Passions Heals, What war has destoryed

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Jazzy has just called in Red Alert, Blades, Ratchet and First Response. Well Ratchet will already know the deal with my injuries, Red Alert possible will too. As for Blades we haven't seen each other since Medic School.

"Jazz will you get the commander?"

"Why do you need him?"

"I want you to stay with me, but I need to get the Camerlengo or tell him what..."

"Has happen, ok I will get him. Try not to move"

"Ok, Team Mate"

Jazz smiles and hugs me, Silver comes in and runs straight up to Jazz. Jazz hugs hers and kisses her and tells her what has happen. Silver nods and rushes over to me. I smile as see her coming, Jazz runs off again.


"I can't leave you alone for one minute can I?"

"No, I guess you can't"

"Jazz told me, what happen"


"Yeah including the kiss, nice one girl"

"Thanks" I giggled.

Inside Swiss Guard Command...

Jazz rushes in, looking around in a panic. Finally spotting the Commander Richter, he rushes into his office the entire Swiss Guard look around at Jazz in a complete panic. Commander gets up and helps him up.


"Yes what wrong Jazz?"

"Sky is in pain, she..."


"Wants you to the Camerlengo down there with her or at least...”


"Tell him what has happen?"

"Ok, I'll do it right away"

"Medics have been called; Ultra Jazzy is down there with her"

"Ok, are you alright?"

"Yea, Sky managed to save me"

"And not herself?"


Jazz rushes back to me, Commander Richter goes along to the Camerlengo room to tell him what has happen.He looked on the door in pure belief that the news was good.


"Yes, Commander"

"Jazz, has told me that Sky wants you down there with her"

"Show me to her"

Commander Richter led the Camerlengo down to the place where I was now laying due to the massive amounts of pain. I wouldn't let any medic touch me until he arrived first.



"Yes it’s me, I'm here"

"I kept my promise, I did return safely until the pain came back"

"It doesn't matter now"

He held my hand, stayed by my side as the Medics began to re stitch the old wounds back, Ratchet was just smiling on through the process. Cleaning the wounds was going to be the easiest part. Getting the wounds all stitch up without it bleeding again was going to be hard.

"Ok, Sky. We're going to clean you up first"

"Alright Ratchet"

"Here we go"

Ratchet removed the old bandages off my chest, started to clean my wounds. Pain was getting to much, Patrick i.e. the Camerlengo just kept smiling at me and holding my hand. All my friends looked on in total horror, hoping I would pull through.

"Hang in there Sky"



"I love you"

"I love you too

As Ratchet started to finish up the cleaning stages, Red Alert started to stitch up one set of wounds near the right hand side while Blades did the other side. Jazzy and Silver looked on into horror I could sense them wanting to cry, I kept on thinking of my big brother Blurr that always helped me through.

"Ok, I'm done with this side."




The End

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