"Awh! no!" I yelled out as I pulled out my last smoke and lit it.  I have to go get more and fast.  

"Daisy sit." I said and like usual she obyed. I tied her to a small tree and proceeded to walk to a coner store. The nearest one was about a 5 minute walk away and everyone there knew me.  Both a good thing and a bad thing.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out $25.  It was almost all I had left.  I'd have to get some more money some how, but that was a problem for later on.  I ran the last minute to the corner store but trust me, smokers lung and running, not fun.  

"Hey Sam!" I yelled to a guy standing near the door to the store.

"Hey there Haley," Same replied, "What will it be today?"

"Uh 2 packs of Export 'a' Blue." I told him giving him $25, "Actually make it one gold one blue." 

"Okay, sure thing." He replied as he turned to go into the store.  A few minutes later he came out with two 20 packs of smokes for me.  

"Thanks Sam, keep the change." I said as I took the smokes and headed back where Daisy was. 

When I got to Daisy she instantly started jumping up and down and barking at me in a happy tone.  

"Shut up you stupid dog." I said lighting another smoke.  I normally don't smoke this much but when I'm mad or stressed or annoyed I smoke.  I left her tied to a tree and went to a small bridge over a river to finish my smokes.  I had no pockets or a bag so i just held the packs in my hand.  Just then Daisy came running out of no where dragging the small tree behind her and leaped on me.  

"GET OFF OF ME YOY STUPID FREAKIN DOG!" I yelled as my 2 packs of smokes went flying into the river below.  "UGH! there goes $25. "

"I grabbed Daisy's leash and dragged her home, so far today sucks.  Can't wait to start my chores.


I got home and kicked my dirty shoes off and threw my lighter on the counter in the kitchen and picked up the list of things to do.  

Walk the dog. That was complete. Only thirty million more to go.  I decided the next thing I'd do was sweep and mop the floors while blasting music.  I put YellowBus by BrokeNCYDE on and blasted it till the whole house shock and proceeded to sweep the floors.  Not going to bore you with details.  I swept, mopped, scrubbed, vacuumed, cleaned, dusted, washed, folded, tied up, replaced random things and took care of all the animals.  Yes 4:18 .  All y friends had been out of school for a while and had probably finished their homework , like they even did it, and my brother had soccer till 6 and my mom was at work till 7. Perfect!! 

I picked up the phone and dialled a number i knew very well. 

"Hello?" Said a deep husky voice.

"Hey Jeremy, it's Haley, get over here no one home for 2 hours buddy." I told him.

"I'll be there in 20 minutes but im bringing Zane too." He replied.

"I wouldn't ask for anything less." and i hung up the phone.  My day was finally getting better.

The End

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