The Relic Discovered, Past Realised

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As the beams of lights begain to go back towards the all spark, the all spark itself realised its true knowledge in pictures of Cybertorn past. Jazzy slammed her hammer down and it stops at the beginning of the war.

"Five thousand years we have been fighting"

"Every generation since have lost someone in it"

"You three have been chosen by the All Spark Keepers"

"To see the horror of inter garlic war between freedom fighter Autobots"

"And the evil slavery master Decepticons, its your choice you can Jazz and I here"

"Or risk the destruction of all faith and let science forces all humanity in slavery of"

"The evil tyrant Megatorn, its your choice?"

Professor Langdon looked at Jazz and I then back at Victoria and back at me. I was looking at the Camerlengo; I still didn't know his full name? I wanted to know. I find everything about him, so amazing.

"Why us?"

"Two aspects of Science and Faith are back bones"

"So you have read my work?"

"All of it, that what impressed the council"

"And Faith?"

"Ninjas, wanted to learn more about. They are convinced by experience it will bring"

"Hope to your troops during the war"

"Correct, Science can save us but also destroy us at the same time"


Jazzy pointed to centre, Cybertorn our home torn to parts by war. Suddenly Ironhide rushed in, out of breathe he looked in a panic.

"Ironhide what’s wrong?"

"Their here, all of them"


"Decepticons, Blackout and Lugnut"

"Sky, Jazz prepare for battle!"

"Aye commander"

"Right away"

We rushed off to get ready, Professor Langdon looked on at Jazzy and he was holding Victoria's hand firmly. Camerlengo chases after me, Jazz and I were in the armoury looking for our gear when he came rushing in.


"Father, what are you doing?"

"I couldn't let you leave without saying it"

"That you love me"

"Yes, that I never want you to leave my side"

I blushed; he placed his hands around my side and pressed his lips against mine. I slowly closed my eyes and dropped whatever I was holding and slowly pressed my lips against his.


The End

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