One Person Love is another hostage

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With my hand on his chest, he lent forward and pressed his lips against mine. I slowly closed my eyes and pressed my lips against his. He wrapped his arms around my tried and injured body; his touch was warm and gentle. I placed my hands around Patrick’s body.

“Oh Patrick”
“Sky, I love you”
“Patrick, I love you”

“Your eyes are like hope to me”

I wanted Patrick, to stay with me. I got up and got washed like normal; I walked out without a top on with only my bandages to cover my naked body. It was like he was a part of me; I was a part of him.

“Oh Sky, you’re beautiful”
“I’m not with this marks on”

“Not the Sky I see, I see a beautiful angel”

Patrick went behind me, started to kiss my neck. My body was bruised and very badly injured; to me it held to many secrets. His warm hands wrapped around me, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on lips.

“Patrick, would you mind?”
“Place your bandages on?”
“Anything for you my angel”

He started to UN wrap my old bandages, gently and slowly. Patrick damped the antiseptic on my wounds, Jazz ran straight in while he was doing it. He handed me a letter, I opened it and read. It was a threat Mail, stating if I didn’t hand over my key they would find and kidnap Patrick.

“What is it Sky?”
“They know I’m your guardian”
“Shh it going to be okay”

Patrick started to wrap the new bandages around my chest, he tighten the bandages around me. As I placed my top back on, Silver rushed and she told us that Brawn had spotted Shockwave in the archives.

“Patrick, I’m scared”
“Shh its okay my angel”
“But what happens if you and them”
“I have you to protect me, I have you to hold and most importantly I have to love”

“Patrick, I have to keep me strong, I have you to be my eyes and I have to be my wings”

“In times of trouble, I’ll be your strength, I’ll be your hope when no one else will be”
“Patrick, I’ll have you in times of trouble, in times of war and faith”

“Faith, must have wanted me wait so God could send you to save me”

“Oh Patrick, I love you so much!”

I jumped into Patricks arms and he held me close in his arms. As he held me close, the threat went slight but all the time in my head I couldn’t grasp the feeling of losing him again. I grabbed my swords and ran down into archives with Silver and Jazz. Everything looked alright, until the Decepticon mark was founded on every box down there

“Holy Primus!”
“I know, what shall we do?”
“You don’t think do you?”

“Conclave, if Megatorn wants rid of religion he’ll start there”
“Your right! Jazz and I will stay here, Sky you go and get into Conclave”

“Ok, call me if you need backup”
“Ironhide go with her”
“Yes Silver”

Ironhide and I ran up to Conclave, the seal was just on but I could a voice which didn’t sound organic but Decepticon. Megatorn? Couldn’t be he wasn’t due out until another couple of. Then it hit me, it was 13:00 and Megatorn was out early to sack his revenge of humanity and on the Autobots.

“Ironhide, can you?”
“Break the lock no problem”
“Good work”

I stood back, with one fatal punch Ironhide broke the seal off. I walked in to conclave with all the cardinals looking at me angrily and confused. Ironhide spotted a shadow moving across the to right.

“I know you’re Cyclonus!”
“C’mon Decpticreep!”

“Faith will never crack under science!”
“Autobots will conquer the Decepticons”
“Megatorn is feud, piece of scrap metal!”

Cyclonus came out, holding his weapons. Ironhide and I got our weapons out and stood ready to fight, shame we didn’t have Hot Shot or Rodimus with us through then we could of easily pined him down.

“It’s a shame, there will be nothing left of you two by the time I’m finished”
“You have no right to threaten Conclave!”
“Faith will fall under the rule of Science, new warfare will raise and the Autobots will fall”
“Not as long as there is a few remaining Autobot still here!”
“Megatorn has risen again; with his hand Cybertorn will see a new area”

Ironhide charged at Cyclonus, Cyclonus just whacked him back against the wall. Fire returned to my eyes, my body temperature dropped to 0 again. Ironhide got back up, Actived his silver plated armour and stood behind me.

“You can’t win this round Autobot”

Cyclonus started at me, striking me with an upper crust of his sword as I slide across the room with a smack my back hit the wall. Cardinals looked on in horror, Ironhide tried to call for backup, but our signal was jammed.

“Now you’ll see, your little protects fall with your very own eyes!”

“No, Sky”

Cyclonus picked me, slammed me against the wall with his hand around my throat. As his sword came flying towards my chest, I could feel a silent touch. I open my eyes; saw what looked to be my older brother was killed in action only a few weeks back.

“Dear Sister”
“You need believe”
“Our family have worked so hard to keep this going”

I was stuck in another place, not quite hell not quite heaven in the middle. My parents were there nodding and I was walked up to them. The family was reunited in trance of horror, Blurr’s and my parent’s energy ran through my veins. Flame of passion grew stronger in my eyes, my heart and soul I knew I had to get out.

“For family, for friends, for passion and most importantly for freedom!”

I kicked out of Cyclonus clutches, held my ground. Battered, busied again but hell was I going to give in, no giving up, and no surrender until the last bot fell. Autobot solider in me came out like a warrior in battle.

“You can take my spark, you can take my soul but you will never take my faith”
“We’ll see about that, now won’t be Autobot”

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The End

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