An Old Friend Stays

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I tried to get up, my leg was badly twisted and it wasn't fully healed from the last attack from Cyclonus. Commander Richter and Professor Langdon came into the room and saw Silver and Jazz picking me up from the floor.

"What’s happen here?"

"Well, let’s do the math shall we. Two Decepticons plus I don’t know five Autobot ="


"War, Commander. They know I have the key, they have the list"


Silver intervene for me, I was in serious amounts of agony from my leg, back and arms. Jazz looked at me, shock his head. He and I both knew what I fool I was to not allow Backup. Ironhide and Brawn were around patrol for those two Decepticons.

"List of Targets, Commander"

"What is it about?"

"When Megatorn wants an Autobot or Person dead he'll put them on a list"

"So Sky was on the list?"

"First and at the top of the list to be honest"

"Ohhh that bad"

"Bad! Isn't the word I would describe it"

"Then how would you describe it?"

"Horrible, I've just watched my best friend fight a Decepticon even though she"

"Was battered, busied and weak from the last attack"

"Yes, so what happen to guarding her eh?"

Silence, Silver was getting angry and I could just feel the pain in my leg and only that. Jazz looked around, Patrick had offered to carry me, but Silver was unsure about it but she finally gave into to it. Patrick picked me up and carried back to our room.


Our Room...

Silver had called Ratchet and no one else, I lay on the bed trying to drink something but I couldn't drink, I didn't want to do anything. I just felt like I let everyone down because of my stupid big headed actions.

"Sky, you must drink something"

"I'm not thirsty Jazz"

“C'mon on Sky, please you need something"

"I'm not thirsty Jazz"

"Look what you did, wasn't stupid"


Jazz walked away, Patrick came and sat beside me holding my hand. He looked at me and I knew they had been something logic in what the guys was telling me.  Jazz and Silver sat next to me aswel.

"I can tell, Patrick is one for you"

"He’s already light that spark in you"

"Do you remember the days when we were training?"

"Yes like yesterday, where we used to play tricks on Sential"

"And we always took the blame for each other"

"Training with Ironhide and Master Yoketorn"

Silver and Jazz tried to remove my armour, Commander Richter busted in just as they removed my chest armour. He blushed as I flinched in pain. Patrick was holding my hand throughout; Silver got a call in from Ratchet...


"Ratchet here"

"Ratchet, are you on your way?"

"Yes of course I am"

"Where are you now?"

"I'm on roads near the Vatican City"


Silver put the phone down, sat beside me. She had something in her hand and I looked at her. I managed to pull myself up, she hugged me tight. Jazz and Patrick smiled at each other.

"Sky, the Council has asked me gave you this"

"What is it?"

"The Medal of Ultimate Bravery and Friendship"

"Really for me?"

"Yeah, Jazz and I put your name up for it"

"As soon as we did, the whole of Cybertorn voted yes"

"Who was I up against?"

"Sential, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime"

"All the Primes then?"

"Yes Rodimus back down and so did Optimus"

"Oh guys, I'm honoured"

I started to cry, to be given the Medal of Ultimate Bravery and Friendship was singlet greatest honour I could ever receive. I would die for my friends, family and love one. Patrick sat beside me, held me close as I looked at it; Silver opened a video link to Cybertorn.


"Silver, that Cybertorn"

"Yes, they asked to see you"

"Hi guys"

"How ya doing?"

"I'm a little bit injured but I’m alright"

"Good to hear"

Rodimus and Hot Shot stepped forward on Video Link; I smiled as I looked at my friends. They waved and smiled back, Hot Shot was wearing new armoury, and he finally got into the Elite Guard after all.

"Hey Rodimus old friend"

"Nice to see you again, boss bot"

"I heard you stepped down why?"

"Well I remembered all the times you took blows for me, stuck up for me and so"

"Rodimus, that was so kind of you. I'm blushing now"

"Oh so this guy, Silver being tells us about is it?"

"Yeah this is Patrick, he's the Camerlengo"

"Awesome, nice to meet you"

Patrick just smiled; he didn't know what to say. I lent back a bit on his chest, Hot Shot pushed past Rodimus to talk to me. Silver was sitting beside me, with Jazz too.


"Hot Shot, old buddy"


"You’re Elite too"

"I'm working alongside Wheeljack and Perceptor testing out new stuff"

"Cool! I've bet Sential been giving you hell through?"

"Nah, he hasn't seen me yet"

"That’s awesome"

"Woo! Is that who I think it is?"

"Silver told you too"

"Yes, we heard all about it"


"Sorry, I was happy"

"Yea, Hot Shot this Patrick"


Patrick just looked at me; I started to feel a tiny bit thirsty and hungry. Hot Shot and Rodimus went on with their duties. Cybertorn went off too, Silver looked at me and I shock my head. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

"What will I do without you guys?"

"Be totally lost"

"Yeah, you are staying now then?"

"Yes am I, ordered by the Council"

"YEAY! Now the odds have changed"

"You need something to eat?"

"Yes if you don't mind"

"What do you feel like?"

"Anything, you and Jazz pick for me"


Silver and Jazz went out to find some food, I was dieing for something to eat. I pulled Patrick closer to me, as my lips pressed against his I could that warm, glowing feeling inside burning. As his lips pressed against mine, the feeling got stronger. The passion inside of me had relighted after all these years of wondering why I was so alone.

"Oh Sky, you’re so beautiful, so brave"

"Patrick, I love you, I need you here by my side"


"Far Longer than Forever"

Ratchet came into the room, holding his medic stuff. Alongside a very familiar face, my little friend Bumblebee. Ratchet knew Patrick from the last serial times I had gotten hurt.

"Nice to see you again"

"Same here Ratchet"

"Ok, what’s up?"

"My leg and all my back is hurting"

"Ok lets have a look"

I turned over, Bumblebee was sitting close and trying to keep my attention centred on him. Ratchet took off my old bandages, and looked at the wounds they were angry and inflamed again. Bleeding heavily, Patrick stayed by my side and whispering sweet words of love into my ear.

"Ok, Sky I'm going to start with the Antiseptic"

"All Right Ratchet"

As Ratchet started disinfects my wounds again, the pain shot up my back. Patrick quickly took my hand as I squeezed it he didn't make a moment, he just into my eyes and whispered it will be okay I’m right here.

"I know you can do this Sky"

"Patrick, it hurts"

"I know, just hang in there a little longer"


End Tranmission

The End

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