Warriors Strength

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Moon shone brightly, over Rome. I was bed lying in Patrick arms, it was the only time I had feel completely safe when I was him, and he had been teaching all he knew about how the Catholic Church worked in a modern society and teaching me all the history of it. If only I could teach him about Cybertian Laws, History and how the Military and Science work together to protect us. I awoke to a noise, sounding like faint screams, was this Oil Slick or Cyclones I thought to myself.

"Sky, what wrong?"

"I heard screams, stay here"

"I'm not leaving you"

"Patrick, please. If that a Decepticon out there"

"I'll be right beside you, helping you fight on"

"Patrick I love you"

Patrick got up, placed his soft comforting hands on my face and pressed his lips against mine, I slowly closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips against his.He knew how to wipe away all my fears, in one go. His touch of his lips made me feel so...pure.

"Patrick, I love you"

"I love you too"

"Aren’t you a bit worried about being caught?"

"No, because all the cameras get shut off by 9"


"I'm going with you"

"Are you sure?"


I smiled and placed my hands on his face as I pressed my lips against his and then slowly realised them. I picked up my swords, Ninja stars and then looked at Master Yoketorn helmet as I picked it up. Patrick placed it on my head; he got his robes on and followed me down.

"Sky, you look scared"

"I am, if that who I think its. My fears are correct"

"Why who do think it is?"

"If it Oil Slick, I can handle him"

"And if it isn't?"

"It might be Megatorn's Saboteur Cyclones"

"Is he big?"

"Bigger than Oil Slick and same height as Megatorn himself"

"What his main job?"

"Destroying Autobots mainly"

"Oh, have you fought him before?"

"Once, nearly died doing so"

"I believe you can do this"

"Ok" I nodded

I took breathe and placed my hands on my blades handles and walked out into the light of the candles. Just like my horrors and fears had confirmed it, it was Cyclonus. He looked at me, placed his hand on his weapons and began to charge at me.


"Organic...What it doing here?!"

"That it has a name, his name is Patrick"

"This is funny, a Cybertorn Ninja involved with a organic or fleshing"

"Yea, well at least I’m not tall and very ugly"

"Hey! I'm not ugly"


"Sky watch out!"

I dodge again, as Cyclonus tried to wipe me out. Jumped straight over him and give him two slice marks across his hands. So he got even madder at that, he tried to grab Patrick, so I pushed him out of way took the blow of Cyclonus sword. After that he disappeared.

"Sky, no."

"Patrick, I'm alright"

"You’re bleeding though, you could have been killed"

"An Autobot is brought up to protect all life, to protect the injured etc"


"I will live, its not bad enough to kill me"

I lay on the floor, with a massive wound. Commander Richter and Professor Langdon came rushing in, they saw Patrick i.e. the Camerlengo crying over me, me just flinching in pain.

"I'll the First Aider"

"Commander, get Jazzy to call Ratchet and Red Alert"

"Ok, just hang on"

Five Minutes Later...

Ratchet, Red Alert, Blades and Jazzy were in a flash. Jazzy had hold of my left hand and as I lay on Patrick knees I kept seeing his tears rolling down on his face. Ratchet just kept saying to him, "She tough kid, she won't go down that easy" Patrick seemed scared after that, all I kept saying was "I'll be alright, because I have you"

"Will she be alright?"

"Yeah, how many times now?"

"Over 5 times" I replied

"See, it going to take much more than that to take our Sky out"

"Good, but Sky how did you survive it?"

"Cybertornian Armour is tough stuff" I giggled

"I'm so glad, you still here"

"Patrick, I love you. I would have taken that blow a thousand times more"

"I knew you were angel"

"I'm not angel, you are Patrick"


"Before your love, I was lost and now I've found myself again"

"Oh Sky, I’m so in love with you"

Ratchet and Red Alert had finished cleaning the wounds; left it up to Blades to stitch me up again...Oh well can't have it always. Patrick just watched on as Blades stitch me up. Professor Langdon and Commander Richter were informing Jazzy on what they saw. Jazzy just smiled and nodded

"Ok, old friend"

"Thanks Blades"

"Ratchet all up to you know"

"Ok kid"

Ratchet came up, started to clean the blood again. He brought out some more bandages as he started to take off the old ones and replaced them with new set all he kept saying was "Patrick was luckily" I just kept replying "I'm luckily for finding him in this Morden harsh world"

"Ok, Sky we're all done here"

"Thanks Ratchet"

"Here let me help you"

Ratchet pulled me up, as I picked up my swords and Master Yoketorn helmet just shinning brightly in the moonlight.

In the Park...

Jazz and Silver were enjoying some of Jazz romantic poetry and romantic music, Silver just lay there in his arms, watching the shimmer on the water as the little ducks went to sleep.

"Jazz, do you ever think?"

"Of having a sparkling?"


"Everyday, when this war is over"

"What would you name it?"

"If it was a boy I would name it something like Dazzle"


"Because it would have your looks and you make me see stars"

"Aww and if it was a girl?"

"I could name it Star Catcher"


"Because it would still have your looks, it would take the brightest star to out do her and your beauty"

Well, that was it. Silver lent over Jazz and pressed her lips against his as he wrapped his arms around her he pressed his lips against hers. They sat there kissing madly.

"Jazz, you’re just as amazing as any Prime"

"So are you, I would choose non other"

"Jazz I've got a small gift for you"



She took out a small box, containing one half of a Necklace. She was wearing the other half with a small picture of Jazz in, the other half was Jazz's with her picture in. Jazz loved it, now he would always have a part of her in his heart.

"Silver, I love it"

"When we are together, they attached together"


Silver feel a sleep on Jazz, he packed up everything into his car. Lifted her up, placed her into his car and drove back to the Vatican. Shortly arriving there, he saw the medics leaving. So he went queitly up the stairs to avoiding waking his princess. He decided to sleep beside her, snuggling up to her to prevent her from getting cold.

"Good Night my angel"

"Night Jazz"

As they slept, through the night. Downstairs in the main hall near the Crept, medics were finishing up cleaning me up; I was on my feet and just looking at Patrick.

"I love you Sky"

"I love you too"

"Do you think it would be okay, Ratchet if I"

"Carry her?"


"I see no reason"

 Patrick placed his arms around me, carried back to our bedroom. Luckliy Jazzy was keeping the Commander far to busy for him to see us. I lay my head against his chest, tried and completly broken.


Patrick laid me down on the bed, removing my war gear and removing his robes.

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The End

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