Duty Over Love

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I looked at Patrick, he looked at me. Jazz and Patrick helped me our room, Patrick was just hoping I was alright, he didn’t care about anyone else. I sat on the bed, while Jazz went to get the paper documents and a drink for me.

“My chest is hurting again”
“Steady Sky just lay down”


"When I see you smile, I can face the world"

"And when I see you smile I see a ray of light"

I took of my war armour, just left my training gear on which was basically the same but without all the flashily bits and the helmet and weapons. He took of his robes, left his boxer shorts on and a white T-Shirt on. I lay on my side, gazing into his beautiful blue eyes and smiling, he placed his hand on my bandages. Just slowly started to kiss my back, suddenly there was a knock on the door...Patrick quickly got back into his robes again, I went back into War mode...


"Its okay, It’s only me"


"Sorry, thought you might want to see this"


"Paper Document for the Council"


"Excellent and Bad"

"Oh, how bad?"

"There have been six more sightings"

"Oh, no sign of anyone else?"

"No, Ironhide or Brawn etc"

"Bumblebee, Optimus?"


"Good news?"

"Your now head Ninja, according to this"


Patrick came over to me, sat by my side and started to kiss my neck slowly. Jazz blushed red, he was missing Silver, as much as I was missing home base...Until he got a call from her, he rushed outside to answer it. Sliver!

"Hey angel!"

"Jazz! My baby"

"You called!"

"Yeah, I'm missing you"

"I know I'm missing you too"

"I'm might be coming to stay with you a night or two"

"Just you and me?"

"Yeah of course"


"I know, just for you"

Jazz jumped up and down and started to break dance in street, he was over the moon that his angel was coming to stay with him a night. Meanwhile inside my room, Patrick was taking off my war gear for me as I tried to get my head around things.

"I don't know how you do what you, but I'm so in love with you"

"Every little thing you do, baby amazed by you"

"Everything about you makes me never want to be without you or your love"

"I'm so in love with you, I just want to spend the rest of my life with you"

"Everyday of Every Moment"

"Just you and I"


Patrick took of his robes again, was left in his boxer shorts and a white t-shirt and lay besides me and started to kiss my back again. I lay completely still, as he placed his hand over my bandages he hadn't seen the full assent of my injures without someone being there beside him. He looked at me, I smiled back.

"May I?"

"Take the bandages off?"


"If you’re brave enough, they make the strongest of medic cry"

"I'm always brave when I’m around you"

As he started to untie all the layers of bandages, wounds soon became clearer to him. He placed his hand over his mouth, just cry again. Sobbing the words I’m sorry. I should have known about this to begin with.

"Patrick, it’s not your fault"


"These wounds are wounds of past. Which will never heal properly but when I’m"

"But Sky, what if you get called back to your home?"

"That can't happen yet until the war is over, which might take longer then I think"

"Sky, I never want to lose you, I nearly lost back there"

"Patrick, I love you. No matter what happen to me I'll always continue to"

I placed his hand on my chest, let him feel the two separate beats of my heart and he looked at me.  Placed his arms around me, pulled me closer and pressed his lips against mine as I closed my eyes, bandages suddenly manage to rewrap themselves around the wounds again. I lent forward placing my arms on his chest while pressing my lips against his.

"Sky, how long does think you will be staying here?"

"As long as the danger of the Decepticons is here"

"I wasn't allowed on the battlefield straight away to see you why?"

"Warriors do not let anyone see them cry in pain, I promised that"

"But why, if I had lost you. I would have cried all night"

"Patrick, one of these days I will show you why"

"Ok, do you just believe in love with conquers all?"

"I believe I was sent to protect, serve faith above science"


Ending Transmission Eight Part 1.....What will happen next?

The End

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