Sparks Rejoined, Love Conqures Fear

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As I lay there, beside him gazing into his deep blue eyes all I could ever think of was I meant to be his guardian. In Cybertornian Law it is possible for an Autobot to stay on earth and protect there keepers. In this case, I could stay with him forever until I went offline.

"Sky, your beautiful you now that?"

"Am I?"

"Very beautiful, you must be angel"


"Heavenly being sent to protect me"

"You are"

"I mean everything about you is so prefect"

"Patrick, there is way I can stay with you"


"Guardian Process"

"What do we have to do?"

"You just need to talk to the Commander, tell her that you what me to be your"

"Guardian, what it enables you too?"

"Too stay, with you until forever"

"Oh that wonderful"

He started to kiss my back, moving his hand along my back. Slowly kissing my neck, I could tell he wanted me to stay, I wanted too. The attack by Cyclonus confirmed it was duty too. Jazz and Silver were fast asleep, in his bed. I just fell into sleep as soon as Patrick kissed me on the lips.


5:00 in the Morning...

Jazz awoke first; he got up and yawned with his funny PJ’s on. He looked at world around him, how a simple race of organics could live so peacefully without a simple little war or battle going on. Silver saw him looking at the window, she sat up and smiled at him.

"Jazz sweetie?"


"What’s up?"

"Nothing, I was wondering if Sky and I will be called into action again"

"I doubt it, I haven't heard anything yet"


She went into the shower, quickly got washed and dried. Jazz had unpacked her clothes earlier on; Silver had laid out the ones we were wearing today. She looks cool in whatever she wore.

"I'll get dressed ok!"

"Ok angel"

As Silver got dressed, she saw the little box inside of Jazz's pocket. She opened it; it was a tiny ring with a beautiful blue diamond in with the words "Forever yours" engraved on it. She heard Jazz coming out of the shower, quickly put it back, and continued to get dressed in her normal outfit.

"Jazz is this for me?"

"The ring?"


"It was meant to be a surprise"

"Aww I’m sorry"

"No no, it’s okay"

"It fell out"

"Hang on, let me get dressed"

Jazz quickly got dressed, and smarten up. Went down one knee in front of her and asked the question she wanted to hear for ages, since that talk about the sparkling nearly gave it away.

"Silver, will you do me the honour of becoming my bound mate?"

"Yes I will but what about your Ninja Laws?"

"Since Sky has become new Head Ninja, she’s changed them around"


She leapt into Jazz's arms, cried happily she had waited for them to be changed so they could become Bound mates together, spark to spark mates whatever you call it. Jazz couldn't believe that his one true love had yes to him, he always doubted himself due to fact of being in the ever annoying company.

Back in Our Bedroom...


I awoke early; I just gazed at Patrick and smiled. I closed the bathroom door and popped into the shower and got washed. As I was getting washed, my Elite Guard commlink buzzed. It was on silent thank god.

"Sky, I think that for you?"

"Ok, I'll get it in a minute" I said coming out of the shower

As I put my War Gear back on, I always had it on. I was proud to show it off because it belongs to my parents. Lots of it anyway, I had upgraded it a bit so I longer pants on.

"Ok, I'm coming"

"Sky, who would be calling at this hour?"

"No idea"

I opened the commlink, listened to the message. Sential...I sighed out loud, Patrick came over, placed his hands on mine and just gazed into my eyes and I had faith after that.

"Who is it?"

"Sential A.k.a Jerkanal Prime"

"Is he bad?"

"He’s an Autobot but with a foul temper and a foul mouth"

"Oh, what’s the problem?"

"He’s coming to check on us today"

"I'll be right by your side through it all"

"Jazz and I are sick of him, coming into our business"

"Has Jazzy sorted it out?"

"Far too many times, so we tell to go away and its work sometimes"

"And others it doesn't?"


I phoned Jazzy on Commlink, she answered. I told her the problem and she went off to get Sential on a duty A.k.a being in charge of what his normally doing, training the newbie’s. She replied back it; he’s not coming after all according to the council so no worries.

"Any news?"

"He’s been called away"

"That excellent news"

"I know, I get to spend more time with you"

"Yeah I know"

Patrick went into the shower, Jazz quickly rushed into our bedroom. With Silver in his hand, she was blushing with a bright smile. She showed me the ring, and hugged her tight.

"He asked me!"

"Aww my friend that great news"

"All thanks to you, Head Ninja"

"No Problem, Jazz you know the Council wants Silver back in 3 hours?"

"Yes I know"

"What for?"

"You’re needed, on another mission"

"Oh well, I'll better get started packing"

"Will see you back at home in a couple of weeks"

"Ok my angel"

Jazz kissed her on the forehead, went off with her to help her pack for the journey home. Jazz had planned their ceremony, to be on the day he gets back home. He was hoping I would come home too but I found where I belong.

2 Hours Later...

Patrick and I were walking in the Archives, he was showing me some interesting documents, I loved reading about Organic history. It was nearly amazing as our Cybertornian history.

"Sky what’s wrong?"

"I sense something"

"It’s properly presence of the Swiss Guard"

"I have to be careful because I carry some documents from the Cybertorn Archive"


"Yes, it’s the important ones."

"Why do you care them around?"

"If they were to fall into the hands of the Decepticons it could spell horrific advents"

"Can you show me?"

"Yeah of course"

I got one of the documents, opened the book. It was the book of every solider, guardian, ninja, prime or Magnus that went into battle against the cons and every single advent was written down in the newspaper.

"Is that Jazzy's dad?"

"Yea, a very young Ultra Magnus"

"And is that your parents beside him?"

"Keepers of the All Spark and its treasures"

Turned the page, saw the title "Keeper Generation Lives On" Patrick looked at the page, yes that was me as Sparkling but he could see the picture as baby in form of a human not a Cybertornian.

"Aww Sky is that you"

"Yea, it’s me"

"Aren’t you beautiful?"

"Back then yeah"

"You’re still as beautiful now"

"Aww Patrick"

I turned the page, and then next title wasn't my happiest. "Keepers killed in a bloodily whirlwind" I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my eyes; Patrick came closer to me and whipped the tears away.

"It’s okay"

"It wasn't mean to be their time, Megatorn robbed me"

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The End

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