On their way

5 Hours later....Rome.


Jazz awoke from his sleep with a big crash, my parking is rough I must admit. Jazz looked around, got back up and yawn.


"Ok, lets go"

"What? This is Rome?"

"Only five minutes away from our final cause"

"You’re kidding right?"



"Stop your moaning, get tidy up in your combat gear"

"Yes boss"


As we both got changed into our ninja combat gear, my wounds open again.

Jazz heard my screams of agony and rush into the room. Luckily my medicine case was open so he just grabs the needle and injected it into me.



"Hang on Sky, nearly done"

"Arh, Jazz it hurts"

"I know"


Jazz rushed back to the case, brought out some medical antiseptic and bandages. Yes even though my hands were bleeding too, my back and my leg Jazz didn't complain that what makes him such a great team player. And excellent partner to work with.

"Nearly done"

"Thanks Jazz"

"No Problem"

"So, you are looking forward to this mission?"

"Nervous, it most be important if the commander marked it"


"Silver told me, to not to worry about it"

"She’s right"

"Ok nearly there"



 Jazz finished tying my bandages up, packed up all my medicines up and went off to get ready properly this time. Five Minutes later, I walk out wearing my combat gear some of lads say its very showy off of some of my body parts. For instance I only have a sort bottom part with a long cape attached to it with cases for ninja stars to go in.

"You done Jazz?"

"Yea, just missing your gift"



"What is it?"

"I'm not telling"

"Aww Jazz"

"It’s a little something to say thanks for taking me"


Jazz came out with a small box in his hand, Jazz open it. Inside was a friendship locket and inside the locket was a picture of him, Blurr and me. I looked at him, wiped my tears away. I hugged him so hard, and cried Thank You.


"You’re Welcome"

"Jazz it’s beautiful"

"Silver and I picked it out for you"

"Say thank you from me"

"I will"

 I put it around my neck, as I looked at bandaged hands and arms. I felt a somewhat proud of my friends. Jazz and Silvershoot were some of my faithful friends alongside Jazzy and Jetstorm too.

"You drive?”

"Who me?"

"Yea it’s your car"

"No way"       

"Yes way"

 Jazz walked into the back of the ship, started up his car and drove around. I walked out of the ship, in my hands were the swords, my shades covered my somewhat icy blue eyes form the world.

 "Jump in"


 I threw my sword in the boot,

got into Jazz flash motor. He smiled as he put his Numb Chuck on the back seat. I shock my head, knowing it would go to his head. We had no idea; about the people in Vatican City would see us or even accept us. But Jazz said keep in stealth until asked, like was one of the Master saying. 






The End

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