Sercets of The Black Rose

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Roses a sign of something, all I knew if I found the one with the mark of a Black Rose it meant him and I were meant to be together. Patrick had that mark, but even if he didn't I would of picked him any day. Silver started to fight off Barricade while I handle Cyclonus again.

"Hey Jazz, get Frenzy"

"I'm on it!"

"Silver needs a hand?"

"Double team?"

"Hell yeah"

Silver grabbed her sword, I pointed mine and together we fought off Cyclonus with a double team called Switch Swords. It’s basically where we swap swords and trip over the opponent with our feet. Sounds easy? Not!




"Oh yeah"

I threw her up and couple of dodges I swapped sword again. Those couples of a double team attacks confused Cyclonus, I nodded to her and she winked back. I kick Cyclonus swords out, Silver tripped him over as soon as he got back up and I kicked him out of nearby window.

"Bye Cyclonus!"

"Nice one, girl friend"

I went over to Frenzy and kick him out of the window too; Patrick ran up to me and held me close. Jazz went up to Silver, pull her close and as they both started into each other eyes the spark clicked. Jazz move in and pressed his lips against hers as Silver eyes closed she thought about the Rose we all knew it was important symbol in the Church. As Silver moved her hands around Jazz's body, she pressed her lips against his.

"Oh Jazz"

"I love you my little silver angel"

"I wouldn't know what I would do if I didn't have you"

"I feel the same"

Jazz picked her up, walked off out of the room. Jazz laid her on his bed, she pulled him closer and closer as their lips touch they fell deeper and deeper in love with another one. His lips pressed against hers, Silver wrapped her arms around his body and pressed her lips against his.

"Can't we just lay her, fall asleep in each other arms?"

"If that what you want my love"

"I'm so tried"

"Shh just sleep here with me"

As Silver laid her head next Jazz, Jazz placed his arms on her and they both fell quite happier asleep with each other in their arms. Meanwhile Patrick and I were walking back to our room, he said he had surprise for me what I didn't know what it was.

"I've got a surprise for you"

"For me?"

"Yes, for mine and only"

"Aww Patrick, that so thoughtful"

As we walked into our room, I could smell roses. Rose was always seen as a symbol of faith or love but Black Magic Roses, symbolise a deep romantic love. It was a sign of faith in war, War of the Roses.

"Black Roses?"

"Yes for you"

"Their beautiful, I love them"

"I'm glad you like them"

I looked into his eyes, he placed his hands around me all of sudden that romantic spark flared up again. I felt this romantic sense, that maybe my past must be rewritten as soon as that Black Rose appeared on my wrist it disappeared again. Was he the one? My Keeper and I his Guardian like all Generations before.

"Oh Patrick, I love you"

"I love you too my little angel"

"I believe in a God, because he must have sent you to save me"

"I know he's there although wise, I wouldn't be looking at angel"

I lay on the bed; Patrick slowly removed my body armour. He removed his robes; he was left in boxer shorts and white t-shirt. He lay next to me, as I gazed into his deeply loving eyes I could sense my past slipping away.

"I have complete faith in you"


"Yes, you have risked your life for me for the third or fourth time now"

"Patrick I would do it any day"

I got up; I lent over him and slowly pressed my lips against his. Slowly he wrapped his arms around me, slowly running his hands down my back then pressing his lips against mine. Then I slowly realised them, I lay by his side just thinking maybe my past was wrong. Rose isn't the symbol of true happiness maybe something else was.



"Your beautiful you now that?"

"Am I?"

"Very, sometimes when I see you smile it feels like angel's touch"

"When I see you, it feels like warmth that’s glows"

We just lay there, it was getting late and we both tried. So I feel straight asleep on Patrick chest with one hand on his chest. I slowly breathed, Patrick wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the forehead and slowly went to sleep too.


Next Morning...

Silver opens her eyes, to see Jazz smiling at her whilst he is dreaming. She slowly gets out of bed to try to avoid making him; she closes the bathroom door and begins to get washed. Jazz realises she isn't there and wonders if the right time to give her the other gift.

"Morning Jazz"

"You up already, what time is it?"

"Its 10:30"

"You must have been tried after that fight"

"I was, your kiss made that night even better"

"Silver I got you something the other day"

"While I was getting food?"


Jazz gets up in his blue boxer shorts and walks behind her, Silver looks in the mirror as Jazz places a beautiful blue diamond necklace around her neck. Her face lights up as she sees it sparkle and shine in lights.

"Oh Jazz its beautiful"

"Only half the percentage as beautiful as you"

"Aww Jazz, I love you so much"

Jazz starts to kiss her beautiful neck, as looking at the necklace in the mirror. Silver starts to get ready, as she gets on her boots and coat. Jazz is just getting in the shower. Typical...


Next Room...

Patrick and I were still fast asleep, until we heard a knock at the door. Patrick got up and got his robes on and answered the door. It was message, with the Council stamp on it. Oh no this was bad news, I would have guessed, and Patrick placed it beside me. Went into the shower to get washed, I opened my eyes and tried to lift myself up, Patrick came back into the main room with his robes back on and his hair beautiful gelled.

“Sky takes it easy”

“I’m alright”
“Here let me help you”

He took me by the hands, as I pulled myself up. I held my side in pain, it’s like when I look at him he cures my pain, wipes away my fears and lifts me up where I haven’t been before. He sits down besides me and places his hand on my face. I moved closer and placed my head on his chest.

"Sky your going to be okay”

"Where are you going?"

"Commander Richter needs a word with me"

"I'm coming along too"

"No, no. You stay and rest, I'll be back in a couple of minutes"

"Please Patrick; I want to stay with you"


End Transmission

The End

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