Bad Cop Vs Good Cop: List of Targerts

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I knew my duty was to protect, I know my heart is screaming let him in while my mind is saying no keep it hidden it will protect him. With two important feelings screaming at me, which one shall I follow? Heart or Mind? Love or Senses? Love over Duty shall conquer all.

"Sky, its troubling you isn't it?"

"I nearly lost you the last time"

"I promise you won't lose me again"

"What happens, if Cyclonus grabs you and takes you away from me"

"I'll scream and shout your name"

I looked at him; he placed his hand on my face. I put my hand on his and started to feel that embrace again. My heart was screaming, he feels what you feel let him in girl. He's your keeper and your his protector.

"Patrick, I'm scared"

"There is no reason to be scared"

"I feel their dark and evil energy growing"

"I feel your energy, your love growing deeper inside of me"

"I heard you sticking up for me against Father Simeon"

"He doesn't see what I see; he doesn't feel what I feel"

Patrick placed his arms around me, held me close to him. I placed my arms around him and pressed my lips against his, as he closed his eyes. He pressed his lips against mine.

"Oh Patrick, your energy is so wonderful"

"I believe in a heaven, because you must have come from there"

"I see you, and then my fears are gone"

"I would die if I didn't have you"

Jazz quickly ran into the bedroom, out of breath and panting. He had his War Gear on with his Numb Chucks out. I looked at Jazz, he pointed outside to the two cars parked outside. Barricade and Cyclonus were back.

"Patrick stays here"

"No, I'm coming with you"

"I don't want you to get hurt"

"You need me, just the same as I need you"

"Sky, let Patrick come. He might be safer coming with us"

"Ok, let me get my gear on"

I started to get my fighting gear on, strapping my boots up and tightening my helmet and just hoping today my fear won't come true. Jazz and I were ready, Jazz showed me where he had seen Cyclonus near the Crept and Barricade was around too.

"There he is"

"How are we going to get past him?"

"I'll try a super kick"

"No too risky, short flashes will do"


"Patrick, you still there?"

No answer, Jazz and I looked back there was Barricade standing over us. He kicked us against the wall, to my eyes I saw Cyclonus holding Patrick with his sword underneath his throat. My heart was screaming NO! Not this again!



"Hold it right there Autobot, one step closer and he's dead"

"You put one mark on him Cyclonus and I swear"

"Swear what you'll get me back"

"Yes I will, with all my strength and energy"

"You can't hurt me Autofool, you will do what I say or else"

"Sky, Silver on her way"

"Ok, what do you want?"

"The key Autobot, hand yourself in"

"My key or the one I love"

Patrick just looked at me, trying to reach out to me. I felt empty inside, then suddenly Silver came rushing in with a little help from the big guns Brawn and Ironhide.


"We'll handle, Barricade"


"Jazz and you handle Cyclonus"

"Right, what team?"


Silver opened fire rounds at Barricade, while Brawn and Ironhide started to fire also. Ironhide supier armour just reflects most of Barricade opening rounds. Jazz used the holoflash method again and jumped on top of Cyclonus, he dropped his sword and Patrick ran into my arms.

"Sky, I thought"

"You thought I was going to lose you"

"Yes but"

"The love a guardian feels for their keeper, shows in the form of a shield"

"Oh Sky, I love you"

Cyclonus got angry; he threw Jazz off him and against the wall. He came charging towards Patrick and me, I whispered into Patrick ear Run now. He ran across to the over side of the room.

"You've angered me for the last Autobrat!"

"Your foolish, to under mind me Deceptifool!"

"I will destroy you this time!"

Cyclonus picked me up by throat, as Silver and Jazz looked on in horror. I quickly managed to reach for my sword and slice Cyclonus face. He dropped me, as he held his eye. I panted, short of breath and feeling the pain of my recent and passed injuries.

"So unwise Autobot"

"I'm not giving up, without a fight Decepticon"

"Foolish mistake"

Cyclonus charged again, whacking across the hallway and as back hit the wall. I screamed in totally pain, shouting the words "HOLY PRIMUS" Jazz and Silver looked at each and nodded, Silver ran over to me while Jazz tried to fight off Cyclonus.

"Ironhide block him"

"Right sir"

Ironhide blocked the entrance, Brawn blocked the other one. Cyclonus got even madder and charged at me again, I pushed Silver out of way and as Cyclonus held me up against the wall with his sword underneath my throat I had a flash back.

"Not again!"

"You will die this time Autobot"

"No, I won't"

I kicked Cyclonus off me, threw all my Ninja stars at him. He reflected them all, I stood there tried, battered and defeated as Cyclonus threw me across the room again. Brawn managed to grab Cyclonus and threw him out of the nearby opened window.


"Patrick, I'm sorry"

"No, you have no need to be sorry"

"I do, I should have protected you"

"But you did through"

"He could have killed you"

"You risked you life for me, that enough for me"

Love is one of things; you risk your life for"

"Oh Sky"

Silver and Jazz walked over to me, as I lay on Patrick knee. Silver placed her guns down, Jazz placed his numb chucks down too. Silver eyes started to gather tears, we had known each other for a long time, she had never seen my like this before.

"Oh Sky, I wish I could of gotten here sooner"

"Silver it’s not your fault. I'm stupid one remember"

"You were never stupid, you were always the one who would go out there way"

"To cheer everyone up, make them laugh"

"Yeah, that called being a friend"



The End

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