Making Choices

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 Jazz and I were still on the road, I was trying to keep calm but all my nerves were saying look what if these people don't like you? Don't like you or Jazz? All Jazz kept saying was we are here to do a job to invest age the meaning of a faith and to protect everyone in the Vatican City form the likes of Megatorn and his crew form enslaving the world and crushing all hope

"Ok thanks Jazz"

"No Problem, don't you think you should have little longer pants though?"

"Nope, this is my combat outfit"

"I know but these are holy people inside here"

"Ok, will do"

 I changed my pants to a longer length; Jazz nodded and started to dodge the crowds. It looked, like important event, so to avoid the cameras. Jazz drove around the back. Parked the car, he jumped out and grabbed his numb chucks and put his ninja mask on. Face it, two important warriors of an unknown origin needed to keep their ID's hidden for the time being.

"Ok, you ready?"

"Yeah, just trying to wind down"

"Ok, come on then"

 I got out of the car, walked around to the boot. Grabbed my swords and put them in their pouches for safe keeping. These blades mean the world to me, since they had been given to me from Master Yoketorn.

"Jazz, I think we should show these guards our ID's?"

"Scary aren’t they?"

"Or shall we sneak in using stealth?"

"Oh I like the second one"

"Let’s do it"

 I went into stealth; begin to walk up the guards. I was through, easy so I came out of stealth until I was caught. I showed them my ID, they let me through, and I was looking around the place and felt so small compare to the scale of this place. I singled to Jazz,  to follow. He walked up the guard, showed his ID to them.

"Amazing isn't it?"

"Yea, you got any idea where we're going?"

"It depends, if you want me to use the visual thing again"

"Last time you did it, you hurt yourself, so no"


"So lets spilt up, I'll go north. You go west"

"Ok, will do Jazz"

 So I walked through the massive halls, trying to keep out of everyone way. I felt so alone and left in total darkness.

Finding the organic creations in the building amazing, I had never seen such a well organised, well design building in my whole duty of serving. It was incredible. I heard someone coming, so I went into stealth and stayed put.

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes father"

"Have our guests arrived?"

"No sign of them yet"

"Keep an eye out for them, they are very important"

"I don't see why we need them, the Swiss Guard is perfectible able to handle it"

"Who over sea’s the electing of a new Pope?"


"And whose decisions are more important at the moment?"


"Very Good"

"What’s their names father?"

"I believe their names are Jazz and Sky"

At the moment, Jazz contacted me at the wrong moment

may I add. I panic, fell out of stealth. The two looked at me, I picked myself up again. Showed them my Id they smiled and nodded.

"Arh it’s so nice to meet you"

"You too father"

"Why were you hiding?"

"Those guards are scary"

"Swiss Guard"

"Arh, it’s in my job to hide places"

"Which is?"

"Part Medic, Part Ninja"

"Arh, so you have experience in protecting people then?"

"Yes, but we Ninja are not a violent type. We spent most of our times ether in?"

Jazz came out his stealth somewhere. And added to the topic, I shock my head in disappointed. He shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm Jazz, Sky's battle partner"

"Nice to meet you too Jazz"

"We are often found in rooms quietly meditation or some case flecking eh?"

"Well I have to do it a lot"

"Interesting, so this question will be a strong answer?"

"Depends what it is?"

"Are you two religious?"

"Very, I think we both had experience on that level"

The other gentlemen, god knows what his name was. I zoomed my shades on his badge; the other person name was Commander Richter head of the Swiss Guard. Great...

"You’re a commander too?"

"Yes am I"

"I am too back at home"

"What are you in charge of?"

"Sorting War Supplies and Leading the troops into battle etc"

"So you have witness war?"

"Our home is ravage by it, caught in civil war"

"Oh, sounds nasty"

"It’s my job as a medic and a commander to make the best moves"

"How many men have you saved?"

"Over 1500 I think, I don't really count"

Jazz came over to me, whispered something in my ear. I thought to myself at the moment already, where are they coming from. Jazz showed me where they were hidding. No Decepticon is getting away from me this time. Sorry No!

"Jazz, you go that way"

"Aye boss"

"What’s happing?"

"Err...Decepticon Bounty Hunter has been spotted"

"Is it bad?"


"Is it worth getting the Swiss Guard involved?"

"No offence to them, but this guy will slaughter them one by one"

"Oh, he has idea of sins then?"

"This guy is apart of group called Decepticons, who are bent on destroying faith"

 I heard Jazz shouting me, so I had to run. Achieving my super speed I learned from my big brother Blurr. I raced all around the place, up the stairs where Jazz was.

"Look, there he is"

"With Lugnut, Strika aswel?!"

"Shh you're blow our cover"

"How did they get in though?"

We both heard footsteps again; we knew it was Camerlengo who was one the first people we met. He looked at us, and then continued to walk up to us.

"What are you guys doing?"

"See those three?"


"Bad guys + Religious Place = Trouble"


"So, Jazz is going to go that way to corner them and I'm going the opposite"

"Good plan commander"

"Thanks Jazz"

"Will it cause must damage?"

"No hopeful not. Because we're use another ninja trick called Mind over Matter"

"This will try and prevent a noise and breakage"

"Thank You"


Jazz went forward, into stealth and slowly corner around. He singled to me, I went off and into stealth and with our weapons out. We managed to catch them off guard.



"Surrender or else"

"Or else what?"

"We get Lugnut to blow the whole place apart"

"You’re not serious?"

"Oh we are very serious"

Jazz managed to use the same move, we practiced with on Lugnut. He grabbed onto him and focuses really hard and managed somehow to transport him outside far away from the building. So I followed with Strika and managed to fight them off there. Lockdown well...just stayed

Three Hours Later....














The End

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