Old Threat, Is Reraised. Old Enemies Clash

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Just gazing into Patrick eyes, while Blades and First Aid continued to put the antitoxic substance into my leg. Professor Langdon didn't get what I said about Cybertorn conflicts between us and Evil Decepticons and Science Vs Religion.

"Sky, are you still with me?"

"Yea, I’m still here. Antitoxic substance is taking much out of me"

"Just keep with me now"


I was feeling, tried and weak I couldn't stay awake without Jazz or Patrick re awaking me but the poison was Grade 8 so the Antitoxican would have to be the same strength. Blades and First Aid were injecting the last bit of substance into my leg without fail.

"All Done, ok Ratchet you can start the bandage process"

"Thanks guys"

"No Problem, old friend"

"Will see you again soon alright?"

"Back at home in a serial month or so"


Blades and First started pack up their things, load them into the Emergency Response Car they had, then hugged me goodbye and wished Jazz and I good luck while here in Rome because they were summoned all around the place.

"Ok, then Sky lets get you bandage up"

"Alright then Ratchet"

"Is it still sore?"

"Very sore and painful"

"Hmm, I think I'll apply some antiseptic before I start to bandage you up"

Red Alert and First Response headed back home also, leaving me in the very capable hands of old family friend i.e. Ratchet. As Ratchet applied the Antiseptic to the wounds and started to stitch up of the remaining wounds. I just lay back on Patrick and didn't bother fighting even though the pain was like a thousand needles going to my leg at once.

"Sky, it's nearly over"

"Ok, what about conclave?"

"Conclave, what about it?"

"What if, the Decepticons decided to attack there?"

"It won't happen; I'll make sure of it"

"Ok, I trust you"

My eyes, weak but icy started to feel tried and my body broken but just working was feeling the aftermath of being slammed against a wall at high speeds. Patrick just kept me in his arms until Ratchet had finished.

"All done, you're all bandaged up again"

"Thanks Ratchet"

"No Problem, just call if it gets worse okay"



"Elite Guard Promise"


With Ratchet on his way, Jazzy and her Elite Guard returned back home too. Leaving a very battered Jazz and I to try and prejudge the Decepticons next move, Jazz had notice the the imprinted mark on my left ankle.

"Decepticreeps, you have the mark"

"It’s been there for ages Jazz"

"Megatorn must really want you dead"

"Yeah so he can get his hand this"

"The key to the all spark"

"Yes, our jobs is too protect and save"

Patrick held me, I couldn't stand I was far too weak. Fighting Cyclonus has taken a lot out of me, I mean a lot. He picked me up, carried me to our bedroom Jazz followed even though I had been given medical help for my leg. Old wounds of my back had started to bleed again; because I was so tried Patrick just wanted me to be left alone to rest for a while.

"Hang on in there"

"I'll try, Patrick..."

"Yeah my love"

"Stay by my side"

"I will"

Reaching our bedroom, Jazz opened the door and Patrick lay me down. He sat down beside me, holding my hand and smiling on. I could sense and see that he wanted to cry, no one cries for me because I can't have them cry because it makes me upset. I placed my hand on his face, started to stroke his face. Patrick held it close the warmth was just in my body but icy fury was still causing me to be drained.

"I'll be back in moment my sweet"

"Ok, my angel 

Patrick went outside, started to talk to Commander Richter and Jazz insisting that the Swiss Guard would stand guard over my room. Making sure no one beside him and Jazz went in, no was too disturbed me while I rest.


"No but commander, she risked her life today"

"I know, but what about security around the building"

"Well do it, I want to let her rest. Her body is weak"

"Yes father"

I lay inside, asleep I started to dream but no normal dream. Dream where the right thing is the wrong thing and following your heart is the key to unlocking the biggest secret of all. Unknown to everyone else, I could sense a shadowy evil figure standing over me, I open my eyes and there stood Megatorn Faithful Servant Shockwave.

"You've caused the master, far too much trouble already"

"JAZZ!" I screamed

"They can't hear you"

"Jazzz! Anyone!"

I was backed up against the wall, with Shockwave coming closer and closer towards me I screamed Jazz's name again as loud as my breath could take. Finally I had to give up, I couldn't fight him off.



"Someone open this door!"

The Swiss Guard, open the door and in ran Jazz. He stood in front of me, glaring down Shockwave; Patrick ran and held me close trying to calm me. I knew what he wanted and I wasn't going to give it up.

"We have to go after him Jazz"

"But you’re far too weak for it"

"Jazz, if Shockwave gets to Archives"

"Our Documents will be taken"

"You see the danger in it"

Jazz helped me up, as I walked out the door. Patrick grabbed my hand and pulled me close, pressed his lips against mine as I closed my eyes I could feel the romantic spark of fire being light again. I placed my arms on his chest and pressed my lips against his.

"I'm coming with you"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'll help you walk"

"Ok, then"

"Sky, one more thing"


"I love you"

"I love you too"

Patrick grabbed my hand, we ran to Jazz. He had picked up the energy of Shockwave and he was heading into archives to look for the battle plans I had received and confirm from the council.


Jazz looked at me, I looked around I could his energy coming from the right near where I left my bag. Patrick had tight hold of my hand, at the edge of my eye another Decepticon. But which one?

"Well, look who it isn't?"


"Little miss, Ice Queen"

"Back off!"

"Megatorn has offered twice the original bounty for your head"


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The End

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