I don't know how it got this bad.  I used to be a smart kid straight A's and trusted by everyone always had money and i was smart with what I spent it on.  My parents enjoyed spending time with me and were proud to boast about my accomplishments. That was about 4 months ago though and now all that stuff seems like a faded backwards universe that no one can believe.  

"Haley! Get down here now!" My mom barked from downstairs, her voice booming up haunting me.  I opened my door slowly, i knew i was in for it.  I walked down stairs slowly trying to make our squeaky stairs soundless.

"Yee, mom?"  I asked as i walked into the big kitchen so clean and white that it almost blinded me.

"You have a list of chores to do," She said as she pointed to a long piece of paper with words scribbled across it, great.

"Okay, fine." I said picking it up and looking at it.

 walk the dogs, do not go in the forest.  Feed all animals including the hamster and fish which you have almost starved to death.  Wash the bathtub and do not just rinse it with water and say clean.

The list went on and on with do's and don'ts and nagging chores.

"No child of mine gets suspended unpunished." My mom murmered as she threw random food into her bag for work., "I'm late and I'll probably have to work late too. Goodbye Haley."

"Peace." I replied while waving with my middle finger, index and thumb.

"And stop being such a brat." She said as she slammed the door behind her.

"Can't a kid get freakin suspended for weed once and a while?" I said to myself slapping the list down on the counter top.

"Not without mom spazzing on you Hay." My older brother Jake said as he grabbed his school bag and left waving bye to me.  

I rolled my eyes and grabbed an apple and the dog leash and my bag.  

"Daisy get over here!" I yelled to my dog.  As suddenly as I had said it i wished I hadn't.  A big mass of golden fur came running around the corner and leaped at me knocking me to the floor.  

"Stupid golden retriever." I said attaching her leash and heading out the front door.  I know my mom had written not to go to the forest but it was my choice and thats exactly where i went.  The second i got into the forest i lit a smoke, export 'a' gold king size. This was a typical day for me. Smoke, chill out, smoke weed, get drunk, go home, get grounded. I was fine with all of it except the getting grounded part.

The End

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