Bad Cop Vs Good Cop: Battle Starts

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I had my swords out, while protecting Patrick at the same time. Looking at where Barricade was going, suddenly out of nowhere FRENZY! I took the blow again, he scratch me so hard I was bleeding again. Jazz rushed down the hallways and found the documents still there.

"I've got them Sky!"

"Good, now get Shockwave"

"What about you?"

"Never mind me, get Shockwave"


Jazz ran after Shockwave, I meanwhile was trying to defend myself against two Decepticons. Frenzy leapt out at him, I managed to block the attack by slicing my blade across him and knocking him down. Barricade laughed and charged, I wasn't as quick this time around and I was knocked against the wall. Patrick ran to me, I managed to get back up.

"Patrick, go before he gets you"

"I'm not leaving you, we're in this together"

"Like two souls connected to one body"

"Sharing the same burden"

"For now until forever"

"Oh Sky, I love you and I never ever want to leave you"

"Patrick, I love you"

I stood with two my blades in hand, still shaking as Patrick held. Barricade same as Cyclonus did laughed. Decepticons cannot understand compassion, they think its our down fall when its our strength.

"Compassion is your down fall Autobot"

"No...Its not. It’s our strength and something you will never understand"

"That’s what your mother and father said before Megatorn crushed them"

"Barricade, as long as I'm standing you will not harm him"

"Your duty is protect, but you do a poor job of it"

"Decpticreep, you will never understand the driving force of all Autobot is freedom"

At the one word, Barricade was ordered to return to Shockwave and take Frenzy with him so the both of them went. I looked into the eyes of Patrick; he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. I put my arms on his chest and pressed my lips against his.

"Oh Patrick, I thought"

"You were going losing me"


"And you will never lose me, because I'll be by your side"

I held my arm; Frenzy had sliced through bandages and created an even bigger wound one. Patrick removed my hand, saw the wound his face was worried. I just placed my hand on his chest a small glowing feeling started to grow again.

"You know when I'm around you, the earth stands still"

"When I'm around you, heaven can be found"

"You’re my strength when I'm weak"

"Oh beautiful angel, twice you risked yourself for me"

"Patrick, I would gladly go to war for you"

Jazz came back; saw Patrick holding me in his arms. He smiled and walked up to us, he placed his hand on Patrick shoulder and smiled, my eyes were exposed and they felt eased and expected.

"Let's get her upstairs"

"Ok, what about the documents?"

"Got them"


Patrick picked me up, I lay my head on his chest I could hear the heartbeats. Was it so wrong for a Cybertornian to love an organic? Bumblebee doesn't think so since I think he becomes attached to that bio techno organic called Sari.


"Yeah Sky"

"I love you"

"I love you too, my angel"


Commander Richter was waiting outside, by the time Jazz and Patrick got up there. He looked at me in Patrick arms and asked "What has happen?" Patrick just looked at Jazz; Jazz explained what happen as Patrick took me inside the room.

"Sky, are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine just a little bit tried"

"I'm going to stay with you this time"

"Don't you have your duties to do?"

"My duty is to protect you, my angel"

"What about the pope's office?"

"No more can be done, until conclave is over"

I lay on the bed; I smiled at Patrick and placed my hand on his hand. He smiled back, lent forward and pressed his lips against mine as I slowly closed my eyes and placed my hands around him. I lent forward a little and pressed my lips against his. Patrick sat by my side, telling me more about the ways and traditions of the Catholic Church.

"The Catholic faith sounds a lot like Ninja Way of life"

"In some ways it does, how are your wounds?"

"Their hurting, I think their bleeding too"

"Is that way their hurting?"


I turned over on my back, Patrick warm and soft touch started to take off the bandages which were stained in blood. Every moment, was far too painful for me to bear so I made my hand in a fist. Jazz came in, opened the bottle of antiseptic and gave it to Patrick.

"Hang in there, Sky"

"Ok, my angel"

"I'm just going to clean it first"

His soft gentle hands sprayed the antiseptic formula onto my wounds. They stung for a little bit, then the pain went away. As each slice across my back was sprayed those memories came back, thicker and fasters.

"Jazz, is still there?"

"Sky can you hear me?" Jazz said, while checking in my eyes


"She's not responding"

"What can we do?"

"Sky, come on. Stop remembering that day"


"She’s back"


"Sorry, pain brings back some memories"

As the last wound was cleaned, Patrick started to re bandage me up gently and steadily. I rolled over and pulled Patrick closer to me, as my lips pressed against mine and he wrapped his arms around me. He came even closer to me, pressing his lips against mine as I wrapped my arms around his prefect body.

“Oh Patrick, you kiss is like sweetest thing”

“Sky, I just want to spend the rest of my life by your side”

“When I’m with you, I feel like I standing on a cloud”

“When you love at me, I always see what I’ve been looking for”

Patrick got back up and started to stroke my face. I felt his warm and gentle touch as I gazed into his blue eyes, his face ever handsome as the last time. He was my strength in the hardest of battles, my shield when the sword of evil clashed on me.

“Patrick your love is my shield”
“Sky, I saw you in a dream once”
“That wasn’t a dream, I was sent to Rome earlier than usually”

“So it was you outside my window that day, but why?”
“I needed to hide, until I was summoned”

Patrick eyes watered a little, I sat holding my side and as I wiped away his tears. He held my hand close to his face, there could have been a million of femmes which could have been assigned to this mission but I was luckily I had been assigned it.

“You could have had any female agent in Elite Guard”
“But I’m so glad, it was you though”

“So am I”

“There is nothing in this world, which had filled the gap if it wasn’t you”

“Patrick, I wouldn’t want anything better than being with you”


“When I’m with you, it feel’s I’ve being touched by angel”

I got up, looked at the world and wondering if the mystery list does actually exist and the Bounty Hunter was in the area he would have to kill off everyone in the building to scare the cardinals in conclave to surrender. Scary thought was, it the first name was me who was second? Patrick or Jazz.

"What's the matter?"

"Cyclonus said the list. That list has every name Megatorn wants dead"

"He won't get you, I know he won't"

"It’s not me I'm worried about"

"But who else?"

"Ever think that Megatorn want to use you as mean to get to me"

"He can do anything to me; I'll never give you away"

"Patrick, I love you. But sometimes I wish my heart just showed you what inside"

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The End

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