Drunk and High

Once I hung up the phone I blasted my music.  One thing people really needed to learn I love screamo.  BrokeNCYDE, Dot Dot Curve :), ToxicSkyMeltDown, PonySlayStation, BloodOnTheDanceFloor, Millionaires, I love them all.  Me , being me, I started dance around to True Love just as my door swung open to my bedroom. 

"Dont you idiots ever knock?" I yelled at them.

"We did," Zane said, "Yer musics way to facken loud we could hear it down the street." 

"Oh shut it you could not." I replied turning it down a couple notches.

"Oh yes we could." Jeremy said turning it from 86 to 24, "Thats way better now we dont have to scream our heads off for you to hear us."

"And thats why I hate you." I said flopping down on my bed.

"No you love me." Jeremy said walking towards me

"Hate you."

"Love me." He persisted only a few steps away

"Never." I said as he leaned in to kiss me. 

"Lets just make out infront of Zane again, eh?" Zane said as Jer's lips moved against mine. I smiled, Zane was always a 3rd wheel, dont get me wrong hes super hot and what ever girl wants..... except that hes always too high to function 97% of the time.  I pulled away and smiled, during making out i had reached into Jeremys' pocket and taken his pipe.

"Loser." I told him holding it up and smiling, no one and i mean no one was allowed to touch his pipe.

"Oh haha very funny give it back." He demanded holding out his hand.

"Nah, I'll keep it for a bit, now lets go blaze!" I said jumping up and running to my dresser. I pulled a plastic bag out which contained about 6 grams in it of weed.  

"You truely amaze me." Zane said walking towards me.

"Uh, you aint getting my stash, you can blaze some with me but no way in hell are you stealing it again." I said holding it above my head hoping that would keep it away from him. 

And thats how this sort of thing normally went.  We were stoners, simple as that.  


I dont know what was first.  Me being high or me being drunk.  We had gone into a forest to blaze and ran into a few others who had drinks.  I walked home my arms around zane's and jeremy's shoulders. I stumbled around laughing at random things. I had no idea what in earth I was doing but suddenly i tripped and I rolled into a ditch.

"Haley!" They both yelled running to me.

"Shut up Leprechauns!" I yelled back at them. 

Somehow I woke up in my bed completely fine.  Woah.  What happened? I couldn't remember a thing.  On my nightstand my phone buzzed and lit up.  Awh cr@p, 32 texts.  I ignored them all and called Zane.  Thats when he explained what had happened to me. They had walked me home after i fell in the ditch and my mom wasnt home so they put me in my bed waited till my mom got home incase i woke up or something then snuck out my window.  

Greatttt, I really needed to stop doing that.

The End

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