Old Trueths Never Die Hard

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I could remember the day, my parents pasted away quite well. Since I was only a young sparkling but loosing my brother too made this war a little more personal for me. Jazzy's dad Ultra Magnus was still in recovery, hopes were high for him to come back and show Sential that Jazzy is right for the title of Magnus.

"Sky, it’s alright"

"This war, has become more personal"

"Shh its okay I’m here"

He pulled me close, as I put my head on chest. I could feel each heart beat, I soon calmed down, and another Swiss Guard came down into the archives. My eyes watered a little more. Patrick just held me closer in his arms, I looked up at him and he wiped away my tears with his gentle hands.

"Another Swiss Guard?"

"That's the seal of the Council on that letter"

"Is that bad?"

"It could be the death count?"


"Or news on the front?"

The man came in, passed me the letter and waited. Professor Langdon was down with Victoria too also wondering about the urgent ness of the letter being delivered to me. I opened it, pulled out the letter. Inside was another seal from the council and signature of all its members.

Dear Sky...

The Council and its leading members, Perceptor, Wheeljack, Silver, Kup, Ultra Jazzy and of course Alpha Trion. Have news from the front of the war, death toll has risen up to a massive amount of 1,900. Silver and Wheeljack are working together on a new protective shield for the warriors but request your approval since you are her Ultraness Second in Command. More Decepticons are tearing down our space bridges.

Jazzy has given birth to a beautiful little boy called Vibe, Jetstorm and Jazzy are over the moon by his arrival. Wish to name you and Jazz as his god parents.

Over and Out

Autobot Elite Council.

I sat down and just looked at the letter. Patrick sat beside me, holding my hand. I know his duty was to take control of Vatican City while the Cardinals were in Conclave but if this news got out Megatorn would feed on the panic it would spread.

"Sky, is everything?"

"Alright, I don't know what do anymore"

I cried in Patrick’s arms, I had made a promise that I would Cybertorn safe as possible and fearing for Jazzy's safely what else could I do. I had got Wheeljack to put new locks on all security systeams around the base. But the number 1,900 would the newest toll on me.

"Sky, it’s not your fault"

"I was meant to prevent this from happening again"

"Its okay, I'm sure Jazzy is fine with her new sparkling"

The man also had another letter in his hand, I pulled myself together. Patrick wiped away my tears and Jazz rushed down to see what was the noise about.

"Sky, what's wrong?"

"Death toll Jazz"

"You know, that's not your fault"

"I know"

"It’s the Council duty to protect Jazzy and make the hard choices"


"And Blurr would have agreed too, you have done so much in this Alliance"

"Jazz, what if they"

"If they do break through, then Elite Guard will be called there"

"And what if we don't get there in time"

"We will"

Patrick was still holding me close, I could only remember those thousands who went on to fight the Cons and watching my comrades fall and sometimes die in my arms was heart breaking.

"Its okay, I'm here"

"I love you Patrick"

"I love you too"

"I'm just scared of loosing you"

"I nearly lost you back there last night"

"I know"

Jazz handed me the other letter, I opened it and inside was a letter from Bumblebee, my little friend. He was like a little brother to me. Jazz knew Bumblebee and I were like family and I smile crossed my face when I started to read it.

Hey Sky

Well it’s me, your lovable Bumblebee. Optimus and Ratchet have been telling about this organic you have fallen in love with, good for you. If he the person Ratchet has been telling me about you should stick with him and possible become his guardian if its mean your happiness will increase. Sari has had an upgrade and looks totally wicked cool. Well we in our organic forms, I’m disappointed by mine because I’m so short. Ha-ha yeah I know, you and Blurr were always faster and taller than me but hey. Optimus will be visiting soon with some documents so I might ask if I can pop along and meet this guy everyone been talking about.

Well Got to Go, Ratchet on moan path. Prowl and I are having a dance off.

Bye Sky


"Not as much as I love you Sky"

As slowly as ice melted on the windows in the specially design rooms, did I suddenly realise I was wrong, maybe I need to trust in Patrick more after all he did love with every thing he had. I opened the book again, after that last page read "New Area Has Begun"

"Sky that’s you again"

"Being named Second in Command"

"Beside Jazzy and on her left is Jazz"

"Third in Command"

"You and Jazzy must have gone through a lot"

"We went through Boot camp together and worked up the ranks together"

"Wow, no wonder you’re so loyal"

"Loyalist, faithful and partly self doubting"

"You know, I think you are angel"

I took hold of Patrick hand, turned the next page. Next page read, "Prime says Private, Sky saves Autobot solider" I smiled and pointed to the name of private Bumblebee. The next page, I didn't want to see again so I walked away.

"Sky, what's the matter?"

"Next page, is the death of my brother"

"I can feel your pain in here"

"Oh Patrick, I wish I could stay here forever with you"

I closed the book, lock it up. As we walked out, I could feel UN easy sense about surely enough that same person that was watching the medics help me during the epic battle between Jazz and I Vs Blackout and Lugnut appeared again. Patrick stopped, he whispered in my ear "Go on, I'll catch up" So I kissed him on the lips and walked on.

"Camerlengo, you know you shouldn't be involved with the Elite Guard"

"What's it too you, I'm in charge with the cardinals are in conclave"

"Yes I know that, but you’re taking your procession far too likely"

"I can't help it, I think she is amazing"

"You know she'll have to return to home, one time"

"I know, but she'll come back. She found where she belongs"

"Her place is where her home is, not here"

"How would you know, she risked her life for me and everyone in here"

"You and Her are breaking all the rules, I'll have the commander tell her to go"

"You can't do that, her duty is to protect humanity not risk it"

"From what? These Decepticons everyone talks about"


"I haven't seen on yet!"

Sure enough, he would get his wish. Cyclonus and Oil Slick were waiting until I left the room and cause pain and suffering upon the people inside there and properly like all Decepticons do. Cause some destruction all so.

"So you've never heard of us father"

"Who are you?"

"Stay back, he's a Decepticon"

"You're that organic, the Autobot tried to save"

"What are you doing here?"

"We're looking for that same Autobot, she holds the key"

"As soon as she out of the way then what?"

"Then Megatorn will enslave humanity once again"

Cyclonus had his sword out, Oil Slick swung his massive chain around they both stood there laughing. I knew I shouldn't let Patrick by himself incase Decepticons showed up again. So I rushed back in, fire surrendered Patrick and Father Simeon

"Hang on"


"Patrick, are you hurt?"


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The End

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