Mystery Open Problems

Ratchet handed the Antiseptic over to Red Alert; she started to clean up accesses blood around the area. I kept on feeling their hands on the wounds, but all the time I was seeing Patrick smiling at me.


"Ok, I'm done"

"Thanks Red"

"No Problem spot"


She walked over to Jazzy, told her the news. Jazzy sighed with relief, and went to the rest about the sort of good news. Which was the wound have been clean, and I pull through. I heard their sighs, and claps.




"Who’s that?"


"Over there"

"Oh, that Father Simeon"

"Please don't tell he is to tear you away"

"I'll go and ask what he wants"



"Stay here, I need you"


"Patrick, please"

"Ok then, I'll stay"

"Thank You"


Red Alert looked on as Blades hand began to shake; I just smiled at him to let him know I had faith in him. Blades finished up with a little bit of stitching and a little bit of Antiseptic. First Response came in, to help me up.


"Here we go"



I sat up straight; the wounds didn't bleed for a change. I looked on into Patrick eyes and smiled. He kissed my forehead, I don't know what he does, but I'm totally in love with him I know I shouldn't be.


"Ok, Sky I’m going to patch you up now"

"Alright, just go easy on me"

"Will do"


First started to patch me, with heavy war bandages. Patrick helped too, wrapping one after another around my chest. Pain has sort of gone, but what spark it off to begin with I wanted to know.


"Here let me help you"



Patrick and First Response helped me onto my feet again. All my friends just looked on and smiled then suddenly started to clap and cheer.


"Thanks guys"

"Sky, you sure alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine Ratchet"

"Ok, just call if it happens again"


The same person who was watching us through the operation was gone now, I didn't know who or what he was but I had a bad feeling about it. Silver, First Response, Airblast, Coldblaze, ShiftKick, Red Alert and Ratchet all went back to their normal duties. Professor Langdon, Doctor Victoria just smiled on at me. Well I was only doing my duty an ways.


End Transmission

The End

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