Reliving the Hurt

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I used all my energy in that last attack, I just floated down and fell into Jazz arms. Jazz smiled, he knew that those sorts of attacks were impressive but also quite hard to do. Camerlengo held my hand in his and kissed it.

“I’m so glad you’re alright”

“I’m just glad to see your face again”

“Jazz, will she be alright?”

“Yes she will be fine; all she needs is sleep now”

“Can I stay with her tonight Jazz?”
“That would okay with me, it will give a chance to inform command”
“Why do you need to inform them?”
“Sky is Jazzy’s our commander best friend and second in command”

“Ok I see now, we she be made or angry?”
“No, she knows Sky gives her life for anyone”
“Yes, she took five bullets for me and many others”

Camerlengo stroked my face gently; Commander Richter came rushing out too he saw me asleep in Jazz arms with Camerlengo looking at me.

“Is she?”
“Shh asleep yes”
“Oh thank God”
“You thought I was dead?”
“Sky, you’re awake?”
“Barely Jazz”

“Want me or the Camerlengo to take you to bed?”
“Both go together. Then you can get some sleep too”

“His not sleeping with me, just caring to my bed”

I held my chest; Jazz noticed I was in pain again. Commander Richter asked what happen, Jazz explained what happen. He ordered the Swiss Guard to go looking for anymore Decepticons foot prints or clues. Professor Langdon and Doctor Victoria came out too, looking very confused.

“What happen?”
“Decepticon attack, she managed to scare them off but at the risk of all her energy”

“How is she?”
“She’s tried and bit hurt”
“Is she awake?”

“Yes I am, barely”

“Oh sorry, Sky”
“No worries Professor. It’s a pleasure to meet you”
“You know about me?”
“Two of my friends are fans of your work”
“Really who?”
“Professor Wheeljack and Leading Scientist Preceptor” 


I feel asleep in his arms again, Jazz just smiled not everyone knows that amazing amount of power which is needed to create a Cybertian Storm on a planet which has hardly any of the rights gasses on.

I feel asleep in his arms again, Jazz just smiled not everyone knows that amazing amount of power which is needed to create a Cybertian Storm on a planet which has hardly any of the rights gasses on.

"Is she hurt?"

"Tiny bit, but tried mostly"

"All we saw was the snow hailing down"

"That was Sky at full strength"

"Why did she do it?"

"Because she knew it was the only way to scary of the Decepticons"

"Can you name them all?"

"Megatorn, Starscream, Blackout, Strika, Oil Slick"

"Is that all?"

"No let me finish, Blackaracina, Cyclones, Skywarp, Ramjet, Dirge, and Thundercaker"

"How many more?"

"Other a thousand"

"Woo, which one is the most powerful"

"Meg...atron is the most powerful and the harshest"

"Sky, you’re still awake?"

"Yes, Jazz"

I couldn't get back to sleep, I was so much pain. I just wanted to be with warmth even I could die by it. I didn't care; my greatest fear was not being with my friends off or on the battlefield. I know as long as I had them I would be alright

"Sky, why won't you rest?"

"Why isn't important right now?"

"It is though, if you and Jazz are our only hope against the Decepticons"

"I need to be surrendered by warmth in my time of healing"


"Friends, people around me. People I love and who love me"


"No, that’s what I need right now. I know Megatorn will be back"

"Then what shall you do?"

"And that moment, I shall be ready for anything

I nodded to Jazz; he smiled back down at me. We both lived the tragic loss of Master Yoketorn and witness Megatorn devastating power first hand and with the witness of our own eyes. Jazz knew I was strong, other wise why would Jazzy had picked me as her second in command and her right hand general to lead men into combat for.

"I think what Sky means is, maybe its time to show the thing we have been hiding"

"Which is?"

"Smallest, most powerful and yet most beautiful relic in Cybertorn History"

"Wow, why now?"

"You've earn our trust, Jazz open the tunnels"


"Every Cybertorn Elite Guard that has been sent to a county to protect someone"

"Has often built tunnels to hide in, or do secret work inside incase of an attack"

"Amazing, so which one is this?"

"Tunnel 189 to 699"


"In other words project Guardian"

Jazz opened the tunnel, I crawled into it. Followed by Jazz, Camerlengo and Professor Langdon and Doctor Victoria Vetta.

Jazz helped me walked along the narrow tunnels. Computer system noticed us, which meant its working for a change!

"Officer: SkyRockit Prime, Second in Command"


"Officer: Jazz, Third in Command"


"Oh yeah and guests"


Doors opened, inside was only a handful of Cybertian Men and Women working alongside each other watching C.C.T.V footage and scientist working on the cures for the age old problem known as cosmetic rust.

"This place is amazing, Jazz"

"This is only half of it, this is built for Scientist"

"So where are we going?"

"To project Omega Supreme"

"Which is?"

"Big Guardian of this old relic"

"Can you unlock it?"

"No, only Sky can"


As we walked along the door, I could sense the tension form the others around us. Never before had two commanding officers had taken three outsiders inside the tunnels of an elite guard.


"Ok, Sky it’s up to you"



I stood in front of the door, the computer scanned me. Then the doors open and there stood the commander, and Omega. I walked in proud; it was good to see my old friend again.




"Your hurt, Jazz what happen?"

"Decepticon Attack"

"Oh that bad"

"Yes she used all her power to drive them away"



"Well good to see you made, welcome to Project Omega"

Omega stood proud, he was massive compared to us. Guarding that door was a big job, inside of it contain every little relic form the smallest book to the all spark itself.

"Ok, friends this is the moment"

"Where we going?"

"Inside that door"


"Watch Sky, first

I walked over to Omega; he smiled at me and picked me up by his giant hand. Yes he was a massive part of Cybertorn being a ship an all. I patted him on the face, he smiled and back and put me down

"Ok Sky your can in" He said loudly through his deep voice

"Thank You Omega!"

"Welcome" He replied back

Door open, Omega stood aside. Commander led us; Professor Langdon had tight hold of Victoria hand. She just smiled at him, he was nervous; the Camerlengo had hold of my hand.

"Is this all science?"

"No of course not, only the front bit"

"Ok, which bit is religion?"

"Bit were now entering"

"Ok, Sky..."


"You sure about this?"

"100% Sure"


As we walked into the massive volt, the door behind was tightly shut and guarded by two of excellent well train guards known as Ironhide and Brawn. Commander permitted our entry into the Grand Room.

"Ok, my officers go and open it"

"Open what?"

"The Chest of the All Spark"

I kissed the Camerlengo on the check and walked up the stairs alongside Jazz that lead to the All Spark as we entered the keys into the chest my heart was pounding and my knees became weaker.As Jazz and I turned the two keys inside the chest, our hands started to shake. We couldn't stop now, we turned them until it clicked and Jazz locked at me in a way which said now Sky

"Is it ready?!"
"Yes my commander"
"Pull it, so you they can it pure power"
"As you wish"

As we pulled the chest apart the pure shinning light surronder us inside the volt. As Camerlengo looked at me, I too looked at him in complete Aww. I know now he is the one I was meant to protect form Megatorn and form anyone one else. Jazz scaned the area as the massive beams of light started to slow down and become smaller .

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The End

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