little Autobots at night, who name screams out terror among the Autobots who are brave enough to say his name. Cyclonus, Megatorn finest Saboteur and Master Swordsmen.

"You're days are numbered Autobots"

"If I'm going to hell, I'm taking you down with me Decpticreep"

"We'll see about that"

Cyclonus charged at me, prejudge this move and jumped over him. Ironhide tripped him over, threw my sword to me since it was knocked out of my hand. Cardinals looked on in total horror, do I blame them? No I don’t violence in a holy chapel.



"Call them"


Ironhide called Silver and Jazz, no answer. Ironhide looked at me, in pure shock. I managed to pull myself up right and breathed in a deep. Ironhide picked himself up.

"Ironhide protect the Cardinals"


"I'll try my hardest to keep Cyclonus away"

Cyclonus charged at me, I was unprepared this time. He grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall, I looked at Ironhide and he threw me my other sword that I dropped when he charged me.

"You will die!"

"Recheck, Cyclonus"

I raised my hand with the sword in, slashed his face he dropped me. I fell to the floor, Cyclonus got angry really anger mad. He came at me; I rolled away before he could stick his sword into my chest.

"Freedom is the right for sentient beings, human or other!"

"All Autobots, all Elite Guard are stupid. All Humans deserves to die!"

"They have a choice! Freedom or Slavery! Life or Death"

"Then you'll die along with them"

Cyclonus struck his sword, straight into my leg and pined me up against the wall. As he pushed the blade in further, I could the feel pain rushing to my mind. I wanted to scream but I knew I couldn't.


"Ironhide, don't. Stay where you are"


"Ironhide, trust me okay"


At his final push, I couldn't take it no more. I screamed and my eyes glowed with an icy blue, bright and fearful. Cyclonus laughed, screaming was making me feel so weak I had little or no energy left. Ironhide tried to call for backup again, no answer again.

"You're foolish"

"Don't turn your back on me!"

"You're still going?"

"C'mon on you coward!"

Cyclonus started to walk towards the door, I managed to lift my body in the air to lunch a Ninja Star at Cyclonus, hit straight in the back. Cyclonus laughed and charged again; this time I had a plan.

"C'mon you coward, you worthless part of scarps!"

"You little Autobrat!"

"C'mon Decpticreep!"

"I'll show you"

I managed to place all my icy power, all my energies, all my inner strength into this final attack. I jumped over Cyclonus, super kicked him straight out the window. Ironhide ran straight to me, I was feeling well in pain, hurt, out of everything.

"Sky, you did it"

"Did I?"

"You saved the cardinals from one attack"

"I'm sure they will be many more"

"I'm almost putting my life on it, along as there is Megatorn"

Ironhide placed his shoulder around me; I looked down at my leg. I nodded to Ironhide to rip it out, short and fast less pain involved. I took a short breath in and nodded to him, one, two, three rip! Cyclonus sword just turned into dust, wound however didn't.



"Bandages in my pocket"


"That too, in my pocket"

He got out the antiseptic, started to damp it on my wounds again. Started to damp it on my wounds again. I was dying to scream in pain, I wondered how Silver and Jazz were getting on. Ironhide wrapped the bandage around the leg with a part of cloth to try and stop the bleeding.

"Sky, does your bravery know no bounds?"

"Ironhide, when I say I'll do anything for friends I mean it"

"Know I can see why they call you the Angel in the battlefield"

"Ha, yeah. Good old Rodimus, nicknamed me it"

“C’mon on old friend”

All the cardinals started to clap; I removed my arm from around Ironhide. Tried to walk to them, Ironhide helped me along the way; we had fought a long and hard battle which was only the start for the battle of humanity.

“You have now seen, how big and violent this threat is”
“Who was that person attacking?” One Cardinal asked.

“His name is Cyclonus, Master Saboteur of Megatorn”

“As in the old Decepticon War Tyrant Megatorn” Another Cardinal asked

“When the Elite Guard, send it top two into battle it’s usually a serious threat”

“And they sent you? Asked another Cardinal

“I am our Commanders, Second in Command and Best General for the job”
“Who else was sent?” Another Cardinal asked

Suddenly there stood, Jazz and Silver they ran towards me. I looked in their direction and smiled. Silver hugged me so tight, I could hardly breathe; Jazz just smiled and clapped his hands.

“Cardinals, you have seen the bravery of my friend”
“Who are you young sir?” Asked another Cardinal

“My name is Jazz, our Commanders Third In Command and Sky Team Mate”
“What about the other young lady?” Another Cardinal asked.

“My name is Silver, I’m Jazz partner and one of Sky’s closest friends”
“What about the red fellow?” Another Cardinal asked

“The name is Ironhide, Sky’s loyal body guard and one of her team mates”
“How many team mates does she have?” Asked another Cardinal

“I have a total of four, Team mates. Silver, Jazz, Brawn and Ironhide”

“Each one of us, has a duty to uphold. I have the honour of being with Sky on her duties"

“While I have the honour to be with Jazz and Sky at any given time they need me”

“And for me and Brawn, we go where Sky goes. Act 1: Rule 89”

“Any officer or general must have around the clock protection”

They all went silent, Silver asked Ironhide to pick me up and carry me to our room. Where was Patrick? I didn’t want anyone to pick me up, I just want Patrick. So I just showed my hand, started to limb out of the Conclave. Jazz and Silver both shock their heads and followed out of the chapel with me.

“Sky come on”
“No, Ironhide”
“Please you’re weak?”
“No, that’s my final word on the matter”

When Brawn, told me that Patrick was being held up by Commander Richter I got a lighting strike of anger running through my veins. After many painful steps to the Commander office, I walked into his office.

“The whole idea of being the Swiss Guard is help us, find Cyclonus”

“Sky…Don’t anger him”
“Patrick, I have just fought Cyclonus with a blade stuck though my leg”

“Sky, come on. Just leave it”
“You call your self religious eh, well if you were that concern you should of followed us”
“Sky, come on”

“I haven’t got the energy or the blood left to fight with an idiot”

End Transmision

The End

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