Uncharted: The Southorn

A story of adventure on the high seas. Follow Captain Helmsman and his First Mate Pollard as they explore the great uncharted Sothern waters.

Chapter I: The Southorn

The first mate Pollard Geoffrey had sailed many waters with many captains over the course of his career. He’d faced dangers on the high seas, had been shipwrecked twice, had seen shipmates die of accident and disease and had been captured by head hunters to escape only by chance and luck. Yes, Pollard had seen and done it all. That is until he met the greatest of Sea Captains, Sir Walter Helmsmen.

Sir Walter was as crafty as a woodworker and as cunning as a wood owl. He came with a sizable reputation and a long list of achievements. He’d once served in the Kings Navy alongside Sir Bastion of Nobleton. Together they had conquered the Eastern Kingdoms all in the name of his Majesty. And when the great Sea Wars were over, the King dismissed him with honour and great fanfare. And with the many famous battles behind him, Sir Walter set out on new adventures, by order of the King in search of new lands in the uncharted waters of the South.

So when Pollard heard Sir Walter was looking for a crew and a first mate, he leaped at the chance to serve under someone of such renown.

Sir Walter purchased a virgin ship christened Southorn Wright. It was named after the ship builder William Southorn who was a shipwright by trade from the age of fourteen until the day he died aged seventy two. And this was the last ship he was commissioned to build. The ship itself was of unusual narrow design. The forward most part of the stern ahead of the bulk head all the way to below water level was encased in iron because it was designed to navigate the treacherous southern waters full of Icebergs and ice shelfs. The ship had a solid oak carved Mermaid under the bowsprit as a figurehead with its hair gilded in gold and aqua scales made of porcelain from the waste down. It’s upper torso was coated in a kind of wax to give it the colour and texture of skin so that its breasts looked real. Beside it were two small dolphins, who in mythology were the guardians of the mermaids.

The ship also had the very first steam powered propeller driven by a single cylinder steam engine that utilised sea water purified by a filter made of heavy cloth and carbonate. The engine would only be used to drive the ship through ice, as the ship was not equipped to store the huge quantities of coal needed for an extended voyage. Instead, traditional sails would provide the thrust forward for most of the journey.

To save on weight and cargo, the ship was not equipped with side mounted cannons. Instead, there were two forward mounted cannons and two aft mounted cannons designed by a famous ships armourer who helped the King win the Sea Wars.

With his new shipmate at his side and his crew fast at work, Captain Helmsmen cast his eyes Southwards and gave the order to sail. Instantly the sails took up the wind and the ship lurched forwards as together captain and crew set forth on their adventure into the great uncharted Southern waters…

Through the misty waters
Of the great uncharted South
The captain ordered suddenly
To turn the ship about

For up ahead of them
Land did suddenly appear
Out of the mist within a league
Which caused the ship to steer

But the captain stood unfazed
As he shouted orders all about
And his first mate Pollard
Made the orders carried out

And so they sailed into the bay
Of the first uncharted lands
Into a new adventure there
Untouched by Western hands

The End

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