Uncovering the Trueth

This Story is about two friends, from the planet Cybertorn. Second in Command SkyRockit and Thrid in Command Jazz are sent to earth and straight to Vatican City to protect and guard the people inside it. People on Earth still conside the Elite Guard and the Autobots to be somesort of a myth or legend that never has been proved to exist. But the highly religous Cyber Ninjas have been devoted to protecting imporant memebers of strong faiths like Calthoic Church. Now with the raise of Megatorn and threats of humanity being pushed into slavery again. Can Sky and Jazz managed to learn, save and possiable Love in Sky's case on this mission.

Mission Number: 189


Officers in charge: Jazz Third in Command, SkyRockit Second in Command


Mission: To learn and gain new information on how Religion and Culture shape the organic way of life. Be warned their world is in a bit of panic at the moment Sky; Jazz no more videos on music try other things.




Mission Number: 189


Officer in Charge: SkyRockit Prime


Response Comment: It’s a welcomed suggestion to a more or less stressed out officer. And Jazz is an awesome partner to work with. It’s a chance to grain more allies and support from religious leaders and gain faith in myself again. Maybe?




Walking though Cybertorn command centre, feeling the stress, tension and misguided hope and faith lost. I start to sing our anthem in the hope of relighting their flare of hope. Our Commander, Jazzy walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed while I was looking for my training gear for this afternoon session with Jazz.



“I’ve got a mission for you?”
“Go to Rome; seek out the place called Vatican City”
“What the mission objective?”
“To gain trust, respect with its people”
“To learn about this thing Sari calls Religion”
“Ok, can I take a partner?”
“Of course”

“Good Luck friend”
“Thanks again Jazzy”


Jazzy walked back out of my room, I started to pack for this massive mission. I guess it would be different sights from this one of war and pain. It would be a chance to see the world from a different set of eyes. To show the organic of efforts to keep them safe form Megatorn Tyranny and Punishment.


“Sky, you ready?”
“Yes, Jazz that you?”
“No its Wheeljack”
“I’ve got your human forms badges ready”

“Plus all your weapons, combat modes have been updated”
“Awesome, Thanks Wheeljack”


Wheeljack gave me my badge; I attached it to my chest plate. Suddenly I was transformed into an organic; I looked into the mirror and was amazed by what I saw.


“You have surpassed yourself again”
“What upgrades did you do on my weapons?”
“I enhanced your swords with anti breakage material”


"Yes indeed, plus your ninja stars now realise a freezing mist"

"Wheeljack your best"

"I know"


Perceptor came into the room, looked at me then Wheeljack. Shock his head and walked up to me with my ninja stars.


"Guys, you are brilliant"

"We know"

"Jazz is ready"

"Ok, I'll be there in a minute"


As I started to pack up my remaining things, like a picture of Blurr and me and picture of my little sparkling god bless his spark buts it’s in a safe place now I guess. Four losses in my life, witness comrade dying in my arms as we fight against the evil Decepticons.


"Sky you ready?"

"I'm coming Jazz"

"Good, two minutes to beam time"

"Arh, we're beaming?"


"Can't we take the ship?"

"If you know how to fly it?"

"You’re talking to an expert flyer here"

"True, so the ship then"



Jazz rushed to the ship, I shortly followed. Said my thank yours and goodbyes and ran to the ship. Jazz was chilling out already, it might a small ship but hey I earn the right to have it.


"What about taking the jets?"

"No too loud"


"So what did you take with you then?"

"My human ninja gear like combat outfit and numb chucks"

"Awesome, I took my ninja gear, combat gear and swords"

"And Masters helmet I hope"

"In memory of him yes"



I started the ship up; Jazz and I were looking forward to this mission. It was a chance to see part of the humans or organics world we have not seen yet. Chance to explore and find out things.

The End

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