Amelia Henderson wakes up one morning, no longer who she thinks she is.

The young girl kissed her fiancee goodnight. His lips were soft against hers. She enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around her, keeping her safe. The kiss ended too soon, as they always did. The man pulled her into him wrapping his arms tighter around her. Even wrapped in his embrace, she shivered from the cool early spring air. She knew if she didn't go inside soon her parents would wonder why she wasn't home and they would come looking for her. She couldn't understand how she could be so lucky as to have a man as perfect as this one love her the way that he did. She knew now that her childhood crushes were just that; crushes. She had thought she was in love many times before but nothing had ever felt like this. This man loved her with all of his heart. She smiled at the thought and hugged tighter.

'Thank you, God, for blessing me in this way. I don't deserve this man, I've done nothing worthy of such a reward, but you gave him to me anyway.'

"You should get inside before your parents wonder." The man interupted her silent prayer. She glanced down at her fiancee's watch. 8:02.

"It's Friday night, and I'm 19 years old." She defended and smiled up at the gentle face. "I am tired though." She knew it wouldn't be long before she would see him again. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Absolutely." He bent down to kiss her forehead then straightened and watched as she opened her front door and walked inside. She watched out the window as the handsom man walked down the sidewalk, got in the front seat of his car and drove away.

The house was dark. She knew her parents were awake, she could see the crack of light coming from underneath the door. She crept quietly down the hallway and opened her parents door a crack. Her mother was sitting up reading a book while her father slept peacfully beside her. Her mother looked up as the door let out a soft creak. She smiled when she saw her daughter standing in the door jam.

"Did you make a desicion?" Her mother whispered.

"Red velvet." The girl smiled at the question. "It's going to be a beautiful cake." The women loved to see the glimmer in her daughters eyes. She knew that her daughter was happy and that made her happy. "We're going on a date tomorrow if that's okay." Her mother nodded. "Goodnight, mom." The girl whispered as she slowly closed the door and headed down the hallway to her own bedroom.

The room was cozy. She had 3 light brown colored walls and a dark blue wall. Her bed comforter was geometrical shapes colored in browns, tans and blues. She had a white bedroom set, including bed frame, dresser and bedside table. Pictures of her and her fiancee covered her dresser as well as chunky jewelry, makeup and tons of hair supplies. She pulled on her pajamas and climbed in to bed. She was thinking about how blessed her life was as she drifted into a peacful sleep.

The End

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