Love Heals All Wounds, Passions Conqured

"Please return to me safely, promise?"

"Elite Guard promise"

"Good Luck"

He went off again; an old friend of my fathers came into the room next. Good old Kup was looking on in amazement, and shock his head. Jazz was Aww struck my first kiss Arh!

"Well you definite take after your mother"

"He he, what with?"

"Your personality, revels the truth in people"

"Is that a good thing?"

"Very good, but remember Ninja rules?"

"Yes we know, we're not allowed to marry it sucks"

"Yep, have the council decided on a new head Ninja?"

"Their thinking about making me it"


"I'm sure, I can handle it"

"Sure you can, I bet Jazz does too?"

Jazz nodded, he knew Silver would have agreed. Silver was back at home fighting alongside my other friends Airblast, ShiftKick and Coldblaze. They would all agree I could handle it but with the added pressure of being in charge of Jazzy War Documents and Medic Documents etc. I really don’t know.

"So what do you say?"

"Let’s do this Jazz"

"That’s the Sky I know"

"Kup can I have Perceptor and Wheeljack prepare our shileds?"

"I'll get on it at once"

Kup rushed off to get them on it, Jazz and I were in total combat gear. Yes mine was abit showy of some areas. But this War, the lifter the outfit the quicker I could move around the cons and stop them from blowing things up.



Jazzy and Professor Langdon were still talking, the Camerlengo went up top to the surface and started to pray, possible for everyone. But if this was my end, I would go out fighting nothing else shorter of a warriors death was acceptable.

"Professor Langdon, are you ready?"

"I'm ready"

"All Spark, show them the enemy"

All Spark geared up again and showed them every single picture or image of every known Decepticon seen, capture or destroy. Jazzy slammed her hammer again and pointed to the leader: Megatorn.

"Is that Megatorn?"

"It is, he's faith and science worse nightmare"


"Science for using it destroy instead of heal"


"By crushing it"

"What are we going to do?"

"You and Victoria are going to go with me, to see the top leading scientist"

"Wheeljack and Preceptor?"


"How long have you been hiding?"

"Far too long"


Jazz and I came face to face with Lugnut and Blackout, with swords and numb chucks at the ready all we were waiting for was the shields. Kup came finally with our shields and fitted them on.

"You’re all ready guys"


"Yeah Kup, Thanks"

"Good Luck, Smash the hell out of them"

"Will do"

"No sweat"

Jazz and I nodded at each other, whispered to each other "Are you with me?" and Jazz replied "To the death" I Actived my super speed again, charged around Blackout freezing his feet as I went. Jazz jumped into action, dodging the fist of Lugnut and his super strength.

"Jazz, mind out!" I yelled over to him,

He looked a rolled out of the way of Lugnut fist. Dust flow up in the air, as the dust begins to settle I looked on in horror of the worst. Oh Jazz...prey you’ll be ok.

"I'm alright"

"Thank the lord!"

"Worried about me?"

"Of course"

"Sky can you give an icy, stretch of road?"

"I sure can"

I jumped into action, rushed over to Jazz. I plunged my sword into ground and built up all my power and froze the road for him. I pulled Jazz up; he smiled and hugged him back.


"No Problem team mate"

"Go and get him"

"Will do"

I rushed over to Blackout, using the holoflash method we were taught in Ninja school, I managed to get on top of Blackout and pull him down. We both Command Richter and his Swiss Guard come out.

"Hey Commander"

"What’s happing?"

"Hmm I don’t know if you can see, but we're trying to get these two away from"

"Vatican City, need help?"

"Jazz do we need help?"

"Err. No we can handle these two, but thanks anyway"

"Ok, anything we can do?"

"You could try and get people away from here, as much as possible"


Commander Richter started to listen to me more after that, I looked towards the Camerlengo window again, something inside grew larger and larger.

"Feel my freeze Decpticreep!"

"Feel my punch Autofool!"

I started to send every little bit of freezing power I had to try and send Blackout running back home, yes even though he was human he was still bigger than me. I charged up to him and super kicked him all the way back home. I saw struggling, rushed over.


"Jazz, I'm coming!"

"Is Blackout?"

"Sent him back"


"Super kick"


I jumped on Lugnut, pulled him off Jazz.Jazz got back up, he noticed my chest, arms and leg was bleeding again. He singled for me to finish it, before I pass out again.


"Let’s finish it together?"


"All Right then"

"Super Icy Tornado?"


Jazzy managed to focus his Mind over Matter move again, as forces my icy power too and we managed to create a powerful energy icy tornado which blow Lugnut and Blackout back home to their HQ. Where ever it is that is? I fell to one knee again, screaming in agony the pain was so bad I could hardly move.


"Jazz, help me!"

"I'm coming"

Jazz rushed to my aid, I was in so much pain I was about to go out. Jazzy and Professor Langdon came out too and rushed to Jazz. Asking so many questions, did we defeat them? How much damage? What happen? Answer 1: Yes we sent them packing, Answer 2: No not much damage, in fact hardly any damage because that last move replaced everything. Answer 3: No I was Ok, the pain was back.

"Sky my friend, I'll get Blades down"

"No, don't I'll be fine"

"Your in pain, no I won't have"

"Jazzy, please..."

"Sky, you’re my best friend. I don't want to lose you"

"Ok, call him then"

End Transmission


The End

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