Shadowing The Camerlengo

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I looked at him, and then looked at Jazz. I was still looking into Camerlengo deep eyes. Jazz managed to convince Commander Richter to leave the room for a bit. Then there was Camerlengo and I, I brought out my photo book.

“You once said to me, that you wanted to know more about me did you not?”
“Yes I did but…”
“I’ll only share my secrets about my past with those who I trust”
“You trust me?”

“I’ve prayed for this moment”

I pulled myself closer to him, open the book.

“You said you were orphan, before you were adopted right?

“Well my brother and I lost our parents during the great war”
“I’m sorry”
“We were sent to two catholic churches to be raised by its priests and nuns”
“Yes, when we reached the age of 17 we were sent back home to train”
“For what?”

“To train to become soldiers of war”

“Our home is at war, ravage by civil war between us noble Autobots and the Devilish Cons”

“Arh, so where you go?”
“I went to train as a medic for two years, while Blurr was sent to Boot Camp”

“So your brother, what did he become?”
“He worked into intelligences”

“And you?”
“I was different; I went into Ninja training”
“So is that where you meet Jazz?”

I held my chest, in pain again. Camerlengo saw Jazz remove the bandages on my chest, so he processed to do the same.

“I was wondering alone, when you came into my life”
“Why do you stay alone?”
“Because I’m afraid to love again”
“Why is that?”
“Because everyone that gets close to me, gets killed”
“I promise it won’t happen to me”


I laid on the bed, placed the Camerlengo hand on the wiped marks on my back. He rolled his hand down and with every mark he felt it started to bleed again.  His face was one shock and amazement.

“Sky, your back?”
“Bares the marks of sacrifice for a faith I believe in”

“I would like to be around me everyday”
“Your energy shows me, that you have faith”
“My duty is to protect, serve those within the Vatican City”

“So will you?”
“Of course”

“You can tell me everything about yourself”

I pointed to the bandages, the needle. The Camerlengo nodded and walked over to it and brought it over. He sat on the bed, started to unwrap my bandages, he clean the wounds.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?”
“I trust you”
“Ok then”

“Are you the popes second in command”

“You could say that”
“I’m my commanders, second in command”
“Whats your roles?”
“I work alongside her ultraness, doing paperwork and helping out”

“So how did you get these marks?”
“Sometimes, when no one else will save the victims”
“They send you in?”
“Yes always”

He wiped the blood away; re bandaged my wounds and injected the liquid back into my body again.

“My duty is too protect, no matter what cost”
“No matter the cost?”
“Marks, wounds and sacrifice”

“Sky, I feel safer when I’m around you”
“I feel the same, when I’m around you”

I got back up, put my hand on his. He looked at me, helped me up. I walked towards the little yellow box which contains my most personal items of my past.

“Wise old friend said I would find my happiness away from hope”
“You think that’s here?”
“Yes, I know it”

I opened it, inside was the key to Blurr Locket he gave me. I brought it out and placed it into the key hole on the locket which unlock the series of pictures of my brother and I when were we small.

"Wow, is that you?"

"Yes with my big brother"

"Aren’t you small?"

"They were taken after our parent’s death"

"I lost my parents too"

"Blurr and I both swore to revenge them"

"Is that why Jazz is always protective over you?"

"Because he knows it will be that time again soon"

"Which time?"

"The time we're all Autobots are called to defend their protective homes"

"Like you and Rome?"

"Yes, against the evil which is Megatorn? And his troops of hell"

Jazz came rushing into the room again, this time out of breath. I looked at him; he pointed to the all spark and nodded. Its time to fight again, I looked into the eyes of Camerlengo again.

"We haven't got much time before he comes"

"Ok, Jazz. Camerlengo can you get the Swiss Guard to give us a protective pass?"

"Yes I can try, will I see you again?"

"Of course, Jazz and I are to going underground for a while"

"And then we are coming out to fight Megatorn"

"Then what?"

"We'll come back"


Jazz and I prepared for battle, Jazz looked at me and I looked at him. We nodded and agreed no man gets left behind.

. I looked to the window; I saw the Camerlengo watching, alongsie Commander Richter and the Swiss Guard.

"Sky, you get Blackout"

"You'll get Lugnut"

"Yes, Team"


I used my super sonic speed to go straight to Blackout, attacking him with everything I had. Couple time I was knocked back down on back, then I looked to the window and I saw his face.

"C'mon Autobot, you speed your every moment protecting these Fleshings"

"I'm right here, Blackout. I'm letting you in this holy place"

"Foolish Autobot"

I quickly moved and froze his feet, slide out of the way of him falling on top of me and throw my ninja stars at him and knocked him out. Suddenly another couple of cons came. Oh great...Lockdown this time.

"Bounty Hunter!"


"Your mine!"

His weapon classed with mine, my shades shone in the light. Looking toward the window he was still there. Time to end this, I nodded to Jazz.

"Jazz, its time!"

"You sure?!"

"Yes and 100%"

"Okay go for it"

I jumped out of the way and charged to the top of the pillow outside of Vatican City and started to summon a large icestrom to frighten off the Decepticons. But doing this would take a lot of me.

"Sky! It’s working!"

"Jazz what’s happing?"

"Camerlengo, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here because I'm here"

"She creating a Cybertorn Snow Storm"

"Will she be ok afterwards?"

"I hopes she going to be okay”


The End

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