Evil Gathers Underground

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Ratchet started to get to work on my back, cleaning all the blood off again. He looked at Patrick and nodded; Patrick sat besides me and started to stroke my hair gently. Suddenly a sharp pain changed my body temperature back down to 0 again.

“No, No!”
“Whats happing?”
“I’m loosing her energy”

“Is there anything I can do?”

Silver and Jazz came back to find Ratchet bringing out the stabilizers, Silver panic and ran up to me. The only time she me like this was I was realising my full power, it I’m usually drained after it.

“C’mon on Sky, stay with me”

“Patrick, I’m feel so weak”

“Just hang on in there”

"You still in there?"

"Yeah, I’m still here"

Patrick looked at Jazz, with tears in his eyes. Jazz just looked blanked, we had been so much together even though the tough times I acted like the biggest foul in the world they had always been my backup, helping hands when I was down.

"C'mon on Sky, fight it!"


"Yes come on, fight that fever"

"Arh, it hurt so much"

Patrick grabbed my hand, Silver the other. As Ratchet started to work very hard to cure it, I could feel the warmth returning to my body, just because Patrick was holding close than ever.

"She fine now"

"Oh thank God, Sky"

"Patrick, that you?"

"Yeah it’s me"

"What happen?"

"We nearly lost you"

"Really was I out for that long?"

"Yes, Ratchet brought out the stabilizers"




Deep within the hallow walls of the underground base, Decepticons lead by the evil tyrant master mind Megatorn are plotting once again but due to the recent failures of some of his men isn't very happy.

"You foolish, week minded parts of scrap!"

"Please Megatorn forgive us, we'll do better next time"


"Megatorn give us another chance"

"One more, Barricade report?"

Barricade walked forward stroking his bread with his hand, while looking at the report. Frenzy was following him like a little lap dog, it was so creepy!

"Report my lord"

"Thank You Barricade"

Megatorn read it; his evil smile crept out again. He had a plan and evil one at that but what else could he think of. He already tried the creepy, evil and threatens way to make me hand in the key to his minions.

"Lugnut, Cyclonus, Barricade"

"Yes my lord" They replied

"Go back to the Vatican; make sure you grab that Organic before the Autobot see"

"Yes my lord" They replied

"Cyclonus fights off their week attacking, while Barricade uses the human to make"

"To make her summit my lord" Barricade replied

"Actually, Shockwave will grant you access back in again won't you?"

"Yes my lord" Shockwave replied.

Shockwave beamed them up, back into Vatican City. Barricade went out to find Patrick, while I was asleep with Jazz guarding the door and Brawn and Ironhide patrolling they had one in four chances of getting us unsuspected this time.

Back in the Vatican City...

I was fast asleep, Patrick was attending to his duties and Jazz was guarding my door and Silver well was with Ironhide and Brawn patrolling the area for any signs of Decepticons.

"Any sign yet lads?"

"No, Brawn looking now Silver"

"Good work Ironhide"


"No Problem

Brawn spotted something, in the window of the Camerlengo office. He quickly contacted the others, luckily for me the commlink between them wasn't closed and I could hear single word they said. I woke myself up, got into war mode and open the door and tried to run down to the Camerlengo office.


Camerlengo Office...


Patrick was at his desk, talking to Professor Langdon about any recent finding on the cardinals taken from the Vatican. When a small freaky looking thing bushed into the room, Langdon ran for it he tried to convince Patrick to come too. But he wasn't going to move; where they were Frenzy they had to be a Barricade behind him.

"Hehe, just you wait fleshing!"


"Barricade, he's coming"

"What do you want?"


Barricade came in, looking very calm. Frenzy just giggled and jumped out the placed until Barricade whacked him off the head. Barricade put his gloves on, brought out some tap. Started too strapped down, Patrick. Meanwhile, Jazz and I were on our way, I was at my finest when it was Barricade I was facing although not completely healed I could beat the living hell out of him!

"Now, I don't like hitting or hurting people, but if you don't do what I say I will"

"Harm me?"

"Yes very wise fleshing"

"What...do you want?" Patrick said with taking a gulp

"The master wants the key, your Guardian holds"

"She won't give it up, why do you need me?"

"I'm going use you as a hostage"

"She won't do it! Slim ball"

"I'm getting angry"


"Shout all you like no one can hear you"

"Lord have mercy on your soul"

"Its won't be what am doing he have a problem with"


Barricade smacked Patrick down, I started to get angry I could see everything, I could feel it in my spark. Jazz and I started to bash the door down, until I did super kick on it. It smashed down.


"Deceptifools, back off!"

"You won't see him alive again; you'll hand over the key"

"Sky, we're here too"

"Brawn, Ironhide, Silver!"


Barricade panicked, called for Cyclonus and Lugnut but to answer, I laughed and charged at him with everything I had. Knock him clear down, with my sword I clashed with his. Jazz helped too fight off Frenzy; I jumped back and ran to Patrick.

"Patrick, are you okay"

"Yeah now that your here"

"Did they hurt you?"

"Just a smack, nothing more"

"I'm so sorry, I could have prevented this"

"No this is not your fault"

"Patrick I love you"

I tried to untie him from the chair, aswel as trying to fight off the Decepticons; as soon as he was freed he jumped in my arms and held me close. My eyes filled with tears, if they wanted the key they could have killed of him. He was willing to die for me.

"Autobot give it up!"


"Give it up!"


"Find so be it"

"C'mon Decpticreep, I've beaten you once I can do it again"

"Foolish Autobrat, you'll pray you never said those words"

"Make me then"

"Get her boys"

Frenzy jumped to attack me; I slashed him down with a single swipe of my trusty blade. Suddenly another attack unsuspected by Cyclonus, he pined up against the wall and with Lugnut holding my friends back I was trapped.

"You want another lashing?"

"No! I don't"

"Well hand over the key"


I kick Cyclonus off me, I stood there panting. Silver and Jazz smiled at me, I flung my Ninja Stars at Lugnut he reacted the way I wanted him to and Silver and Jazz managed to super kick him out of nearby open weapon. One down three to go, let’s do this!

End  Transmission

The End

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