Ice is Fire down Turn

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I saw Patrick and Father Simeon surrendered by the flames, Cyclonus just laughed as Oil Slick feed the flames with more and more explosives. Jazz came down shortly, with his armoured clothes on. He looked at me and I nodded to him, he was going to handle Oil Slick while I put out the flames.

“Sky! Run leave me”
“No I won’t leave you Patrick!”
“Please, Sky”

I focused all my energy, into a massive whirlwind to put out the flames. I realised a icy whirlwind to put out of fire, as it icy energy blow the flames away and put them out. Jazz signalled to me, to help him so I grabbed my sword and throw one of my Ninja Stars on Cyclonus. He turned around and charged at me, I was pinned up against the wall. As Oil Slick ran back to his little creeping whole in the lair of Megatorn.


“Now you shall what happens when you mess with us” Cyclonus laughed

“Jazz, help her”

Jazz ran up to Cyclonus, super kicked him off me and I feel on the ground. Patrick ran up to me, lifted me up I looked at my arm a small part of glass was in lodge in the wound. Patrick looked at me and I looked at him.

“Look out!”

I pushed him out of the way, as Cyclonus massive sword crashed into my leg. I couldn’t move, Jazz saw me with Cyclonus over me just about plunge his sword into my other leg. Patrick laid over me, trying to protect me.

“Sky your shield”
“Throw it!”


Jazz throw the shield, I caught it and managed to pull Cyclonus off me. Patrick helped me up again, but this time I was weak due to the blade just being lodge in my leg. Jazz stood in front of me, fought off Cyclonus. Once again Cyclonus disappeared into a black smoke.

“Far Longer than Forever, I’ll hold in my arms”
“Far Longer than Forever, as constant as a star”
“I’m close my eyes, and I’m here with you”
“As sure as the dawn bring the sunrise”
“Far Longer than Forever, like no love before”
“And with your love, I’ll never be alone”

Ratchet and Blades were called to sense, First Response and Red Alert were already there but with out another two medic’s they couldn’t remove the shards of glass or brick or even that dam blade in my leg out.

“Sky, I’m sorry I got you into this mess”

“Patrick, I would die for you any day”

“Sky, I love you so much”
“Patrick, I love you too”
“I’m going to stay here with you, until they remove that blade”
“Patrick, are you sure?”
“Yes perfectly, I want to be here with you through it all”
“Oh Patrick, I love you”

Patrick hand was in mine, I had my head laid on Patrick chest. Ratchet and Blades finally arrived and and rushed into action. Ratchet started to remove the broken shard of glass from my arms, legs and chest while Blades tried gently to remove my helmet without showing the icy blueness of my eyes. My shades were smashed in, I didn't have another pair to replace them with, so I left them off for the time being.

"Sky, your eyes are"

"Horrible I know"

"No their beautiful"


"Their like little pools of frozen love"

"Patrick, that beautiful"

"No your beautiful"

Red Alert started to clean the wounds, started to stitch them up while First Responce had called for the Commander to come. Blades had asked for another member of his team to come, I member called First Aid yes you guessed another trained medic.



"I knew I should have ordered more protection"

"We're alright aren’t we Jazz?"

Jazz shock his head and laughed, Jazz and I had been on the front lines and survived being blasted in half to being set on fire. First Aid had arrived, he had his tools with him he took one look at me and Jazz and shock his head.

"Right, Blades and I will handle the leg, First Response and Red Alert you see to"

"Jazz we know"

"Ratchet, antiseptic"


Red Alert and First Response started to clean up, Jazz while Blades and First Aid tried to remove the shattered shard of the blade in my leg out. I tried hard not to scream at all but the pain was so much.


"Yes my love"

"It hurts so badly"

"Shh I'm here it will be okay"

Jazz had few scratches and broken arm but I think he more worried about me vice versus about him. I thought he wasn't going to make it, Jazz sat next to me and waiting for the news. Blades had removed one part of blade from the bottom of my leg, while the longest part was left up to First Aid.

"One part out"

"Will she be okay?"

"Yeah, we're got the best surgeon removing the parts"

"First Aid..."

"Yeah Sky"

"It’s good to see you again, old friend"

"Back in medic school, Blades and Sky were always team leaders"

"She would always pick First Aid before me"

"Yea because you picked Ratchet first"

First Aid had picked out the largest part finally. Ratchet started to disinfect the wounds I flinched in pain again, Patrick held me close in his arms as I cried in pain. Blades and Jazz had hardly ever seen me cry in pain, but a Decepticon weapon is dripped in poison and other toxic stuff.


"What's wrong Ratchet?"

"The wound is infected with poison"

"What, but there was no poisonous substance detected on the blade"

"Code 187 of the Medic Guidelines: Says that just because you can't see it"

"Doesn't mean its not there of course, Blades get me the Antitoxican"

"On it"

Blades rushed to the medic supplies in First Aid bag, Professor Langdon and Doctor Victoria rushed in. They took one look at Jazz and I then saw the five of the medic and they knew it wasn't good.

"What’s happen father?"

"She tried to take a blade for me"

"Decepticons I thought they were a myth or a legend”

"Legend, that is very much true"

I managed to get the energy to speak; I held tight hold of Patrick hand as the antitoxic substance was applied to the wounds to kill of grade 8 poison. First Aid wiped his sweat away, Blades hands were shacking and as the two started inject the antitoxic substance into my leg.

"Decepticons...Are here to crush faith among all people"

"But why?"

"Where we come from, Cybertorn. Is fighting two wars if you look at it my way"

"Which is?"

"War against good Vs bad and war against science and religion"

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The End

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