Free Me

School is a blur. Home is hell. The world is a b*tch waiting to mess you up and laugh at you when you fall.  My bedroom blasting music? Pure ecstasy.  The Rocket Summer, his music set my soul on fire and made me wanna burst with joy.  When ever things weren't right I often blasted his music and danced around.  It was over.

Text Message 06/28/10 6:17pm 

Jeremy Babe <3: Hey, so whats up?

Outgoing Message 06/28/10 6:19pm 

To Jeremy Babe <3; Haii, nothing grounded again -,-,, you?

Text Message 06/28/10 6:20pm

Jeremy Babe <3: Uhh just sitting here thinking..

Outgoing Message 06/28/10 6:23pm

To Jeremy Babe <3: Don't think to hard, aha :)

Text Message 06/28/10 6:25pm

Jeremy Babe <3: I think we should just be friends..

Outgoing Message 06/28/10 6:27pm

To Jeremy Babe <3: You don't like to sugar coat things do you? Well, okiee.

Text Message 06/28/10 6:28pm

Jeremy Babe <3: I didn't know how :\ ,, hey we still good though for you me and zane chillin' at the highschool and going treking?

Outgoing Message 06/28/10 6:29pm

To Jeremy Babe <3: Well der , you r-case, i should hope so ! :)


and that was that. End of that relationship onto the next i guess. So i danced in my room letting the music surround me and free me from this world.

The End

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