Love conqures all pain

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I sat up right, placed my hand on Patrick chest again. I whispered "Love destroys all reason, make wise men of fools. What a fool I was" Jazz rushed in again; I looked at his smiling face and shock my head.

"Silver coming!"

"I know"


"Because I asked her"

"You’re the best!"

"You need her love to cheer you up"

"Thanks, Sky"

"A warrior is only good as the love he revises"

Jazz rushed off to get ready; he wanted to take Silver on one of their romantic walks together, spend every living, breathing movement with her. She was his bond mate, their sparks glowed happily together.

"When you look at me, I see what I've been missing"

"Your like angel your know that"

"Then you look at me, I always see what I've been searching"

"How long have you been without love?"

"Far too long, after I lost my brother I lost all hope for love in this life"

"No more, I think your brother would have been proud of you"

"I know he would have liked you"


"He likes all people who like me"

"Well I love you a lot, as much as man can love women"

I got up, walked towards the window and looked at the crowds of people waiting for the white smoke to have declared a new pope. Then saw the Decepticons threats on the building. I knew my duty was a heavy one; Patrick got up and hugged me tight.

"What’s the matter?"

"See those threats on the wall"

"Yes, do you think there seriously?"

"Serious, yes. I know what they want"



I showed him, the key around my neck. He looked at the engraved message on it, "Love unlocks the spark of All Spark" He could feel I was scared; I already lost one of my most loved ones to the Decepticons. Blurr my older brother, and watching them kill my first sparkling...Which I never will forget...


Jazz was waiting for Silver, outside

Rome in a quiet spot. Silver did arrive a little later due to the traffic being bad getting out of Rome. She walked up to Jazz with his head down.



He wrapped his arms around her, lent forward to kiss her beautiful soft pink lips and as he did, Silver closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his and slowly and full passion they kissed.

"I've missed you too"

"Every moment, spent away from you is like hell"

"Jazz, I love you so much"

"I love you"

Jazz had planned a romantic, late evening picnic for her since the day he arrived in Rome, Italy is home of culture, music, faith and other things but it was one of the most romantic countries which Sliver wanted to visited.

"Jazz, a late night picnic"

"Yes, just for you"

"Oh Jazz, my little musical angel"

"I brought some romantic music"

"Aww Jazz!"

He poured the most vintage champagne into a glass and as she laid her head against Jazz chest, he smiled and whispered you’re the brightest star on this side of galaxy. As they sat watching the twinkling stars, listening to the calm sounds of near by them.



The End

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