It was a sunny Sunday morning, in early June. As usual, I went downstairs for my breakfast. All the usual people were there: Cerys, Amilie, Rosie, Jake, Laura, Emily, Thesues, John, Max, and Megan. But, there was a new face at the table - Rebecca.

She looked about fifteen, with tight blonde  pigtails and ghostly white skin. She stared at me, as if she was maybe angry?

"What you lookin' at, fatty?" Rebecca smirked, her eyes directed into mine.
Everyone cackled, leaving me feeling hurt.
"You." I replied. I wasn't going to let this new girl get the better of me?
"Oh. Is that right, yeah? Well, don't. You cow." Rebecca hissed, as soon as the cooks back was turned.

Everyone ooohed, and I stood up. Gently picking up the porridge bowl, I poured it on Rebecca and walked out of the room quickly.


I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. 

The End

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