Regain My Spark

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Jazz, sat on the bed praying that I would pull through. Well I’m not going to say I didn't because I won't be here if I didn't. But after a couple of minutes the medicine started to work. Outside the room, Camerlengo was waiting for news. Jazz saw the signs and walked outside.

"Would you like to see her?"
"If that alright?"
"Of course"
"What happen?"
"I think her past wounds started to bleed again, which in turn caused so much"
"Pain and due to the fact we Ninjas have been fasting that might have helped"
"Fasting for what?"
"It’s our time of reflection"
"Time we look back on ourselves"
"Regain yourself, I know"
"Yeah but because her wounds have not gotten better yet it must have taken a lot"
"How do you know she is turning around?"
"Fingers move, her shades show her eyelids moving too"
"Well if there anything, I can do you two?"
"There is something, its a little something"
"What is it?"
"Sky needs something to eat, can you?"
"I'll get on it"

I managed to regain myself, so I pulled myself up. Jazz smiled and shock his head. Walked up to me, sat on the bed with me.

"Its time?"
"To clean my wounds again?"
"You must hate doing it Jazz"
"As long as it keep you alive, I do not mind"
"Aww thanks"

Couple Minutes....

There was a knock on the door, Jazz got up and answer it. Camerlengo came back into the room, I was awake this time. With all my bandages off, food but its fasting time isn't it. Jazz.

"How you feeling?"
"Better, now that Jazz is cleaning my painful wounds"
"How did you come to getting them?"
"Its a long story, sit beside Jazz and I'll tell"

Jazz was beginning to clean up the wounds on my back first because they were the worst ones. They resents, being captured due to being a Ninja and setting free others but being caught yourself.

"The ones on my back, which look like lashing. Are far the most remember able"
"Why is that?"
"I was sent on a mission to spy on the Decepticons and set free their prisoners"
"I got caught, the rest managed to escape. Megatorn’s two leading men. Oil Slick"
"And the other one we saw today?"
"Yea, Lockdown and Oil Slick took turns slash a chain with poisonous spikes on"
"Against your back, ouch?"
"Yea, I chain into a cell for fifteen days and nearly died"
"Did that experience shake your faith?"
"Nope, because all the time I was slashed and wiped I prayed for someone"
"Your looking at him, Jazz came to my aid"
"Jazz and you have a strong bound"
"I know his lover, she’s my best friend"
"Can you Ninjas marry?"
"Err...No... Unless we want to give up some of our skills and liberties"
"So, you’re more or less like priest?"
"In some ways yes"
"Who the most interesting?"
"Err...depends in which context? Jazz research Culture while I do beliefs"
"I mean, when we looked at your files, Jazz's had lots of Info and yours?"
"Well I keep my past to myself because it's to painful to remember"

Time for the big injection time, I tried to cover the pain as much as I could but it hurt so bad I clenched my fist as the liquid went into my body. Jazz started to re bandage my whole back up again. I sat up after that, straight.

"Then what about your hands?"
"Burns came when I was in the mist of battle, trying to lift a burning pillar of Jazz"
"Wow, does Jazz have burns?"
"All mine have healed, its just Sky’s burns were a little more in heat"
"As I lifted up the pillar, I could feel the heat burning away at my flesh"
"You must have some sort of shield?"
"Nah, just luck. Beside all the saving and sacrificing I do for others. God keeps me"
"You believe in a God?"
"Yes without a doubt, otherwise I would still be here. After that near death bit"
"Some people call her the angel, because she has pulled herself and others out"
"Of some dangers and risky situations"
"Science is second nature to us. Jazz and I are strongly religious"
“Sky, I’m going to pop to the car and get the second dose”
“Ok Jazz”

I pulled myself up again, Camerlengo came closer it was like once the wounds were clean and re bandage he wasn’t scared anymore. I held my chest in pain, looked at picture of my brother and smiled.

“I know Jazz really well, but I know hardly anything about you?”
“Would you like to know more about me?”
“Yes very such so, because your properly heard this before but?”
“Why something as beautiful as me fighting in a war?”
“Yes, how did you know?”
“I have trained in mind reading too”
“You’re amazing”

I looked at him and started wondered if I should open myself to him, then I started to sense an uneasy presence. In the room as I’m always right. There was a Decepticon in this room.

“Father, get behind me”
“Why, what wrong?”
“There is a Decepticon in the room”
“Your in no fit state to fight”
“I have to, it my duty to protect”
“Please don’t”

Surely enough the Decepticon came out, Oil Slick… I froze and dropped my weapons. Oil Slick just laughed, brought out the chain same chains which gave me the first set of marks. Camerlengo just looked on amazement, I could he wanted to call the Swiss Guard.

“Little Autobot scared to see me again”
“I’m not scared of you Oil Slick!”
“Yes you are, as soon as Lockdown comes back.”
“What? Lockdown”
“Its for your punishment little Autobot”
“You can slash me as many times as you won’t I’ll never gave up”

Lockdown came in, I looked at the Camerlengo, and he looked at me. I managed to fight them off, but once again it took a lot out of me, luckily Camerlengo was there. I fell one knee, and held my chest. Camerlengo looked at me, tried to help me up. I looked into his eyes, felt complete overwhelm I should be doing it; He’s a member of the holy church.

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine”
“Your not”
“Ok, I admit it I’m in pain”
“What can I do?”
“Stay where you are, just let me you are there”
“Is that Jazz coming?”
“I think so”

Jazz rushes in alongside the Commander Richter, Camerlengo helps me up. My chest is so painful I can handle stand up properly with every pain running through my body, I felt somewhat safer in Camerlengo arms.

"Oil Slick again"
"Great, come on then"

Jazz started to help me up, I sat on the bed. Jazz careful removed my already blood stained bandages and both the commander richter and camerlengo looked shocked to see a nacked body.

"What, haven't you seen a war beaten body before?"
"Ok, Jazz?"
"Chest is nearly finished"

The pain was unbarely, but looking into his eyes again I felt that warm feeling again. Message came through. Council were in meeting on their decision to go to full out war with the Decepticons.

"Steady, your not ready yet"

Commander Richter ordered the Swiss Guard to sereach for Oil Slick, I laughed as he ordered it. He looked at me, I looked at him and shock my head.

"Why do you laugh?"
"Your Swiss Guard won't find him"
"Why is that?"
"All Decepticons are masters of hiding and ecaping"
"How can that be?"
"Do you honestly think, if they wern't we would be still flighting them?"
"No, we wouldn't. Their sneaky, double crosses and devilish clever"
"So, how come they caught you off guard?"

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The End

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