Amy has lived in a children's home for years, since her mother died. This is the story of her life.

Memories of my family are hard to remember. I can somehow make out a cottage, almost like one out of a fairytale. In the cottage were my family. My mum: the most wonderful person in the world to me. And my twin sisters, Sophie and Olivia. I always wanted to be like them..

This might sound happy, and cheerful. Like a proper life, almost. But, it's not. When I was six, my Mother died and my tw0 big sisters moved away. I had no other known family so they put me in Charity Children's Home. It was in the middle of nowhere, just surrounded by trees and masses of land, owned by some millionaire.

Growing up wasn't easy, I've got to admit. No-one wanted me. N0-one wants someone over the age of seven, right? And even if they did, they would pick the pretty kids. I'm certainly not a pretty girl.

I'm fourteen now. Eight years without my world. My mother. I have her eyes, big crystal-blue eyes. Shiny pink lips, and limp mousy brown hair. I'm small and plump, and also very pale. I never tan, not even in the hottest summers. I just burn bright red - not that it makes me look better or worse.

I'd lived here for eight years and nobody had bothered me. I was just this lonely girl that no-one ever talked to, even the staff didn't seem to care. The only thing I could talk to was my old battered teddy, Tomas. My mum gave him to me when I was born and  I'd always loved him in a strange way.

Until Rebecca arrived, things were great. But like I said, until Rebecca arrived..

The End

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